25 Innovative Businesses To Start This Season

25 Innovative Businesses To Start This Season


Predicting the future seems impossible, the same happens when determining innovative businesses. However, this is an essential task for those who want to undertake, it since they need to invest their time and money in the best way.

Considering the changing economy, the best way is to bet on the knowledge and skills that make us stand out if what we are looking for are innovative businesses for this new year. Thanks to digital technology and globalization, any activity changes very quickly, so we must adhere to such a transformation and take advantage of the digital age.

Industries with innovative businesses 

In this article, you will learn about alternatives, and innovative businesses, with great potential for this year, but before revealing them, it is convenient to walk through fundamental aspects, those that will make your option the right one to make your way in the business world.

Every day looks better for entrepreneurs because they are more sought after by customers, thanks to the ideas that characterize them in any field.

That is why they must execute projects objectively and adapt to the market.

It is normal to check what kind of innovative businesses are measuring up, to go that way.

As in any business project, we must know in detail the client’s tastes and adapt to what they are looking for, without losing the essence of our services. It applies to all areas: technology, gastronomy, entertainment, sports, fashion, real estate, music, etc.

Internet: Right on target

Many possibilities are likely going around your head, but you doubt if they are the right thing to do.

It is not that there is only one successful business model, any idea can succeed as long as it materializes with a consistent plan in which patience prevails.

Having the capital and investing it is not everything, since you must know how to execute from the beginning.

If we review any current market study, we realize that social networks, information technologies (IT), and quality of services are basic in the launch, positioning, and conquests of innovative businesses.

There is the innovative touch, the same that during 2021 will show the best of companies. This is without forgetting the gigantic potential that the web offers you to earn money online.

List of innovative businesses to start this new year:


Below we share with you a list of profitable business ideas, which will serve as a guide to know which are the innovative businesses of this year.

1. Create a niche blog:

These Internet content businesses represent a great opportunity for 2023, as niche content has great growth potential.

It consists of creating valuable content regarding your topic that you are passionate about; be it travel, gastronomy, investments, or any other topic, and monetizing your time on the Internet through different methods.

If you want to learn more about this topic, this may interest you:

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2. Develop mobile applications

The best thing about this business is that it picks up. It is possible to do it and earn money from home, designing and programming applications for small and medium businesses.

Computer engineers project a good future in the creation of Apps. And not only in 2023, but this innovative business also expands hand in hand with the digital age.

Although it is usually associated with graduates in the systems field, several developments facilitate the creation of applications, without knowing how to compile codes or advanced programming languages there is a good offer of programming courses.

The growth in the market is vertiginous, given the use that can be given to them: from purchases to monitoring medical insurance and more. There are more and more applications, covering every niche and making life easier for users with just a few clicks.

3. Food Truck or a mobile restaurant

These types of businesses are successful first because they are not so difficult to set up and second because of the convenience of moving them to the place we want.

There are several types: there are those that sell only food, but also bars. It is common to see dessert buses or beer bars on the streets with an atmosphere as fun as it would be in a static bar.

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The concept caught on well with the public and that is why it is considered one of the innovative businesses for both this year and those to come.

The key is to offer a delicious gastronomic proposal, with a gourmet touch, and different and good promotions that help get customers to the restaurant on wheels.

Working with food and customer service requires dedication, but the earnings are worth it. Also, with the Food Truck, if you don’t see profitability in one place, it’s as simple as moving to another.

4. Invest in cryptocurrencies, the stock market, or forex

The financial market will always be a business, but with cryptocurrencies, it is now innovative. You just have to have a good strategy and know how to invest in the online stock market to generate income in this market.

Virtual currencies are an alternative that gets more followers interested in making money on the web.

For this year, both investment and mining of bitcoins will continue to boom. What is needed is a computer that measures up and from there to making profits.

Here we leave you a guide on how to buy bitcoins and understand the market before making decisions with your money.

5. Virtual assistance

This figure is one of the most powerful innovative businesses for this new year because it is one of the new technologies that allow you to have an online job and become a very good source of income.

