22 Best Places To Find A Job In The United States (From Any Country) 

22 Best Places To Find A Job In The United States  (From Any Country) 

Finding a job in the United States can seem difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. However, several companies help you find a job COMPLETELY FREE. So if you want to work in the USA  regardless of the country where you live, start by reviewing these sites.

 Best places to find a job 

These are the MOST TRUSTED AND RECOMMENDED sites to find work in the United States. It does not matter if you are looking for a job in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, or other cities in the USA, you should start your search in these places:

1. Indeed

Best place to find work in the United States

Indeed is the most popular job search site IN THE WORLD. They have thousands of jobs and job openings in thousands of industries. It is the perfect place to find a second part-time job or to find a job in the United States.

Using it is very easy: You only have to write the title of the position and the location. You can also search for jobs by company, keywords, job titles, and more.

We like this job site because Apart from helping you find a job in the United States, Indeed helps you create your resume or you can upload your resume if you already have one (we recommend uploading it in PDF ).

The site also offers information about your potential salary and even company analysis, which will help you have better control of your job search. You’ll get a notification when new jobs appear that match your saved job searches.

Don’t forget to take advantage of Indeed’s Career Guide, which contains information and guidance when getting a job, from writing a great resume to how to hit the interviews and what to do when starting your new job.

2. Glass door

Job offers with approximate salary

Apart from being a good place to find the average salary for your profession in the United States, Glassdoor is also one of the best job search engines.

This job search site allows users to search by various criteria, including job category, location, company, keyword, and job title.

It also has a great interface. It allows you to save job searches and they will continually search for jobs for you. Plus, it’s FREE! After registering and uploading your resume, you will be able to receive various job notifications in the United States.

We like this job site because The site shows you the salary you will earn when you apply for an available job. In addition, you will be able to have an analysis of the company before starting work, since they collect opinions from current employees. The Android and iPhone apps on this job site also make job searching a breeze.


ZipRecruiter has more than 8 million jobs in the United States. Registration is quick and simple, and they allow you to customize your resume for each job or company. The interface is very easy to use, even using the mobile app.

We like this job site because ZipRecruiter allows you to message employers directly and has many options to customize new job notifications.

4. LinkedIn

Best place to find an office job

LinkedIn is a networking platform for professionals that allows users to connect with others in their industry and find jobs.

It works like a social network, or like a kind of “Facebook for professionals”. LinkedIn allows users to showcase themselves in ways that go far beyond a resume.

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The opportunities to meet and connect with other professionals in your field or industry offer unparalleled opportunities if you are seeking employment in the United States. You can also search for job openings by company, keyword, location, and job title.

We like this job site because There are numerous forums and ways for users to share information with people from different industries. We recommend it if you are looking for an office job and to network with key contacts in your industry.

5. Google Jobs

A lot of people don’t know this, but Google has its own platform optimized to help you find a job. This job search engine will pull together open positions from many US job sites.

You can find a job with Google by doing a search for a job title or position and adding the word job or employment.


Google will show you a list of available openings and jobs nearby.

We like this job site because This is a great way to search multiple sites for jobs with the power of Google. Although it should not be your only tool to find a job in the United States, they have many open positions from various sites compiled. You can also receive alerts of new job positions.

6. College Recruiter

Best place to find your FIRST job in the United States

CollegeRecruiter is geared toward those seeking entry-level positions. It’s perfect for finding your first job in the United States and one of the best places to find internships. They currently have many open positions in part-time jobs and seasonal jobs.

We like this job site because Although this site is focused on helping college students find their first job, it is a good resource for finding a job without much experience. In addition, they have several useful tips and sample resumes that you can use to increase your chances of getting the job you want.

7. USA.gov

Best place to start working in the USA if you live abroad

USA.gov is the official site of the United States government and offers job opportunities both at home and abroad. It also has a lot of information for those interested in starting work in the United States and living abroad.

On this site, you can apply for job positions related to security, learning, public service positions, and much more.

We like this job site because of:

The wealth of information and resources presented on the site makes it a great stop for people at all stages of their careers, whether they live in the United States or not. It also has several very efficient contact forms. You can call, email, or chat online with representatives who will guide you if you have a question.

