15 Steps to Enchant Your Clients in Digital Real Estate Marketing: 

Real Estate Marketing helps companies attract more interested parties and drive them towards conversion. In this process – from listing the property to servicing – everything must be properly planned. There are several stages of efforts that will place builders and real estate companies as leaders, as long as they follow solid plans.


Pursuing the dream of owning a home, finding a new property to rent, or even investing in a property to strengthen our assets.


There are many possibilities, and Digital Real Estate Marketing is essential to connect companies with people who pursue these objectives. Today, it takes a lot of work to stand out in a highly contested market.


Knowing how to position your construction company or real estate company is the first step to gaining visibility. There will be no shortage of customers, either when buying or renting, but the conversion depends on several factors.


Marketing Digital in the housing market can fulfill the same role as in other segments: attract, educate, engage and ultimately generate the desired conversion.


It is necessary to know how to enchant your audience, transmit security and give them all the support in the decision of a new home, and that is what Real Estate Marketing provides.


In this article, we will talk about this topic in detail, going through the following points:

  • What is Real Estate Marketing?
  • How important is a real estate Digital Marketing strategy?
  • Why is the relationship with the public a key part of Real Estate Marketing?
  • How to create a Real Estate Marketing strategy?
  • How to succeed in the strategy with 15 actions?

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What is Real Estate Marketing?

Real Estate Marketing is the field focused on promoting business, strengthening brands, and creating connections between real estate companies and the public in this sector.

Objectively, it is a series of strategies and actions to attract people interested in buying and renting real estate and generating promotional and negotiation opportunities.

In this job, there are some obligations in Marketing tasks, all of them designed and adapted to the real estate sector, which consists of:

  • develop advertisements to advertise properties and projects;
  • define strategies to attract potential stakeholders;
  • develop a strong relationship (and maintain it) with clients ;
  • provide customer support, before and after business activity;
  • create a complete and satisfying buying and hiring experience ;
  • review Marketing strategies whenever possible.

Based on these bases, a Real Estate Marketing job will be successful in supporting real estate companies, construction companies, and other types of businesses in the sector.

It is not a different way of doing Marketing, but an adaptation to the market in question, guaranteeing support for all the specific needs it imposes.

How important is a real estate Digital Marketing strategy?

The real estate market has experienced a true rollercoaster in Latin America and some African countries in recent years, greatly impacted by the following economic crises experienced at different times.


Even so, the sector is one of those that show the greatest capacity for recovery, which can be seen in a simple tour of the large cities of Latin America and Africa.


Every day, new companies emerge, selling properties that are still being built to future owners. Several builders are working at full speed on condos, houses, commercial premises, and various categories of properties. Consequently, the most visible result is the increase in the level of competitiveness of the sector.


To stand out you must invest in advertising, brand strengthening, and relationship with the public, precisely that is what Real Estate Marketing can offer.


To stay active in the real estate sector today, it is necessary to work on the image of your company and make sure you are one step ahead of your competitors in the market.


The Internet brought relevant changes in recent years

In the not too distant past, buying or renting a property was a goal that began with a visit to a real estate company or the office of a construction company.

This is still possible and it is a practice that is alive, but it is undeniable how the Internet began to occupy this space recently.


Today, several platforms allow at least one search for a property. Some handle the entire procedure online, from the video tour to document submission and approval.

Others prefer to mix the possibilities, leaving the online platforms as a real portfolio, for service and initial contact in the rental or purchase process.


Regardless of how it is carried out between these two possibilities, this business has grown on the internet in a relevant way. 

These figures show us the great change in consumer habits and, consequently, how this influences how companies should position themselves.

Internet is currently a fundamental and indispensable channel and, therefore, only Digital Real Estate Marketing can help make properties visible to the public and capable of attracting interested parties. 

Why is the relationship with the public a key part of Real Estate Marketing?

When looking for a rental or purchase, people are at a turning point in their lives. At this time, it is necessary to have confidence and feel secure about the company with which we are negotiating, this is what makes the difference.

Those who cannot maintain a closer and more dedicated relationship with the public will certainly miss out on business opportunities all the time.


In the real estate business, especially with real estate companies, the job is to connect people, in this case, stakeholders, with owners. This is a pure and simple relationship, that is, there is no way out of this level of work.

Here are the main reasons why it is essential to maintain a good working relationship in Real Estate Marketing.

The competition is strong

The first factor to consider when investing heavily in stakeholder relationships is that competition is very strong.

In addition to traditional property options, they are emerging new housing concepts, influenced by international culture l and even a shared economy that has grown considerably in recent years.

Given this, the relationship becomes more important than ever to earn the trust and preference of a potential buyer.

The public also shares this sentiment, and this will make potential stakeholders much more confident before closing the deal.

The investment is usually high

Buying a property is a high investment and, in these cases, although the cost-benefit is excellent, the potential buyer will look for all kinds of extra guarantees that they can find.

The main one is, of course, a good relationship with the company and the professionals involved in the negotiation. Any problem at this stage of the buying process can trigger an alert for the customer and even cause him to give up the investment.

