10 Characteristics Of A Genuine Entrepreneur : Do You Have The DNA Of Entrepreneurs?

10 Characteristics Of A Genuine Entrepreneur : Do You Have The DNA Of Entrepreneurs?
It is impossible to talk about the characteristics of a genuine entrepreneur without referring to a famous study conducted by Professor Dean Keith Simonton of the University of California. It occurred to him, neither more nor less, to investigate in detail the lives of 300 geniuses in history to find out if they had any traits in common.

After analyzing the details of the biography of great men such as Galileo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt, and Beethoven, he came to a definitive conclusion. Indeed, all these great men and women were very different from each other, except for one characteristic: dedication.

Any successful entrepreneur knows this to be true. Flashes of genius or lucky breaks are not the foundation of great achievement. These are the result of a kind of intelligent stubbornness that in the end is what makes the difference.

There are many lists in which the characteristics of the entrepreneur are compiled. If you look closely, none of them lack perseverance. It is much better if it is accompanied by other features that enhance and complement it. What traits are we talking about? We’ll see soon.

What is the DNA of an entrepreneur?

10 Characteristics Of A Genuine Entrepreneur : Do You Have The DNA Of Entrepreneurs?

Before delving into the subject of the characteristics of entrepreneurs, we are going to talk about a crucial topic: the DNA of the entrepreneur. This expression has to do with those characteristics that are found in the very essence of something or someone, and that mark everything else.

DNA refers, above all, to the qualities of an enterprising person from the point of view of their temperament. We could say that it is a very deep internal impulse that inclines us to act in a certain way. In this case, calling from the bowels to undertake.

This inclination is sometimes innate and other times it is acquired in the course of life. Having the DNA of an entrepreneur does not mean having a magic wand to turn everything you touch into gold. It supposes, rather, that there is a natural inclination to undertake, an attitude, if you will, that encourages taking the initiative.

The DNA of an Entrepreneur

Most experts agree that the entrepreneur is not born, but is made. Beyond any trait, what characterizes the DNA of an entrepreneur is a set of behaviors and attitudes. We underline the word “set” because it is an integral matter, in which each piece is necessary.

According to a study by the Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute, in which more than 1,100 companies participated, there are six elements that define the DNA of an entrepreneur:

  • Action-oriented people: They actively seek solutions and offer concrete answers to situations.
  • They take control: Associated with the above, in the entrepreneurial DNA there is a very marked tendency to take control of situations, preventing others from deciding for them. They highly value the freedom to decide.
  • Curiosity: They are interested in different topics and like to know how things are done. They ask a lot and if something catches their attention, they dig deep.
  • They work as a team: One of the traits of entrepreneurial DNA is the ability to work as a team. They like to organize groups and delegate tasks or functions.
  • Focused on the future: Those who meet the profile of the entrepreneur are usually people with a great capacity to project themselves into the future. They evaluate the consequences of their actions, or of situations in general.
  • Attentive to technology: They are always very attentive to innovations and in particular to technology. They know that technological tools are handy and that is why they try to keep up to date.
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The DNA of an Entrepreneur According to John Maxwell

10 Characteristics Of A Genuine Entrepreneur : Do You Have The DNA Of Entrepreneurs?

John Maxwell is one of the experts who has analyzed in detail the subject of entrepreneurial DNA. He is an authority in this field and his books and lectures are famous for their clarity and depth on the matter.

Maxwell has more than 80 publications and some of them have become true best sellers such as The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader: Become the Person Others Will Want to Follow.

One of John Maxwell’s texts that have had the most diffusion refers precisely to the DNA of an entrepreneur. In this, he shares three lessons that have become true classics on the subject. Let’s see.

Lesson 1. Visualization, Realization, Hard Work and Desire: Characteristics of an Entrepreneur with Genuine DNA

In this first lesson on the DNA of an entrepreneur, the expert raises four essential ideas. These are:

1. Entrepreneurs visualize and realize

Maxwell says that one of the characteristics of an entrepreneurial person is the ability to see opportunities all the time, thanks to having an open mind to grasp them.