8. SimplyHired

SimplyHired is a user-friendly and user-friendly site that collects job postings from various sources, including company websites and social media.

This job search engine has a full email alert service and allows you to save multiple job searches. It also allows you to create an account and upload your resume quickly.

We like this job site because By using this site you can sort your searches to only see companies that have positions that fit your level of experience, have a high rate of diversity (or if they tend to hire Latinos in the United States), among other criteria.

9. Career Builder

Best job search in the United States and around the world

CareerBuilder helps you find a job in the United States by automatically scanning for keywords on your resume. The Hire Insider tool also offers a detailed report on how you will be able to compete with other candidates.

This company has a global presence that will allow you to find work all over the world. CareerBuilder allows you to search by industry, location, salary range, and company.

We like this job site because: Apart from having a directory of thousands of jobs available, they have several useful tools to help you optimize your resume and create different versions, get advice on job interviews, and more.

10. Snag (or Snagajob)

Best job seeker for a second job

Are you looking for a part-time or hourly job? Snag will help you find it. This is the largest job site with the most part-time or hourly job openings. They currently have over a million active job listings, 90 million registered workers, and 450,000 employer companies.

This job search engine has job listings from the top employers in the United States: restaurants, department stores, offices, hospitality, health, construction, sales, marketing, health, beauty, education, and more.

We like this job site because If you can’t find an open job for your position, they show you recommended positions that you may qualify for based on your experience. There are shift jobs, entry-level jobs, student jobs, seasonal jobs, and even teen jobs.

11. Craigslist

Best place to find work as an immigrant

Although you should be careful with job listings on this site (as some may be possible scams), many companies avoid paying a job site and posting an ad on this classified site.

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Craigslist has open job openings in the United States for all types of trades, from office jobs to landscaping, cleaning, and movers. This site allows you to easily find work in different industries.

We like this job site because Being a less formal job site, Craigslist has many jobs that don’t require a high level of experience. This is useful if you are an immigrant in the United States and need to start working in this country.

LinkUp is a US job search site that focuses on verifying employers to avoid scams.

We like this job site because Every opening on this great job site is accurately verified by real human beings. Their automatic job search tools make the process quick and easy.

13. Job.com

Job.com offers weekly job alerts, job search tips, its own resume builder, and job postings.

This site is unique because it uses artificial intelligence to connect job seekers with companies. Resumes are not posted on the site, which can be attractive to job seekers who are still employed.

We like this job site because It allows you to upload your resume so hiring managers and recruiters can find you. It uses blocking technology derived from the Bitcoin code.

14. USAjobs.gov

Find a job in United States government agencies

USAjobs.gov is a US government site that helps you find a job. They currently have more than two million federal positions in various careers. Also, post the exact annual salary you could earn.

The site is also a good resource for finding jobs for veterans, military spouses, people with disabilities, executives, families of foreign employees, and more.

We like this job site because You can find government jobs by searching by category, salary, title, and federal agency. After you upload your resume, it goes into a searchable database that helps recruiters find the right candidates for their open positions.

15. Governmentjobs.com

Jobs with government agencies in the US

Government agencies use this GovernmentJobs.com to post open positions and many jobs in the United States. For example, you can apply to be a 911 responder or public health and social work positions.

You’ll also be able to search for jobs based on your location, keyword, and title, or browse through a list of available positions.

We like this job site because, With a total of thousands of government job openings in one place, this site streamlines the process of finding a job in the United States. By creating a free account, you can keep track of all the jobs you’ve applied for and receive notifications of new positions.

16. Say

Best site to find jobs with technology companies

Dice is a tech-only job search site that offers various opportunities to find jobs based on your skills.

Some positions offer learning opportunities and even unique tools to help job seekers determine the best position for which they qualify.

It also has useful tools like Salary Forecaster and personalized job notifications.

We like this job site because You can find work with big tech companies (like Google and HP), as they use it to find new talent. The site also offers job search tips, help with your resume and various job-finding resources.

17. Tech Careers

Jobs for tech professionals

Tech Careers has over 300,000 jobs available in the information technology industry. It is useful for finding IT, programming, and design jobs with technology-focused companies.

We like this job site because The listings are many and the search options are multiple. You can find employment in the US with companies that only post their positions on this site.