It consists of providing support through an online connection, promoting a company, or carrying out administrative tasks for a company that decided to outsource the service.

To open up a field for you in this market, we have created an article where we explain how to be a virtual assistant, create a portfolio of clients to whom you offer your services as an assistant, as well as have a staff of people willing to work coordinated by you.

6. 3D prints

Since they exist they are profitable, but now they will be more so. Several giants of 3D printers buy other smaller companies dedicated to this trade because the sale to individuals is the future.

These tools are beneficial for many industries, thanks to which great advances will be generated, especially in science.

With a 3D printer, it is possible to reproduce a kidney, for example, as well as any other organ. They create original products, all those that go through your mind.

7. Growth hacking

This marketing technique has its advantages as a growing business, being used by startups, to accelerate the number of users, make quick money, and the impact of a start-up, using only a minimum investment.

It is based on creativity, networks, and metrics to expose products and sell them. Analyzing the achievements reported so far, a good future is predicted for agencies focused on this niche.

8. Proptech or Real Estate Startups

This industry brings together innovations and new technologies applied to real estate investments.

They are considered other innovative businesses for 2022-2023 since they are the 2.0 version of the agencies dedicated to real estate. They grow vertiginously due to the impulse given by the consumption habits of young people.

These companies are related to technology but applied to property, and their objective is to sell properties to save the buyer money. Its growth is projected with good numbers for this year.

They hook clients by convincing them of real savings and showing them that they are just as capable as a real estate consultant. Investing in these applications is worth it.

In this area you will find real estate franchises as an investment alternative, do not forget to investigate very well and follow the advice that we share so that you do it intelligently.

9. Edible packaging, packaging of the future

Businesses that aim for sustainability are another alternative that projects a good path this year.

According to the World Economic Forum, by 2050 some 1,124 million tons of plastic will be produced. This is why the European Union is already vigilant with ten disposable products that represent 70% of marine litter.

It is about cutlery and plastic containers, a legal obligation on which many companies focus their efforts.

Reusable containers are the common alternative, but sometimes disposables are needed, for example at a festival.

Taking advantage of the sustainability boom, the innovation of investing in the manufacture of edible materials is an environmentally friendly business option.

Although they do not necessarily have to be eaten, they replace plastic with materials that can be processed, such as organic waste, because they are biodegradable.

These bioplastics are made from rice, cereals, wheat bran, etc. And there are many colors and flavors.

10. Mechanical workshops for robots

It is not a futuristic business, because our lives are surrounded by robots that make them lighter.

At home, we probably have one: a vacuum cleaner, coffee maker, grill, devices to monitor or keep children company, and more. After constant use, it could be damaged.

It is not new, only the rise of this type of business is. They are similar to the workshops responsible for repairing computers, open to meet the needs of this population. There are industrial robots although home automation is increasing.

The opening of this type of company is gaining ground because homes are becoming digital environments. Just as we innovate our lives by connecting to devices that make it easier and more enjoyable, these workshops are companies on the rise.

11. Electric car charging station

Cars that work with electricity are not easy to acquire due to their high price, but it is estimated that their value will decrease as long as production costs are reduced.

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It means that there will be more of these cars rolling on the street and there are very few charging stations available. More of these will be needed to meet demand; although some are already built, they will not be enough.

So here is a business opportunity to innovate, offering charging stations for electric cars that provide additional services, such as those for vehicles that run on fuel. This is an innovative business field that will grow in this season.

12. Pocket Trainers

These consist of applications for health and well-being, a safe investment since the vast majority of people are interested in having good health and physical appearance.

The design of these Apps that help control weight, offer exercise routines, control heart rate, etc., are presented as a good economic alternative.

They are virtual trainers who are aware of our bodies and the organism in proper functioning. Apps to earn money are an innovative business for all seasons, because who does not want a personal routine and follow-up?