Buying a property implies goals in life

In addition to the high figures, we must not forget that there is usually a very strong emotional component in the purchase of real estate. For many, it is the first (and perhaps only) property, the place where they want to live with their family for many years and create a happy story.

For others, it means an investment for the future, and no one likes to lose money on failed investments.

Therefore, whatever your niche and who your clients are, investing in a close relationship is essential for your Real Estate Marketing plan to work.

How to create a Real Estate Marketing strategy?

Developing a Real Estate Digital Marketing strategy requires studies, knowledge of the market, and the effective structuring of a work of dissemination and attraction.

In addition, it is essential to maintain good relationships and customer service practices. To provide all this, you must plan in stages, ensuring a quality positioning in the market.

Next, we will tell you how this strategy is created, going through the essential bases of Marketing applied to the real estate market.

Think of your audience

Who is your audience? In the first place, a good investigation and definition of your buyer persona is a precise job that helps define the average consumer of real estate services.

Your company will know what the aspirations of your potential customers are, what they expect from your company, and how they prefer to be treated in a relationship with a service provider.

When you understand your audience, your entire marketing strategy is more precisely oriented, that is, it adapts to the expectations and desires of that consumer. The chances of success are greatly increased in this way.


Interpret the market

The real estate market has its peculiarities, like any other. To know how to strengthen your brand and make your properties better known, it is essential to know in depth all kinds of real estate, legal and bureaucratic matters related to purchasing, sale, and rental contracts, among other points. This is just the starting point for this sector.

The market also brings problems such as price variations, and fees that are applied to securities, commissions, and other financial mechanisms.

Being in control of the market will help to place ads, serve clients, and advertise properties in the right way, using the most appropriate tone and guiding the consumer precisely, which is essential in the relationship.

Know the operating regions

Your marketing strategy may vary depending on the region in which you are located, that is, the state, the city, and even the neighborhoods in which your company works.

A Marketing strategy also brings different characteristics and, therefore, you must know which one is for the region where your company operates.

Consumers in a more exclusive region, for example, have different expectations than those in areas with less purchasing power.

Your company must know how to offer the most appropriate services to each of these audiences, serving them with well-defined parameters, advertising in a way that is easier to involve, and knowing how to attract these people.

Idealize your customer service

It is necessary to structure how your customer service will be since this is a fundamental part of developing an impeccable relationship, a pillar of this market. Therefore, it is necessary to define, first, what will be the service channels: email, telephone, WhatsApp, and social networks, among others.

In addition, you must also create a service structure, which guarantees priority for those who are already customers and need a quick solution, also paying due attention to leads.

With organization, a good CRM system, and dedication so that the experience is excellent, it is possible to win more and more clients and continue with outstanding service in the market.

Join traditional and inbound strategies

Although digital is the great current Marketing platform, your company will not be able to abandon traditional and offline strategies. Posters, brochures, and announcements distributed in operating regions are essential.

Of course, good service also helps build credibility, resulting in good old-fashioned word of mouth.

Inbound Marketing strategies are essential, especially with Content Marketing. Creating a blog to offer materials such as ebooks and publications on real estate issues helps attract interested people, that is, potential owners or renters.

With these contents, it is easier to get leads that can be qualified, for example, in an Email Marketing strategy. In this way, your company can send these people new property listings that are related to their interests.

How to succeed in the strategy with 15 actions?

Your Real Estate Marketing strategy is correctly structured and planned, now is the time to put it into practice. This means having the main resources at your disposal and starting to disseminate and produce content about your service and everything that this work involves.


Here are 15 essential actions to be successful!


#1.Have a website ready for conversion

The first step is to have a website ready to convert visitors into leads and then convert those leads into customers.

For this, the site must have simple and objective navigation, in addition to being responsive, which is adaptable to various screen sizes, to offer a good experience on mobile devices.

The website is the exclusive channel to communicate with your audience and help them see the value of your services and, also, guarantee that you will have full control over the messages that will be delivered.

#2. Use the Inbound method in your sales process

Inbound Marketing is a methodology created to generate value from the first contact with a person and make them become not only a customer but also an advocate of the brand.

This method consists of the following steps:

  1. attract visitors (to your website, blog, and social networks, among others);
  2. convert those visitors into leads;
  3. close sales;
  4. turn customers into ambassadors for your brand.

Using this methodology will make your property sales process much easier and more efficient.

#3.Produce content to become an authority

Anyone who wants to buy a property certainly has very pertinent doubts and will seek to solve these doubts online.

This is where your company should appear as an authority figure, through relevant and practical content for your buyer persona. For example, you can produce materials with:

  • tips to help your audience choose the best location to buy a property;
  • explanations about what type of property best suits the profile of each person;
  • clarifications on taxes and declaration of assets in income tax;
  • among others.

And don’t limit yourself to traditional written articles. You can produce videos, podcasts, infographics, and many other types of posts to engage and inform your buyer persona.

