10 Programs to take the Accounting of your Company

10 Programs to take the Accounting of your Company
Do you have a business or entrepreneurship? So you have accounts to keep, income, expenses, obligations to pay, accounts receivable, and how all of these are related over time, that is, a cash flow.

While you can always put together a spreadsheet in Excel, Google Spreadsheets, or any other software, you probably know that there are many accounting programs available to you, both paid and free to use.

In addition to having different functions to help you keep your company’s accounts both simple and correct.

Here is a small selection of the 10 best-known.

10 Programs to keep the accounts of your business


ContaSol is a classic accounting program for companies. It is the free alternative par excellence to other payment programs.

A powerful package that allows you to systematize the control of a company’s accounts, including those of the self-employed (self-employed), in a fairly simple way, centralizing all management and accounting tasks in a single place.

It also offers the function of exporting the information offered by the reports and documents to PDF format and the most popular mail managers, as well as to office suites, such as Microsoft® Office and OpenOffice.


It is a multi-user program, it offers analytics and statistics, it has billing models, it adds automatic updates and it can work locally.

More information:  ContaSol

Sage 50cloud (Ex ContaPlus)

Sage 50cloud offers, in addition to the obvious features, integration with Office 365,
It also allows you to customize menus for more effective management, reports and graphs in real-time, multi-device access, backups in the cloud, the possibility of sharing information with clients, and adaptation to all kinds of businesses.

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It is a paid application.

More information:  Sage 50cloud

VisionWin Accounting

Visionwin Accounting is a free accounting program that is aimed at small and medium-sized companies, offering as a great differentiating feature a very intuitive use, even for those who do not have experience in accounting matters, and a total prior configuration, so as not to spend more time due to prior preparation.


This accounting application allows the use of automatic entry templates for purchase/expense and sale/income documents, which allows us to work even with minimal notions of accounting; the creation of exhaustive reports and comparative graphs, to have a clear view of the results; or proper document management, being able to associate each entry to a document, image, PDF, spreadsheet, etc.

More information:  Visionwin Accounting


Sico is software focused on small businesses. It offers speed in invoice management and collection control. Based on an accounting matrix that the accountant previously defines, the system automatically generates the accounting entries.

It is a paid software but it offers a free trial version for 30 days.

It also has solutions already implemented for some industries such as hotels, restaurants, points of sale, workshops (mechanical workshops, dealerships, etc.), and small businesses in general.

It has an online technical service to solve doubts.

Compatible with all versions of Windows.

More information: Siko

KEME Accounting

You can never miss an open-source application (open source), such as KEME Accounting that allows you to do accounting through a nice interface and powerful functions.

It integrates seamlessly into Linux and Windows environments. It is multi-user, multi-company and it is completely free without any limitations.

This software is compatible with different types of databases and offers all kinds of features, including a chart of accounts consultation, expiration controls, creation of accounting entries, registration of business documentation, VAT calculations, or account reconciliation.

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More information:  KEME Accounting


Cuéntica is an online management software for freelancers and small businesses that stands out for its ease of use.

It allows you to make invoices, record all expenses and keep all receipts and payments up to date.


You can try the program for free for 15 days. Then, the cost of Cuéntica is 15 euros per month.

More information: Quantum


SeniorConta is a financial and analytical accounting application for SMEs.

It allows one to carry out a basic accounting of any company with the possibility of adding options to the free version.

Among these options is the generation of reports or the performance of diagnostics and statistics to detect irregularities.

SeniorConta allows you to view and have all kinds of reports such as the trial balance, the statements of the ledger, the printing of the newspaper, or the models of the annual accounts as stipulated in the current General Accounting Plan.

Likewise, it offers information on detailed income and expenses by departments or sections of the business structure.

It is multi-user and offers a free version and a paid version with more features.


A distinctive note of this software is that it allows billing services for liberal professionals and service companies that do not need stock control.

More information:  SeniorConta


A free online billing and accounting program to keep track of payments and collections through a very intuitive interface. Also, create and send invoices that you can export in PDF and Excel.

To use it you just have to register.

With the paid version you have, among other things, technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

More information: Selfconta


This is another of the free accounting programs in the cloud that allows you to access accounting information anywhere and at any time.

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In addition, it has its own app for iOS and Android that is very useful to also carry your personal finances from wherever you are.

A highlight of the tool is the option of using different currencies, very useful for SMEs and freelancers who work with international clients. The free version allows you to make 5 invoices per year and work with 50 clients and/or suppliers.

The interesting thing about this proposal is that it allows you to choose the features you need and pay only for them.

There are video tutorials at your disposal.

More information: Contamoney


Designed for small businesses and freelancers, the key to this program is that it is designed for users without accounting knowledge. For example, with Contasimple you can create and send invoices easily and quickly.

Some of its features are: Streamline processes and control accounting, calculate taxes, know the global status of accounting, and creating invoices quickly and easily. It also keeps track of your employees’ hours.


With free and paid versions.

If your business has just started and you don’t have many clients, perhaps the free version is worth it. If not, you can opt for some of the paid packages at very cheap prices.

More information: Contasimple


Help is not lacking. And these are certainly not the only programs to keep track of your business.

Explore, and download the trial version of those that are paid, and analyze if the features they offer are what you are looking for for your business and, at least, shortly.

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