10 Places to Buy Your Premium Templates

10 Places to Buy Your Premium Templates

The biggest doubt when creating the web page is to have a balance between the design, the structure, and the objective of the brand that you want to project.


And part of this great doubt lies in the selection of a design that the public may like, in many cases brands that have an acceptable budget can hire a specialist designer in the web world. Working in a personalized space connected with the brand, but


What happens when brands want to create their spaces from web templates?

To make this decision, it is necessary to carefully review each one of them, and evaluate the functions, options, and supports they offer.

We are going to start from the basics, we have to specify

What is a web template?

It is a visual base, which has a basic structure designed with specific functions, where it facilitates the creation of websites, with simple modifications and adaptation according to the information that is incorporated.


To locate the appropriate template, it is necessary to evaluate the following elements:

  • Category of the brand that you want to focus on.
  • Content line.
  • The objective that you want to achieve through space.
  • CMS platform on which it is developed.
  • Enabled functions, what actions can be performed within the template.
  • Template version refers to whether it is a free or pro version.

All this is necessary to evaluate calmly and thus select a suitable template. In this article, I will focus on the 10 sites or Marketplace that sell the best premium templates.

10 premium template marketplaces

In the recommended sites, you can see an incredible amount of options, which you can take into account in your selection.

Template Monster – The giant of templates

It is a giant space where every day they incorporate interesting products to create striking, creative spaces that provide a good user experience. The platform has web templates based on Bootstrap, solutions created in HTML5 and CSS3, web templates optimized for different web builders or CMS, and different categories.


Unlike many platforms, Template Monster not only focuses on WordPress templates but other popular and recognized platforms in the market.

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This brand has more than 5,000,000 sales and some 32,518 products. It has a large number of categories such as business and services, fashion and beauty, home and family, design and photography, real estate, cars and motorcycles, medicine, sports and travel, food and restaurants, and electronics.

Mojo Marketplace

Many people underestimate the advantages of this space, where we only offer premium templates for WordPress, but also Tumblr, Magento, Joomla, PSD, and Bootstrap. It is a space that has served more than 5,800,000 users, with more than 7,500 products.


One of its great advantages is the alliance it has with several hosting providers: Constant Contact, Bluehost, Hostgator, iPage, Domain.com, and SiteBuilder, among others. You are integrating with the marketplace where millions of hosting customers have access to MOJO products and services.

Theme Forest

It is an Envato market, these spaces allow you to submit your work for sale (if you are a web designer), or acquire templates from 5 USD to 40 USD, it is one of the popular spaces, where many users visit to obtain their first templates.


 It has about 48,309 WordPress themes and website templates. They also sell specialized features for customization. And it has a great variety of designs.


It is a new space, where it currently has about 400 HTML5 and Bootstrap templates and themes, both premium and free versions. One of their great advantages is that they ensure you update the template free, in a few words you will only make a single investment.

It should be noted that GrayGrids is a multi-level platform for download.


It is a space where it focuses mainly on Bootstrap templates, where the space allows creators to praise their work, it currently has more than 49,000 members and more than 13,000 downloads.

They have free templates, and the premiums range from $ 10 to about $ 40.


It is a space offered by Bootstrap templates, Jquery plugins, PHP scripts, Joomla components, web builders, and tools. On the platform, you can get free templates, and a premium from 2 USD to 100 USD, depending on the number of functions and their design.


It also offers a pass where it costs about 39 USD, and you have the right to access all of them. Although they are starting, it has almost 100 products.

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This space was founded in 2012, where it is a specialist market where designers can sell their own templates and themes based on the Bootstrap framework. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can purchase complete templates or specific sections; prices range from USD 7 to USD 60.


It was founded in 2018, where it has focused mainly on WordPress CMS, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and some HTML5 templates. Although it is new to the market, it has made a significant impact, gaining credibility and reputation for its unique group of developers, designers, template builders, and experts in the field.


They have free template versions, the prices of premium templates range from 18 USD to 30 USD. It works with a wide variety of categories such as blog and magazine, corporate, creative, eCommerce, education, food and restaurant, real estate, retail or retail, sports and entertainment, technology, and wedding.

Creative market

It is a space where it seeks to empower its creators, offering various benefits. This space not only sells templates, but also offers options to purchase graphics, photos, fonts, and other add-ons.

Templates range from $ 40 to about $ 200, depending on the robustness and the number of features they offer.


They are a space that specializes in the development of spaces, where it focuses on the HTML5, CSS3, JS brand; everyone is working on creating Bootstrap themes. They currently have about 77 free boot themes and have been downloaded over 2,998,547 times.


Although they are Freemium templates, the paid or pro version is affordable where if it is for a single domain it has a cost of 19 USD and if they are unlimited they can go up to about 40 USD.

Free templates Vs. Premium templates

Selecting a suitable template is a difficult decision to make, but to take the path you want everything DEPENDS on what you want to achieve and the resources you have.


On many occasions, people develop business models or startups where the objective of exploring the market is to evaluate its impact, and today many start from their own digital channels such as a web page, at this point if the person who wants to develop the space is short of the budget is better to look calmly and select a completely free template, this I can speak very properly because I started in the same way, I started my website with only $ 50, there is no other way to use a free template to start my personal brand.

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Free templates indeed give you incredible support, in the beginning, however, the further you advance, you begin to visualize their limitations of, such as basic functions, template security, visual adaptability, and templates not optimized for fast loading.


All this detail that can cause you a HEADACHE, you can save it with the investment of premium templates, since, in many cases, they have supports, customization flexibility, adaptability, hundreds of functions that give more character to a website. It should be noted that there are paid templates that are affordable and with a decent budget, you can create more robust spaces.


As you can see, each one has interesting advantages, but it all depends on the monetary resources you can have.

Is it a smart decision to invest in a premium template?

Yes, I honestly always recommend people to invest in a paid template, because it saves you a lot of headaches, in updates, adaptability, customization, and many details that are relevant during its creation and maintenance.


Therefore, I invite you, if you want to do something well and have the budget, I invite you to INVEST in them, and not save a few dollars that can cause problems later. But, if you are one of the people with a short budget, I can only tell you that you must arm yourself with a lot of patience, passion and work a lot more to overcome details and basic problems that can cause a free template.


All the recommended places for the acquisition of templates are markets that take into account not only market trends but also adapt to the budget, category, and platform of use.


It should be noted that selecting them can be an easy job if you are clear about what you want to achieve because it would be difficult to see a site that offers you thousands of templates where it is difficult for you to choose the one indicated for your project, therefore, before visiting these places, analyze the SCOPE OF YOUR WEB, the resources you have and the objective you want to achieve; 


Once all this has been defined, it will be a better decision when choosing the design you want to materialize.


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