Also, look for ways to take advantage of those options and take action quickly to achieve them. They are the kind of people who make things happen. The genuine entrepreneur begins to act before others.

2. An entrepreneur works harder than other people

One of the characteristics of the entrepreneur is that he feels motivated to do his job. For this reason, he has no problem dedicating twice as much time to his work as a common employee would. He knows that hard work is necessary to go far. Furthermore, this is not a sacrifice for him, but a reality that pleases him.

3. Entrepreneurs have a strong desire to win

Maxwell says that entrepreneurs love to win and hate to lose. Most people like the same thing, but as an entrepreneur this characteristic becomes superlative. That strong desire is not a whim, but a trait that manifests itself in the ability to make the necessary adjustments, when they detect that they are heading for defeat.

Lesson 2. Leadership, action, PROBLEMS, giving up, and difficulties

10 Characteristics Of A Genuine Entrepreneur : Do You Have The DNA Of Entrepreneurs?

Maxwell’s second lesson also comprises four basic ideas:

1. The entrepreneur has a hard time following other leaders or leading

Another characteristic of entrepreneurial DNA is the ability to take the initiative and go a good part of the way alone. The genuine entrepreneur does not wait for someone else to tell him what to do, but rather he follows his own instincts and ideas from him. He also does not wait for others to follow him to go forward.

However, as an old African proverb points out: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, walk together”. The authentic entrepreneur knows this and that is why he slows down his pace to go with others. He also knows that in this way he could achieve more solid and lasting achievements.

2. Entrepreneurs love problems

The entrepreneur loves problems because he knows that behind each of them there is also an opportunity. The problem is a challenge for them and when they find it they begin to foresee solutions and try alternatives. Far from making them uncomfortable, this motivates them.

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3. Entrepreneurs want to prove they are capable

Maxwell says that entrepreneurs do not want to BELIEVE that they are capable of achieving something, but rather they want to KNOW that they are capable of achieving it. If they fail, they try again, evaluating what might have gone wrong. In any case, they do not quit because they always want to prove their worth and this is one of the essential characteristics of an entrepreneur.

4. Entrepreneurs keep going, despite the difficulties

In the DNA of an entrepreneur, there is a great passion and, therefore, a lot of perseverance. They keep going, despite everything. They look for a way to overcome any obstacle and do not stop at the limitations. They do it because they could not act otherwise.

Lesson 3. Opportunity, creativity, and discouragement

The last lesson on the entrepreneurial DNA of John Maxwell brings three fundamental ideas:

1. Entrepreneurs prefer opportunity over security

John Maxwell indicates that if an entrepreneur is faced with the dilemma of staying safe or taking a chance, he will always choose the second option. There is an inclination to look for the new, even if it is risky if it sees potential. These types of people know that one opportunity leads to another and so on.

2. Entrepreneurs appeal to creativity

Entrepreneurs focus not on scarcity, but on possibility. They are creative and, therefore, know there is always an answer or a way forward to solve any limitation or problem. They are willing to explore new options and are confident in what they can do or achieve.

3. Entrepreneurs focus on solutions and not problems

The entrepreneur is capable of adopting a perspective in which proactivity prevails. That is, the ability to propose solutions or resolve difficulties. In his language, the word impossible does not exist and he does not live to give up or let the limitations impose themselves.

The 10 Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

10 Characteristics Of A Genuine Entrepreneur : Do You Have The DNA Of Entrepreneurs?

What characteristics should an entrepreneur who acts efficiently and effectively possess? The answer to this question could cover an infinite list. However, there are 10 traits that are decisive and are present in the majority of successful entrepreneurs.

Let’s see what are the characteristics of a genuine entrepreneur.

1. Determination and calculation: two distinguishing characteristics of an entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is a person of action and that is why he does not allow himself to invest his time in doubts and hesitation. However, this does not mean that he is impulsive or thoughtless, but rather that he has the ability to decide relatively quickly but on a basic calculation. Based on what he knows he decides if something is an opportunity or not. If he is, he moves toward it with determination. That is one of the characteristics of an entrepreneur that should never be lacking.