13. Mobile wallets

Nowadays it is not necessary to carry cash, or charge credit or debit cards, because mobile payment will cover thousands of stores.

These platforms streamline transactions and more companies want them, so it would not be unreasonable to invest in software that allows them to pay electronically.

14. Food eCommerce

The e-commerce industry has not yet managed to transform the food business as it has other industries.

However, this is beginning to change as consumers prefer to shop online and order their food directly to their tables.

Those entrepreneurs who can build a business that supplies fresh and good quality food to consumers tired of long hours of work have a great chance of being successful.

It’s only a matter of time before cannabis goes from being legal in just a few states to the entire United States (and then the world). There are even states and countries like Uruguay where recreational consumption is allowed.

The challenge is to understand and correctly apply all the regulations when creating a cannabis business. However, there is no doubt that this business expects great profits and growth in the long term.

16. Gamification services

This industry is made up of innovative businesses that can get confusing, so let’s first define what it is.

Gamification is the use of games in work and commercial environments, where customers and employees can interact.

This industry is expected to show interesting growth; The key for new entrants is to develop tools and software capable of increasing sales and making the work environment much more entertaining.

In other words, gamification can become a powerful tool that will help increase productivity, and sales, improve the work environment in companies, and generate new relationships with customers.

17. Farming Software

The development of software to increase the profitability of the field has begun to expand around the United States and Latin America, however, this industry is far from saturated.

If you want to build a business in this industry, the key is the ability to store and interpret the information that farmers produce every day.

18. Relaxing drinks

The thirsty society for energy drinks has begun to change. Today people are looking for a drink that does the exact opposite, relaxes them. A drink that provides calm amid a society that never rests.

Although it is hard to believe, this industry in the United States moves 150 million dollars a year, and it is expected to continue to grow since 70 million Americans have reported that they have trouble sleeping, which opens a new world to explore such as drinks to sleep better and faster.

This opportunity must be taken quickly by entering the supermarkets that are guaranteed to be overcrowded.

19. Technology in the public sector

The technology, if it can be called that, used by government agencies is one step beyond obsolescence. These technological changes can be considered an interesting opportunity to attack when starting a business from scratch.

Surely if you can increase efficiency in a market of 450 billion dollars, such as the United States, you will have a prosperous business. The real challenge is getting the contract, which is complicated and takes time.

20. Yoga and Pilates

This market is worth 10 billion dollars; Currently, there are a lot of opportunities for innovative new businesses, both for the service as such and for all its related products.

The popularity of this industry will grow as people become more aware of a healthier lifestyle, living with less stuff and with more awareness.

It must be borne in mind that although the barriers to entry are low, large sports corporations are including these classes within their services.

21. Fantasy sports services

It’s a $1.4 billion business that keeps growing as viewers increase.

Greater internet access and a greater variety of mobile connections are what have enabled this growth.

Big competitors like ESPN and YAHOO have a presence in the industry, but they don’t manage to represent more than 1/3 of it, so there are great opportunities.

That entrepreneur capable of creating an innovative business within this service will surely collect a few thousand dollars.

22. Create and sell NFTs

They are known worldwide as Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs, and the truth is that they are part of a millionaire market.

Therefore, the creation and commercialization of NFTs have captured the interest of thousands of people around the world.

Especially since there are ordinary citizens, and of course celebrities, who are interested in investing in these crypto tokens.

In essence, they are digital intangibles represented by an element that cannot be divided, much less transferred.

This means that NFTs are unique and exclusive, which gives them a truly impressive appeal.

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NFTs operate on networks of smart contracts. Today, Ethereum is the blockchain with the largest number of Non-Fungible Tokens in the world.

In addition, you must know that they are completely invigorating the digital economy, thanks to the boost that the blockchain is giving them.

So far, tweets, bags, certificates, event tickets, memes, art pieces, trading cards, and game items have been tokenized.

For many, the creation of NFTs is one of the biggest businesses with a future. Therefore, if you want to be part of it, you should familiarize yourself with this market as soon as possible.

