10 Tricks to Increase the Speed of Your Cell Phone Right Now.

10 Tricks to Increase the Speed of Your Cell Phone Right Now.
In this article, you will learn 10 tricks to increase the speed of your cell phone that you can apply simply and effectively.

It is very likely that if your grandparents wanted to get food or clothes, they had to leave their houses and go to a store. However, times have changed and so have the possibilities we have.


Cell phones bring us hundreds of products and services just a “click” away. We find applications for everything and the only thing we need is to have an internet connection and a sufficient battery. For this reason, we become more and more dependent and we practically cannot go out without our cell phones.


This leads us to use it constantly (even to the point of not knowing if we are addicted to social networks ) and after a few months or years of use, it is not as fast as at the beginning.

We’ve all been there. You are likely reading this article because you want your cell phone to be as fast as before. And that doing your research and work is more pleasant.


Well, then I will show you some tips to increase the speed of your Android phone. It should be noted that the most popular brands, such as Samsung or Xiaomi, have customized the interface of the operating system, so you will not find all the options in the same place on all cell phones.

However, they are all very similar and you will be able to use these tricks with ease. So let’s get started…


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10 Tricks to increase the speed of your cell phone.

Android cell phones allow us to find a much more complete range of cell phones. However, over time they tend to fill up with cache and files and folders that you don’t use. This slows them down and using them becomes a bit more awkward. So what can you do?


1. Reset it

One of the easiest tricks to increase the speed of your cell phone is to simply turn it off. We usually spend months in a row without giving our smartphone a break and day after day we load it with work.

When you reset your mobile device you get 2 things: Delete temporary files and clean RAM.


2. Reduce data usage.

Some apps use data in the background and not all apps need it. If you want to disable it, it’s very simple…


3. “ Clean” the home screen.

I know that widgets for weather and news, among others, make the wallpaper a shortcut to certain functionalities. However, this requires data to be constantly updated and slows down other functions as a result.

Additionally, it is also recommended that you do not use moving wallpapers; static backgrounds consume fewer resources.


4. Use “Lite” versions of the apps that you can.

Many apps offer lighter versions. They were mainly developed for low-end devices, but if your smartphone is not as fast as it used to be, using Lite versions of your favorite apps is one of the best ways to increase the speed of your phone.

5. Clear the information stored in the cache.

First of all, I’m going to start with the basics.

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What is cached information?

According to the learn.g2 portal, cached data is files, scripts, images, and other media stored on your device after you open an app or visit a website for the first time. This data is used to quickly collect information about the application or website each time it is revisited, reducing load time.

Clearing the cache is perhaps the most common method to remove junk files and make the smartphone faster. There are many apps for this but some smartphones have the option to do it built-in.


6. Factory reset it.

This is one of the tricks to increase the speed of your cell phone that you should leave as a last resort because it is a little more extreme. However, doing so will allow several things:

  • You will delete a lot of information that you probably no longer use and you will free up a lot of space.
  • If you accidentally changed device settings and affected performance, everything will be back to normal.

For this, you will not need any application. All cell phones provide the option to do so.

7. Reduce animations.

A very interesting part of usability on mobile devices is the animations, which give you the feeling that everything flows faster. Ironically, doing so requires more resources which can slow everything down.

To do so you will need to acquire developer permissions. Follow this path and click 7 times on “build number” or “build number”.


8. Uninstall apps that you are not using.

Over time we install many applications. Some because we use them often and others because we need them for something very specific and sporadic.

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As a result, we find gigabytes of apps that we don’t use and take away resources. Fortunately, there are very easy ways to see which apps you have installed and how long you haven’t used them.

9. Update to the latest possible version.

An operating system upgrade can give you access to apps with more features, better features, and faster response time.

Additionally, the updates have bug fixes and improvements to device performance.

10. Free up space.

Apart from deleting apps, you don’t use, it’s also important that you delete unnecessary photos and files. If you go through the gallery of your cell phone, you will see many photos and videos that you should not save there.

On the one hand, you can delete them. On the other hand, if you want to save them, you can use platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox; that is free if you do not exceed a certain amount. (At the time of writing this article, Google Drive gives 15 Gb for free)


These tricks to increase the speed of your cell phone are easy to apply and will give good results. Some smartphones are slow because they don’t have space, others due to hardware, and others due to misuse, so here you will find options to improve the performance of your mobile phone no matter what the cause is.


We hope this information will be useful to you.


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