18. The Ladders

Best site to find jobs for professional executives

The Ladders specializes in jobs for people well-established in their careers. Therefore, the site restricts jobs to high-paying positions. This is a job search engine catering to serious professionals with over 20,000 active recruiters looking for highly experienced workers.

Salaries typically start at $80,000, so this site takes the need to secure the best jobs for seasoned professionals very seriously.

We like this job site because you can search for open positions with US companies by title and location and create email alerts about jobs in your career. If you have years of experience in your industry, this will be the best place to find a job in the USA.

19. HeadHunter

Best place to find work as an executive

Headhunter.com connects seasoned professionals with career opportunities that best match their experience level. They have jobs that pay very well in areas such as technology, marketing, sales, consulting, finance, and accounting.

This site is perfect if you are looking for jobs for high positions or executive positions.

We like this job site because You can search by the level of employment you want: Manager, director, vice president, or executive of American companies.

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20. Idealist

Best site to find internships and nonprofit companies

Idealist is designed for those who prefer to work with nonprofit organizations and gain internship experience. This is the best job posting site that prioritizes community service.

They work with more than 120,000 organizations to help you find a good job.

We like this job site because it is a good place for those who want to work in non-profit organizations. In addition to having many open positions in well-known organizations, they are often associated with smaller non-profit organizations that work on a more local level.

21. Monster

Since 1999, Monster is a job search site that makes it easy to find jobs and connects you with potential employers. However, we warn you to be careful when using this site as it has a high rate of scams.

Although they have taken steps to control spam, the site continues to grow and add more security features. That said, there is a lot of good here.

This job site also offers several helpful tools to enhance your resume and set yourself apart from the competition.

We like this job site because Monster has a great selection of jobs. Additionally, they offer an option to lock your resume from your current employers. That way no one at the company you work for will know that you are looking for another job.

22. Robert Half

RobertHalf is an employment agency that recruits you to find a job in the United States. It also hosts one of the most popular job search engines in this country.

We like this job site because Although the number of jobs on this site is less than on other job websites, it is common to see exclusive job offers and less competition.

What is the best place to find a job in the United States?

The best job search site is Glassdoor, LinkedIn, or Indeed, depending on your needs. We recommend using Glassdoor if you’re looking for salary data, LinkedIn to find jobs by meeting other colleagues, or Indeed to find a job quickly.

How to use these best job search engines

When using these job search engines, follow these steps to get the best results:

Avoid job scams

Open a dedicated email account just for job websites. You can also get a toll-free, private Google Voice phone number to only receive calls and job offers.

Fake employers or scammers can get your information using job search engines and present you with bogus job offers. Consider a disposable email address and non-permanent phone number to avoid unwanted requests.

Don’t just use a job website

When using job search engines (such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and Google Jobs) you will notice the same company advertising for the same position. However, some employers only post to one site. Enrolling in more than one can increase your chances of finding a job in the US.

Don’t use ALL job search engines

Signing up for all the job search websites would be exhausting, not to mention pointless. Try the 2-3 you like best to save your sanity.

It’s not hard to sign up for all the best job search sites, BUT the more job search sites you sign up for, the more emails you’ll receive.

Customize your resume for the job company

Don’t rely on a site’s automatic request or one-click application. Although this is usually the easiest option, you are much less likely to land interviews this way. You’ll get better results by customizing your resume for each job application.

Don’t apply to ALL jobs

75% of candidates say they never hear back from a single employer on job boards. Apply only to the positions for which you are qualified to avoid wasting time with calls or interviews that will not have results.

Use a spreadsheet for your job proposals

Organize your return calls in an Excel or Google Sheets sheet. This way you can have better control over your job search, which will save you a lot of time. Your future employer will notice how organized you are and you will be able to have an advantage over the other candidates.


In short, the best job search sites are:

  • Our favorite sites Are True, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Google Jobs.
  • You don’t need to sign up for every job site on this list. Choose the 3 or 4 that best suit your job positions. Create a new Google Voice email address and phone number to reduce unwanted requests.
  • Subscribe to notifications from these sites to receive job listings that match your saved job searches.

Good luck in your job search and remember that you can leave us your questions about how to find a job in the US in the comments!

Do you have questions about the best job sites and how to use them? Tell us in a comment! We will do our best to help you find a job in the United States.


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