27 Businesses With A Future That Are Revolutionizing The World

27 Businesses With A Future That Are Revolutionizing The World

For example, thanks to the momentum that free software and the mobility revolution are experiencing, it seems that new companies are going to put aside the typical “headquarters” and will be able to serve their customers from anywhere in the world through an Internet connection.

A fact that is not so crazy, as an example is the German banking company ING that from its beginnings never offered a physical office to its clients.

Businesses with a future to undertake:

Now, if you are looking for business ideas to undertake, whether it is to earn money online or a physical business, it is important that you know those industries that are experiencing significant growth and that, without a doubt, represent businesses of the future.

You may not be an expert in these businesses, so take your time to invest, learn, study them, understand how they work, and define how you can participate in them.

These businesses with a future that you will see represent reliable entrepreneurial alternatives, they are profitable and very interesting businesses, so identify which one you like the most and start working on them immediately.

27 Businesses With A Future That Are Revolutionizing The World


This is one of the trends that the TrendWatching Observatory calls “cash-less”.

More and more companies are beginning to specialize in producing technologies for mobile payments. And they are not on the wrong track since it seems that “money is going to disappear” and that mobile payments are going to be more and more on the rise.

According to some studies, within two or three years the credit cards that we know today, and with which we pay, will begin to disappear and stores will need renovation.

So if you are interested in banking, work in it, or are proficient in it, mobile payments represent a fast-growing business.

2. Health applications

27 Businesses With A Future That Are Revolutionizing The World


There is no doubt that everything related to health is on trend. We want to take care of ourselves, we want to take care of our body, and we want to be healthier and healthier and this lifestyle is reflected in business.

It seems that the development of apps that allow regulating health is going to be one of the booming trends in the coming years.

To give you an idea, they can range from smart applications inserted in textiles that notify you of the calories you are losing, to apps that tell you what to eat to regulate your diet according to your eating routine.

3. Exchange or barter advertising platforms

We could define this trend as “going back to medieval times” but it is something that is going to developed in the middle of the 16th century.

Thanks to the internet, and the many online jobs that exist, bartering has become a strong part of society and it will become more and more both in services and products.

Some big companies already do it: you can take an old television and they give you a new one. But it will go further, what some call “collaborativeness” will arrive: exchanging objectives while saving costs.

If you manage to differentiate yourself in this industry, with a creative value offer that helps people save money, you will be able to position yourself in this business that moves billions of dollars.

For this reason, any type of platform that supports those people who exchange their services, their clothes, or their objects could be a success in the future.

4. Beacons, a business with a future

27 Businesses With A Future That Are Revolutionizing The World


This word begins to sound more and more, especially in the world of marketing. It is marketing based on proximity and consumer experience.

They are mechanisms that detect the presence of a consumer at a point of sale and monitor it, which achieves a better experience for it and greater loyalty.

Being experts in this can be a plus, soon many companies will seek these services. For example, in Europe, the use of beacons is already widespread.

To begin with, you can look for Digital Marketing courses that bring you closer to the new reality of the consumer in front of brands, which will allow you to establish strategies and activities that will not only position you with your clients but will also differentiate you from the competition.

5. Mobile application development

Web developers or programmers have realized that the largest mobile application stores in the world represent great business opportunities.

That is why today many of them are dedicated exclusively to developing mobile apps that are downloaded or bought massively, generating significant profits or income.

However, it is necessary to know the market so as not to waste time and money developing applications that already exist, or that do not provide added value to the user.

For example, you must know what the most popular categories are so that you know what to target. Some of these are:

  • Utility
  • Trips
  • Entertainment
  • Games
  • Lifestyle
  • Education
  • Health

So, the most recommended thing is that you study which is the most demanded within each category and define how you can develop a new, disruptive, and totally attractive product for iOS or Android users.

Something that may interest you is that there are very interesting applications to earn money with your cell phone.

How to take the first step in the world of applications:

Gone are the days when you had to do all the development yourself, so you have the upper hand when it comes to innovation and technology.

You only need to rely on the software, developers, and tools that help you create interfaces, designs, or test modules, to save you endless work.

