10 Very Romantic Gestures To Make A Woman Radiant: We All Dream Of It!

A little clarification with you gentlemen: here’s how to make a woman smile!

Gentlemen we need to talk: turn off this television, we need your full attentionThe time has come to reveal to you – finally – the things we secretly dream of. We’re tired of our ‘ no ‘s not being understood as ‘ yes ‘ and that you’re still wondering why we‘re sulking after last week’s restaurant. Since we don’t hold grudges, we’re finally going to tell you the 10 romantic things you could do to make us happy!

1. Breakfast in bed

The good old classic of breakfast under the duvet for a gentle awakening! You prepare a nice tray with everything your other half likes: fresh fruit juice, toast or croissants, fruit, and tea. In short,  nothing very complicated to give him a smile in the morning; she does not expect a starred breakfast, we reassure you. The most complicated? Manage to wake up before her and above all not make any noise!

2. A word on the mirror

In the rush of your working weeks, you will surely not have time to prepare breakfast for him. This does not mean that you have to go to work without even leaving a note, no, but tell me! If there’s one thing we only see in movies and secretly dream about, it‘s the little note written in lipstick on the mirror. Of course, don’t take her favorite cosmetic to do it, but write her a little “ I love you ” to please her. The risk? Who cleans up after?

3. A surprise lunch

She’s been at work since 8:30 and she just wants to think about something positive, besides she just sent you a message to find out what you had planned tonight. Now is the time to make a surprise arrival at the reception of his work! Text her asking her to come downstairs and wait for her with whatever you need for a quick lunch. You will be able to take a real break in your day and enjoy just the two of you. In addition, we love surprises…

4. A nice love note

We know it, you don’t like it: finding the right sentence, describing what you feel, it’s not your thing. Men generally prefer actions to words to prove how much they care for their significant other. We are not asking you to transform into Apollinaire but simply to tell her how important she is to you with a few words. It’s not that complicated, I promise!

5. A treasure hunt

To organize a beautiful treasure hunt, you will have to do it in advance. Already, you have to find the treasure of course: a pretty ringa marriage proposal, or just you? Then, remember to prepare all the clues, just 4 or 5 are already good. Finally, go lay out all your clues and go hide in the final place, she will only have to follow your instructions to find you.

6. A good hot bath

After we meet with Jean and our date with Marie, we just want to relax! If your sweetheart finds a nice hot bath and you offer her a massage with a glass of wine, chances are she’ll never be in a bad mood again! She will forget all her worries and enjoy the moment with you. And then, who knows, you might get a massage too.

10 Very Romantic Gestures To Make A Woman Radiant: We All Dream Of It!

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7. A candlelight dinner

This one joins point number 1 because it is a great classic. If we have to be honest, we especially like the idea of ​​knowing that you cooked for us. It does not matter if it is missed or too salty, the intention is already very beautiful. Afterward, all you have to do is make a pretty table with flowers and you’re done!

8. A romantic dance

So yes, we suspect that you are not Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. So you can’t take us to heaven in a lake as he does… It’s a shame but we’ll manage! After the romantic dinner, put on some music she likes and improvise a little dance. Even if you are a poor dancer, you will have the merit of making her laugh and it is well known: a woman who laughs….

9. A Surprise Weekend

“ Honey, pack your bag, we’re going on a trip! “. She’s been telling you for 6 months that she dreams of shopping in London and it’s done! You are going to take him to this dream place without having told him beforehand. A few days in love, far from everything, to break the routine. There are so many destinations to try out that we’re sure you’ll find a place to go.

10. The Marriage Proposal

First of all, congratulations to those who took the plunge and did it! For the others, we hope you weren’t expecting anything else. The marriage proposal is the most romantic of all requests: we have always been waiting for it and now that we have found a soul mate, we only dream of it. No need to be eccentric or original, a simple request filled with love will suffice. So what are you waiting for?

10 Very Romantic Gestures To Make A Woman Radiant: We All Dream Of It!

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Well then, you see it’s not that complicatedWe are satisfied with simple things as long as they come from you.