12 Creative Ways to Reward Employees Without Breaking the Bank

In tough times, small business entrepreneurs know the importance of showing they value the employees they rely on. But in a world of virtual meetings and limited face-to-face interactions, how do you reward hard work without placing a large burden on your pocketbook? See the list below for 12 ideas to reward your team and balance your budget.

Public recognition

One of the easiest ways to reward your employees is one of the cheapest. Recognizing your employees’   performance among their peers can do wonders for morale and lead to an increase in overall job satisfaction.

Subscription Clubs for Employee of the month

This idea requires a little knowledge of the employee’s interests and habits. There is a monthly subscription box for all interests. These boxes usually contain several items that would cost a lot more to buy separately, but would be greatly reduced if added to the box. Creating a month or two-month subscription for employees who match their interests will make them feel valued and understood.

Gift card

When a team has done great things and done great things, a pack of gift cards is a great way to show your interest. Remember to expand the staff’s options by choosing gift cards with high purchasing power. Limit only where the card can be used if you know that all your employees are fans of the facility.

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Charitable donations

Many employees see the philanthropy of the companies they work for as an indicator of their worth. Knowing that you value volunteering and/or donating will make them more proud to work for you. Take advantage of this truth as an opportunity by allowing eligible employees to choose recipients of your company’s charitable donations for a month.

Dibs on digital background

Is this idea something out of the box or technically in the box? With so many digital meetings, a creative way to signal co-workers who are doing well on a smaller metric is to give them the option to choose a digital background that anyone can use for the week during your meeting. This increases the level of fun and competition for team members who want to win the right of the most creative circles to decide if they can win it.

Send a care package

What better way to show that you care than a care package? You probably know your representative’s address, so sending a package with multiple items is a simple action that won’t go unnoticed.

Cover half of their load

Has your employee recently been going above and beyond for weeks? Why not give them a break to show your review? This award is ideal for small business owners with more time than disposable income.

Nominate Them for a Quirky Reward

Add a little fun to standard public recognition by nominating employees for bizarre, goofy, fictional awards just for them. One week you can vote for Andre for “Best T-Shirt Collection” and the following week Bianca can be awarded  “Best Blocker of TV Show Spoilers”. The more specific it is for the employee, the better.

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Give personalized items as gifts

Personalized gifts are always a big hit. You can give a mug or mug with your name on it. Simply adding adjustments can change everything.

Pay for a training course

As your people increase, you increase too. Invest in their skills by paying for a training subscription. Many online courses have special company subscription prices so you can get access to multiple employees at a fraction of the cost.

Create a flexible schedule

Working from home can create a blurry line between “on the clock” and “off the clock”. To show your team that you appreciate a job well done, create a flexible schedule.

Organize a digital party

Make an appointment when you are apart. Organizing meetings with only good times on the agenda is a welcome change for employees. You can send themed items or even food and drinks to get the party going. Then all you have to do is plan your video conference and start the celebration!

Even in the current climate, it shouldn’t be difficult or very expensive to let your team know you are working on it. Plenty of creativity is enough to deliver something memorable that your employees will appreciate.