10 Best Countries to Invest In or Start a Business

10 Best Countries to Invest In or Start a Business

Thanks to globalization and the elimination of trade barriers between countries, international businesses have grown and national companies have been able to expand their horizons and become powerful multinational companies (MNCs). The decision to enter a new market and make a foreign direct investment (FDI) is a risky one. Therefore, making decisions about this step should start with self-assessment.


What is the main motivation for carrying out this strategy? Does the company have a sustainable competitive advantage? Where to invest How to invest Use direct investment or joint ventures, franchises, licenses, acquisition of existing businesses, formation of new foreign subsidiaries, or exports. What are the country’s risks and how to use them? In which country is best to invest? What are the best countries to start a business in? Which are the best countries with high-profit potential? Well, I advise you to keep reading to find the answer you are looking for. We will also try to answer these questions. 

Investors often leave home in search of suitable business and investment opportunities. Of course, you have to be careful when playing with your bankroll. You need to ensure that you only invest in countries that have the potential to generate high long-term income or short-term returns. The key is not only knowing the best countries to invest in or do business with but also what to invest in. This article describes all of this in detail.

How to Find the Best Countries to Invest In or Start a Business in

Many factors were considered before the invention of this list. When investing your money in another country or starting a business in another country, there are several factors you need to consider to determine whether it is worth doing business in one country.

Factors To Consider In Determining The Best Country To Invest In

  • Investor friendly environment
  • Availability of manpower
  • Ability to access investment funds if need be
  • Fast developing infrastructure
  • Untapped potentials and opportunities
  • The abundance of natural and mineral resources
  • Favorable tax laws
  • Good government fiscal and monetary policy
  • Fast-growing economy
  • Property rights
  • Technology
  • Government red tape and restrictions
  • Corruption level
  • Stock market performance
  • Investor related laws
  • Security, etc.


What are the best countries to invest in or start a business in?


Canada ranks in the top three consistently and because of its steady growth, Canada may be the leading country to invest in because it is so hard to grow. To be more precise, Canada has a growth rate of 3.1% and is the ninth-largest economy in the world. This means that the potential for sales is huge. Investments in Canada range from real estate, stocks, bonds, and more.

Hong Kong

When looking for a country to invest in, there are certain aspects of the economy that you need to consider, such as a free market, a highly globalized economy, a significant proportion of re-exports, an efficient and effective bureaucracy, and an acceptable level of corruption.

Hong Kong fits perfectly into this profile because it has a direct approach to business, low taxes, efficient bureaucracy, etc. Don’t forget the strict banking confidentiality laws.

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New Zealand

If you are seriously considering investing heavily in agriculture, food processing, manufacturing, and tourism, New Zealand should be seriously considered. This is because all of the above industries are supported by the most advanced research and development. And every investment will now have a market, because New Zealand’s main trading partners are Australia, China, Japan, and the United States.


Investment opportunities in Ireland are focused on financial services, health care, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and more. As a testament to its global market, these are the leading traders in the European Union, a market that has only recently entered.


Australia has large expanses of land that offer many opportunities for mining and industrial production. Combine that fact with an unmatched free-market economy with unlimited growth potential.


In China, there is cheap labor (skilled, semi-skilled, beginner) and production statistics that have no analogs. China has recently opened its doors to the world market and is looking at where they are now.


“Silent World Leader”; is how some experts define Japan. If your business involves technology, advanced research and development, health care, chemicals, raw materials, and so on, you should go to Japan and find out about business opportunities there.


Africa is experiencing a major drought and only a small part is being exploited. Of course, there are many downsides when it comes to investing in Africa, especially in the north (e.g. corruption, crime, bureaucracy, etc.). The country in which to invest may be the last to decide, but the potential long-term returns for large investors cannot be ignored.

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I want you to understand that there is no best country to invest in or do business with. After all, there are successful businessmen and entrepreneurs in even the worst countries. What is more important is your competence as an entrepreneur to face every challenge and fully understand the market environment in which you are playing.


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