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Appery.io, TheAppBuilder, Good Barber, and Appy Pie are some of the tools available in the market to create high-impact mobile apps, so check them out.

6. Chat box creation

Chatboxes continues to gain popularity worldwide because small, medium and large companies find them very useful to improve their customer service.

They can improve conversations with their consumers to unthinkable levels and consequently end up retaining them, which generates their desired conversions (purchases, subscriptions, etc).

The best part is that you don’t need any programming or web development skills to create commercial chatboxes.

How to start?

Just take advantage of the tools designed to make this process easy for you and you can have a chatbox ready in a matter of hours.

Pandorabots, Chatfuel, Botsify, Chattypeople, and Rebot. me are some of the most renowned of the present to create chatbox for e-commerce, but the truth is that the list includes many other names that are worth knowing.

Currently, brands, businesses, and businesses need the services offered by chatboxes to connect with their customers, collect important data, and optimize the attention they provide.

So chatbox creation is one of the best up-and-coming businesses, and you should not overlook it.

7. Blockchain technology

27 Businesses With A Future That Are Revolutionizing The World


Everything that has to do with the world of cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain represents businesses with a future, and you better understand how this market moves if you want to generate a lucrative income in the medium or long term.

To begin with, it is highly recommended that you know how the market works, especially since its volatility degrees are quite high, and you could end up losing a lot of money.

How to start this business with the future?

It begins by studying its variables, the blockchain technology, and the operation of some platforms to sell and buy cryptocurrencies, such as LocalBitcoins.

In this way, you will be more and more skilled in the business and you will be able to dominate it to get the best possible benefit.

Although it is also valid to advise you with traders who have a good reputation and expertise in the world of cryptocurrencies because they know exactly when to invest money and how to obtain a great return on investment.

8. 3D prints

While it is true that 3D printers are already revolutionizing the medical, automotive, or mechanical world, it is best to prepare yourself to take advantage of all the benefits that this technology will bring in the future.

It is predicted that 3D printing shops will gain a massive presence worldwide in the coming years, especially if they have low-cost printers that are capable of manufacturing high-quality items.

How to start?

So, you can start thinking about opening a 3D printing shop, and although these machines are usually a bit expensive, you will likely discover that the investment is worth every penny.

Some say that this is one of the most promising future businesses that exist, and they are even convinced that there will be nothing that 3D printers cannot produce.

In this sense, the processes and costs associated with the manufacture, logistics, and transfer of endless parts, objects, materials, and articles will be reduced, and this will have a truly historic commercial impact.

9. Robotic workshops

It is no secret to anyone that robots have been part of human life for a few years, but curiously there is a branch of home automation that seems to be little exploited.

In simpler words: there are not enough mechanical workshops to service or maintain robots, so this is a niche market that hopes to be taken into account in the immediate future.

Especially since the world population of robots is growing by leaps and bounds all over the planet.

10. Vehicle charging stations

At this point, we refer especially to electric vehicles. Yes, we know that they are not accessible to the majority of the population, but even so, there are people who can afford them and who suffer when they need to recharge.

The truth is that there are still not enough charging stations, and if this does not change soon, then demand will exceed supply and it will become a very good business idea.

Now, if this type of business future interests you, don’t rest until you build your own charging station for electric cars; You will see that your earnings will be profitable.

11. Bottled Air

Environmental pollution has given rise to one of the brightest businesses of the future: bottled air.

This innovative idea is not only healthy but also highly profitable. So much so that there are already entrepreneurs who invoice more than 200 thousand dollars a year selling pure air in cans or bottles.

China and India are the main importers of this ingenious product, as air pollution levels there are increasingly alarming.

Vitality Air is just one of the leading companies in this sector, and its founder assures that it is a very lucrative market that will continue to arouse interest in society in the coming years.

12. Data Analysis

 Without a doubt, we are immersed in the era of Big Data, or data analysis, and therefore it will not be surprising that the Marketing and Market Research businesses acquire greater relevance in the future.

Do you wonder why? Well, because companies, brands, and companies need to understand how data works, and how to capture it so that they can successfully attract more customers or consumers. Therein lies the success of paid surveys.