2. Adaptability

One of the characteristics of a genuine entrepreneur is the ability to adapt. This has to do with the ability to actively adapt to different circumstances. He knows that reality doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to. And instead of resisting it, he rather looks for ways to adjust and make the most of situations, however difficult they may be.

3. Ability for self-learning

The entrepreneur values ​​knowledge and acquires it whenever possible. But beyond that, these types of people have learned to learn. They don’t need a teacher or a degree to study something thoroughly and even become an expert on a subject on their own. They are wonderful autodidacts who are eager to learn all the time. One of the key characteristics of an entrepreneur.

4. Result-oriented behavior

Unlike researchers or academics, the entrepreneur needs to have observable results relatively quickly. He works a lot with the trial-error scheme and, therefore, looks for evidence to know if he is on the right track, or if he should change. He doesn’t like to stick to theory and when he goes to practice he needs observable evidence to move forward.

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5. Frustration tolerance and resilience

No entrepreneur plays it safe. Entrepreneurship is an adventure, sometimes very risky, in which no one is guaranteed the results. If you want to meet the objective, more than once you will have to overcome obstacles or overcome limitations. Entrepreneur knows how to tolerate and manage frustrations so that they do not end up diminishing their efforts.

6. Innovation and creativity

One of the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur is the ability to innovate and find creative solutions. You have an open and flexible mind, very given to finding new solutions for old problems. He is usually very interested in inventions and advances because he loves to break ground where others have not tried.

7. Assertive communication

Assertive communication is one that is based on a positive attitude in relationships with others. It allows frank and healthy interactions, in which the objective is to value the other and be valued by him. Listen and be heard. Say exactly what you want to say, but take into account the interlocutor, so as to avoid confusion and conflict. One of the characteristics of the entrepreneur is knowing how to communicate.

8. Organization and discipline

Within the characteristics of a good entrepreneur, an excellent organizational capacity cannot be missing. He knows that if there is no order, it is also not possible to monitor the actions and their results. So he usually works with defined plans and applies them with discipline and clarity but without extreme rigidity.

9. Desire to excel: a key characteristic of an entrepreneur

Another characteristic of the entrepreneurial spirit is a strong desire to excel. Genuine entrepreneurs always want more and always want to do better. They live for and for challenges, so as soon as they achieve a goal, they are already setting the next one. Overcoming themselves is almost a watchword for them.

10. Self-confidence

Within the characteristics of the entrepreneur, self-confidence cannot be lacking. If someone does not believe in himself, he is less likely to believe in what he does, thinks or projects. Confidence in oneself does not mean arrogance, but faith in the ability to solve any problem that arises, or any challenge that arises.

Final reflection on the characteristics of an entrepreneur

10 Characteristics Of A Genuine Entrepreneur : Do You Have The DNA Of Entrepreneurs?

We begin this reflection with the question: what characteristics should an entrepreneur have? At this point, we already have a clear idea about the answer. However, to conclude, it is worth pointing out some aspects.

The first of these has to do with the motivations that a person has to become an entrepreneur. It is not uncommon for some to choose this path as a response to a lack of employment. While the reason may be valid, they must be clear that getting some money for support is not reason enough to start such an arduous path.

This leads us to the second precision: the entrepreneur can form and mold himself. It is true that there are some temperaments more given to entrepreneurship, but this does not mean that they are already entrepreneurs for that reason. Likewise, there are ways of being that find it harder to develop certain skills, which does not mean that it is not possible. Within the characteristics of the entrepreneur is the effort to be better each time.

The third and last point is a synthesis of the previous two. Yes, or yes, a strong desire and great perseverance are required to become a good entrepreneur. The rest is built along the way as the process progresses. The path may be difficult, but it will also be full of very valuable learning. And in the end, the fruits are extraordinary.

So, are you already an entrepreneur? Do you have all these features? Tell us what you think in the comments.


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