#4.Invest in your presence on social media

There is a big difference between being present and being present and the brands that want to achieve real results with social networks must belong to the second group.

To do this, share the materials you produce for your blog, in addition to producing specific content for each of the networks in which you are present.

To be successful on social media, keep in mind that the path is not to talk about how profitable your new company is or how good the financing conditions are. Instead, find out which topics your audience is most interested in and create discussions around them.

#5.Think like your target audience

What does that achievement mean for those who are looking to buy a property? This simple question can be of great help in creating specific campaigns or defining tactics to use.

For example, Virtual Reality Marketing creates a much deeper experience and could be used to demonstrate what a property that is still on the plan would look like once it is finished.

A video such as a 360 ° view of the surroundings can also help you capture the interest of many visitors even before they visit a booth or property.

#6.Create a referral program

It’s time to put Word of Mouth Marketing into practice! Certainly, this is also worth taking advantage of in Real Estate Digital Marketing.

The best way is to create a referral program that makes it easy and rewarding for clients who refer potential stakeholders to you.

The endorsement of a friend or acquaintance counts a lot in purchasing decisions, especially when it comes to something as important as a house or an apartment.

#7. Use real estate platforms

There are already several platforms and real estate portals oriented to the purchase and sale of real estate, many of them carried out to generate direct negotiation between companies and clients.

So why not take the opportunity to also be present on these portals? They attract a lot of qualified and ready-to-buy traffic, are easy to use, and come with helpful tools.

Some of the main portals are:

#8.Create a newsletter for your leads

Once you have a lead, it’s time to make that contact count. These people are certainly looking for a property and it is in this matter that you will be useful to them.

If you’ve captured that lead in the early stages, it still needs to be qualified. So, send him the word-of-mouth content from the sales funnel to make a grade and graded transition to the decision stage.

For leads in the decision stage, you can be more incisive with your newsletter. Send real estate advertisements, always by the preferences that these people have shown so far.

#9.Respond as soon as possible

It is common for this audience to be in a rush to close deals. For many, a unique opportunity is before them, and losing it could be very frustrating.

Therefore, your company should focus on responding to any request as quickly as possible. Most importantly, this should not be limited to just those who are still looking for a property.

People who are already in the documentation process, in addition to owners who have just acquired a property, will also have doubts and problems, and needing quick service.

#10. Be accessible to your leads

Although the web is a platform where it is possible to provide services, display real estate advertisements and even visit properties, the face-to-face factor is necessary.

Many people do not feel safe closing a property rental or purchase remotely, and this must be understood. Therefore, it always offers the option of receiving the client in an office or sending him to a broker.

This is part of the relationship efforts and, as we have already shown, it should be a priority when approaching Digital Real Estate Marketing.

#11. Use a CRM to generate more leads

By using a CRM, companies can record each customer and lead contact, listing, in addition to their data, the interests shown at those times. This is essential to generate more accurate business opportunities.

Even if a potential customer isn’t satisfied with a property after a visit, properly recording that person’s interests can help you send them better deals later.

That way, when the ideal property appears, your company will be able to contact you again and make a new proposal. A CRM is an indispensable tool in Digital Marketing and can be equally useful in the real estate sector.

#12. Create real estate presentation videos.

Did you know that a survey conducted by Cisco found that videos will be 82% of all Internet traffic by 2022? This means that more and more users show commitment to this type of content.

In real estate, clients can also be much more interested in a property if they watch videos in an advertisement. This is a great advantage, mainly because it allows you to anticipate part of the experience of visiting the property.

Therefore, there is no doubt: your Real Estate Digital Marketing strategy must include the production of videos that show the properties. This will drive more traffic to your ads and increase people’s interest.

#13.Create posts for your properties on an editorial calendar

Each of your property listings should receive due attention. After all, there will always be someone perfectly suited to the property in question. Therefore, define a strategy that helps generate interest in each of them.

We suggest that you create an editorial calendar to organize your posts. So, every day of the week, you can highlight one of these properties on your social media channels.

#14.Analyze the results obtained

The analysis of the results is one of the main requirements of Marketing since without it it is simply impossible to know how your company is doing in attracting and converting customers.

Several metrics can be used to determine the performance of your Marketing strategy with extreme precision. Therefore, select the most relevant ones according to your objectives and observe them for a reasonable time, until you obtain enough data to draw accurate conclusions.

#15.Review your strategy and always evolve

Finally, it is time to review the data that you have collected from the analysis performed in the previous step and review what is working well or badly with your strategy.

The idea is that you will always evolve in your efforts if you identify the problems and desires of your audience and offer them something relevant. The result will be that your company will be able to stay strong, making use of the best Marketing and Sales techniques.

Real Estate Marketing is an indispensable job for this sector, especially when these strategies are aimed at digital channels.

Your audience expects state-of-the-art service and is ready to convert, provided you know how to attract them and provide them with a complete experience, from prior information to a property visit.

When viewing a property on the web, it is natural that potential stakeholders want more information. Therefore, the most important thing is to know how to create and manage your Marketing team