10 Things you Shouldn’t Buy Anymore. Minimalism and Easy Savings

10 Things you Shouldn’t Buy Anymore. Minimalism and Easy Savings

We have talked other times about how moving to a simpler life can help us live, make efficient use of time, and make us spend our money on important things.

In this post we are going to help you identify those objects that you can stop buying, to live more easily. Reduce expenses, save and at the same time keep your house tidy with the right effort is possible. We show you how.

10 things you can stop buying. Switch to minimalism and save money.


1. A second car

If it is not essential, reducing the fleet to one car is a smart decision. You will save thousands of euros a year if you get rid of the second car.

Think about the cost of the purchase, insurance, taxes, revisions, and fuel among other things. You can save that money and put it to better use: advance small loan payments or even mortgage payments.


2. Fashion clothes

Buy good quality clothes and forget about the seasonal ones (today it is weekly). With the disaster that this means for your pocket and the planet.

Mark yourself a Marie Kondo and leave in the closet the clothes that you love and that you use. The rest? They can be donated, sold, given away, or even recycled.

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Betting on basic colors such as black, white, or gray will make your clothes not go out of style. The same with prints or drawings. Better none.

3. Pounds of beauty items

Makeup, cosmetics, skincare products, perfumes, creams, etc. You don’t need all of them!

Buy quality items that you need and that you will take advantage of.

Don’t waste money on beauty potions you don’t use. They fill up your storage space and expire too soon!

4. Watches and jewelry

Some people accumulate them at home. Think: how many do you carry at once? Do you wear those earrings and bracelets often? They are necessary?

If you take the step of selling everything you don’t spend, you can get good money with which to reduce or even eliminate loan debt; or invest all that capital in important things.


5. Plastic food containers

10 Things you Shouldn't Buy Anymore. Minimalism and Easy Savings

It is a difficult task to eliminate the containers derived from petroleum, if every time we go to the supermarket, our garbage is filled with disposable containers.

Come with your own boats, bags, or jars and buy in bulk. This system does not work yet in many countries, but if we all start to practice it, we will surely push for change.

It’s funny, how we have regressed in this aspect. Our grandmothers bought legumes, fruits, vegetables, soap, detergent, etc. in bulk. Plastics harm health and the environment.

6. Single-use items

Disposable utensils, coffee cups, plastic straws, bottled water…

Waste of this type can take hundreds or thousands of years to decompose. They are killing nature: although they assure us that they are recycled, many end up in rivers, seas… Everywhere.

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To reduce waste and save money in the long run, switch to reusable ones. There are plenty of alternatives to disposable plastic items to fit your lifestyle.

7. Home decoration

There is nothing wrong with customizing your home for the seasons. But, there is no need to spend money on home decoration every 4 months.

There are many things that you can recyclecustomize, and paint. In short, change without the card fuming. Thrift stores, flea markets…
Minimalist decoration asks us that what we bring home is something necessary, but not ugly.

Look for the practical side of those things that can give character to your space without a big investment.


8. Memories

From your trips or those of your family or friends. Souvenirs that you acquired and that later are useless.

What do you think if instead of buying objects, you invest in experiences or time with the people you love? It will reward you much more.

And what about the tons of photos we save? It is not necessary to have 7/10 identical photographs of the same place with almost identical angles.

It is something that can be difficult at first, but then you get used to removing it and it does not hurt so much. Uploading them to the cloud is a somewhat expensive option (of time if they are on paper because you have to scan them), but ideal for nostalgic people.


Perhaps you accumulate magazines, yarn, patterns, beads… Things that were important in your day-to-day life for some time, but are not today.

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Junk that occupies your garage or storage room. Those outdated collections should get out of your house.
You can donate, give away or sell. And leave that space for your new (and frequent) hobbies.

Check out Netflix’s documentary Minimalism The Important Things if you’re lacking inspiration. We assure you that after seeing it, you will no doubt that you are on the right path.

10. Candles

If you want to create a homey atmosphere at home, the solution is not to fill it with candles.

In addition, many releases harmful toxins. Useless and switch to 100% pure beeswax. And if the problem is the smell, use essential oils.

You see that there are too many objects at home that bother. Our advice is easy: get rid of what is left over, donate, sell or give away what you do not need, and make room for what is important.

And you, what could you add to this list? Do you think it is essential to reduce consumption? We’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to leave a comment.


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