17 Profitable Businesses With Little Investment Less than $50 

Many of us start a business because we don’t have money, much less to do it big, that’s why I leave you some profitable business ideas with little investment. Let’s stop making excuses to make our dreams come true!


The best thing about these ideas is that they have the potential to leave us a lot of money and become a company with all the laws, yes, always keep in mind the lifestyle you want to have before asking yourself what business can I put in?


The important thing so that you can start them for less than 50 dollars usually lies in that you start looking for customers directly, so that you work based on orders with advance payment and put as little of your money as possible. In other words, minimizing what you need to get started is a good option so it’s under $ 50.


#1.The king of profitable businesses with little investment: Being a blogger

I imagine that you are tired of all the profitable business options with little investment being blogging, always. Well, all of us who write this have a blog! and we would not have started it if we had not believed that it is a profitable business with little investment.

Personally, I started with less than $ 50 buying my hosting, and voila! In 3 months I had already doubled my investment and after 4 months it is the best investment I have ever made.

#2.Online store

If you already have a product in mind or are interested in selling something, this is your best option.

How much do you spend starting an online store? You need a domain, hosting, and a storage system, such as Shopify.

On the other hand, you need to have chosen the product you want to sell (not by force you need to have it physically), profiles on social networks where your customers are and you can accelerate sales with a blog or with Pinterest.

#3.Natural cosmetics

With today’s awareness of all the chemicals we eat and put on, natural cosmetics are growing a lot.

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The best thing is that it is very easy to do since most of the raw material is cheap and accessible and it is very easy to find recipes on the internet for everything you can think of, from makeup base to mascara.

Of course, remember to take great care of the packaging, so that it is also completely natural and you give it an extra point: Zero waste.


Who hasn’t heard that a food business makes a great profit ?!

We all love to eat (and what better than some tacos ). Food is one of the profitable businesses with little investment par excellence, we just need to see the number of people who sell everywhere and how we are all looking for our trusted taquero and our Friday pizza.

You can sell everything from desserts, tacos, pizzas, and hamburgers, to super elaborate foods such as mole, barbecue, or birria.

A great way to cut your initial investment is to just work to order, and you can even offer ready-made meals for the entire week.


Another one we always talk about.

Dropshipping is about setting up a store and advertising it for a customer to buy. This is the only thing you have to invest in: an online store with good marketing for the customer to arrive.

When the purchase is made, you send a notice to your supplier to send the product directly to your client’s house and that’s it.

You earn money, you pay your supplier and you save inventory, downtime, and money on a second shipment.

#6.Handmade soaps

Cream, bar shampoo, and soaps are some business ideas and with them, you can attack two trends:

  1. Environmental care
  2. Chemical-free.

As in the point of natural cosmetics, the ingredients are cheap, easy to get and the recipes can be found on the internet.

#7.Subscription service

There is a story of an entrepreneur who was challenged to create a business in less than 24 hours and earn $ 1,000.

With so little time, what did he do?

He created a subscription service for Beef Jerky (a jerky snack eaten in the USA). In this service, the client subscribed and each week a box with 5 types of Beef Jerky would arrive for them to try, according to their tastes.

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In less than 24 hours, this entrepreneur got friends and family to subscribe to this service, thus earning us $ 1,000 without even having an insured provider. It’s obviously not about selling smoke or poor quality, but this is a great way to add a lot of value without investing a lot.

$8.Online advertising agency

If you know how to use social networks exceptionally and you like to learn continuously, you can offer your services through an online advertising agency.

Through this agency, you can also offer content creation (texts or videos), management of various social networks, web page design and corporate image, etc.

Of course, a tip from an agency owner that made almost a million dollars a year, mentions that it is vital to focus on a niche. For example, his agency focused on serving only real estate and real estate agents.

#9.Consulting / corporate education

What are you good at?

If you already have some years of experience in certain activities, you can start as a consultant or as an instructor in any of the topics that companies normally seek as basic training.

For example, consulting to pass a quality, safety, or environmental audit.

Most companies continually need someone to train them on safety issues such as civil protection, fire extinguisher handling, or leadership.

#10.Personal chef

When you have a home meeting, wedding anniversary, and even vacation, you want something special and not cook.

If you have talent in gastronomy, you could offer your services in your city and some nearby cities.

Try the Take AChef page or advertising through Facebook in the area asking for a down payment.

It also applies for special dates such as Christmas, New Year, or Valentine’s Day, and the food could be delivered or that customers pass through it.

#11.Property manager

It is about contacting owners who rent their properties through Airbnb or other internet pages.

By making the deal with them, you will have to make sure that the property is in good condition before and after the tenants arrive, apart from handing over the keys and perhaps giving some tourist advice. Also, as part of your responsibilities, would be to promote the property on social networks, websites, and perhaps with travel agencies.

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#12.Online gift shop

Flower arrangements, balloons, surprise breakfasts, and even fruit arrangements are highly sought after on some important dates. You can take orders online so you only buy and do what you are really going to sell.

#13.Develop mobile applications

Obviously, you need to have the technical knowledge, but mobile applications can give you passive income through advertising, selling them, or creating a paid service.


Any delivery service is an option since you do not have to invest in premises, employees, and fixed payments. There are many options:

  • Haircuts, makeup, nails, eyelashes, etc.
  • Laundry, ironing, and dry cleaning
  • Car maintenance
  • Personal trainer
  • Household cleaning, garment cleaning
  • Grooming and bathing of cats and dogs
  • Image consulting

And surely you can come up with some more. The important thing is to let your imagination fly.

#15.Cleaning agency

Who really likes to do the cleaning? Definitely not me and it is so difficult to find responsible and honest people to do the task that you prefer to do it yourself (imagine the level of difficulty ). For this reason, it is a great business to start a cleaning agency, obviously that problem you will have to solve yourself, but it is possible that by being able to give them benefits.

#16.Event decoration

There is a huge market for event decoration:

  • Sweet or salty tables
  • Cheese, wine, or chocolate sources
  • Donut wall
  • Shot carts
  • Custom thermos
  • Curtains for photos and photo booths

And many more things that are becoming fashionable.

#17.Summer courses, for children or for all

Sporadic or intensive courses are a great source of income for some people. Just recently I just went to an intensive course in my city that taught me a lot and I learned about it through Facebook ads. If you are good at something specific, you can give courses in baking for children, import, computer repair, dance, vegan cooking, healthy desserts, tantrum management, etc.

And you, what business ideas can you come up with? Which ones have worked for you and which ones have not? Let me know in the comments!  

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