Right now, Open Sea is one of the most popular NFT exchanges. It has more than 200 categories and will allow you to sell your non-expendable assets safely and transparently.

23. Vegan vending machines

The vending machine business is not innovative unless they offer plant-based products, or exclusive foods for vegans.

Veat is one of the world’s most successful vending machine companies for vegan and vegetarian products.

It is based in Sweden and since it started operating in this market it has experienced truly accelerated growth.

Through its healthy vending machines, consumers can buy juices, snacks, salads, and many other foods free of additives, preservatives, preservatives, and processed foods.

The key to the success of this innovative business:

However, the key to the success of this type of innovative business does not expressly lie in its sustainable business model, but rather in the quality and freshness of the products.

Nobody wants to feed on a product that has been in a vending machine for months (no matter how healthy it seems).

That’s why the team at Veat, which includes professional chefs and cooks, makes sure to prepare these products daily.

In this way, they guarantee the freshness and good flavor of their food, which keeps the final consumer satisfied and at ease.

Veat ‘s products are sold between $4 and 10 dollars, and believe it or not, there are more and more vegans and vegetarians willing to pay for them.

In short, healthy food vending machines are one of the most profitable innovative businesses of the moment.

In fact, according to a study reviewed by the Vegan Society, this year the retail market for plant-based foods is valued at $7.4 billion.

24. Tourist agencies specializing in gastronomy

Traditional tourist agencies continue to generate significant profits worldwide.

But those that specialize in unique and exclusive gastronomic experiences, for the enjoyment of travelers, are growing rapidly.

There are already major success stories that you can draw inspiration from, including Modern Adventure. 

This tourist agency is in charge of programming gastronomic experiences in different countries of the world, such as Peru and Mexico.

For this, it has the support of very talented and recognized chefs both in Latin America and in the United States.

These agencies program high-end culinary experiences. These include guided tours of local markets, fairs, inns, craft workshops, and restaurants.

The objective of these innovative businesses is to promote traditional and gastronomic tourism so that travelers can enjoy typical or autochthonous dishes from each place they visit.

Although the business model seems a bit simplistic, the truth is that it generates revenues worth billions of dollars (and therefore you should not underestimate it).

25. Laundromats with cafeterias

Can you imagine washing clothes without getting bored? This is completely possible with one of the most attractive and fun innovative businesses of the moment.

These are laundries that include a cafeteria area, to liven up the waiting of customers.

It is no longer necessary to spend hours in front of industrial washers or feel deeply bored and unproductive while you go about your laundry day.

This concept allows you to make the most of your time while your clothes are being washed or dried.

You can do whatever you want: from enjoying a delicious dessert and coffee to reading a book or working from your smartphone or laptop.

Nor will you have to move from the cafeteria to the laundry area frequently, since you can monitor the progress of washing or drying from an app.

Example of this innovative business:

If you want to be inspired or investigate a little more about the profitability of these innovative businesses, we invite you to learn about the Laundré story.

It is located in the United States and has been operational since 2014. Since then it has experienced tremendous success and has not stopped developing.

Its spaces are comfortable, the decoration is minimalist and the cafeteria area has a coffee counter, as well as common seats and tables.

Without a doubt, Laundré and the rest of the emerging laundries/cafes are reinventing a traditional business, which used to be boring and unappealing to customers.

These are some trends based on studies of the most demanded jobs and the inconveniences that some companies present to find specialized profiles.

Everything points to information technology, engineering, biotechnology, social networks, and gastronomy, the latter a field that never ceases to be innovative and productive.

On the point of networks and IT, it should be noted that the progress and growth of any business are linked to the promotion and dissemination of content through them.

Each platform has spaces to share material and therein lies one of the secrets for an innovative business to succeed. By knowing how to use the correct channels, considering the public, and selling first-class service, you guide the company to success.

Invest time in researching which area suits you to venture into. Make efforts to highlight your work; Only in this way will any undertaking be more than novel, innovative, and profitable.


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