So, if you are interested in this sector, or if you have numerical and quantitative skills, you should be interested in Big Data as it will continue to give a lot to talk about.

Here we leave you a specialization in Big Data, an introduction to the practical use of massive data.

13. Mental Support Systems

27 Businesses With A Future That Are Revolutionizing The World


Mental health has become more relevant in recent years, and this has encouraged the development of digital or technological support systems to detect warning signs, or dangerous situations, in affected people.

For this reason, it is estimated that mobile applications, digital self-help programs, and even coaching sessions and virtual therapy will continue to be developed, which preserve the lives of individuals with mental disorders.

And as we told you at the beginning, it is not imperative to have programming knowledge to carry out this type of development, so you can take advantage of them if they are interesting to you.

Even one of the biggest businesses with a future in this branch is aimed at teaching people how to meditate since the importance and benefits of meditation have been demonstrated.

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14. Medical marijuana

27 Businesses With A Future That Are Revolutionizing The World

The legalization of medical marijuana in the main countries of the world such as the United States and Canada has encouraged its cultivation, distribution, and commercialization seriously and legally.

For this reason, there are already entrepreneurs wholly dedicated to this business of the future, which estimates to yield millionaire profits, while alleviating ailments and discomforts to patients who consume it for medicinal purposes.

However, you must make sure to adhere to the regulations and controls of each country so as not to break the laws, or end up facing unwanted legal mishaps.

15. Digital Marketing Agencies

27 Businesses With A Future That Are Revolutionizing The World


Perhaps the Marketing market does not seem innovative to you, but the truth is that it is being renewed more and more quickly and frequently.

This means that from time to time there are new trends that force brands to rethink their strategies so as not to lose market penetration, especially in the digital spectrum.

In this sense, it is estimated that thousands of Digital Marketing agencies will be created soon, instead of traditional agencies, since the 2.0 world will continue to set the tone at a commercial and communicational level.

Now we will tell you which will be the most demanded segments within this branch of Marketing:

  • Advertising on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Ads on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).
  • Ads on the websites with the highest traffic.
  • Advertising or promoting content on YouTube and other social networks.
  • Digital influencers and more.

16. Investments in NFTs

The so-called Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), for its acronym in English, are digital intangibles that are part of a millionaire business.

They are cryptographic tokens that represent an indivisible, non-transferable, and exclusive element, and for this reason, they have become an excellent business opportunity for many actors in society.

They work on networks of smart contracts, with Ethereum being the blockchain that concentrates the largest number of NFTs.

Today, NFTs play a crucial role in the blockchain-powered digital economy, and licenses, certificates, gaming items, and even event tickets have already been created.

If you are interested in investing in this business with a future, you must know that these tokens are considered very valuable and useful commercial pieces within the digital economic ecosystem.

To invest in non-fungible tokens you must go to the small markets that are dedicated solely to buying and selling them, or to Open Sea .

The latter is considered to be the most popular NFT exchange on the market right now, as it has more than 200 categories, such as rare memes, sports, art, virtual reality terrain, trading cards, and more.

17. Travel Consulting Agency

Although tourism continues to be in check worldwide due to the pandemic, there are still services that can be fully exploited.

Believe it or not, there is a market niche made up of those people who need help to:

  • Manage your listings on Airbnb or VRBO.
  • Increase the income they receive when renting their vacation properties.

If you have advanced knowledge in digital and real estate marketing, you should keep this type of business with a future in mind, since it could help you earn money on a recurring and scalable basis.

Although you also have the option of forming a team of professionals (advertisers, photographers, and customer service personnel) to promote your online business more firmly.

You should also create a website and have a presence on the social networks that best suit your business model to:

  • Actively promote it.
  • Connect with your target (those people who are interested in increasing their rental income).
  • Develop a solid database that allows you to generate long-term conversions.

Once your business manages to operate successfully in the market you can consider the idea of ​​expanding your services.

For example, you could collaborate with some travel agencies to offer exclusive offers to your clients.

This will help you diversify your sources of income and will also bring a higher degree of profitability to your business.

18. Photographs from archives or collections

If you are passionate about photography, or if you have professional photographic equipment, you can work as a stock or collections photographer.

Believe it or not, this is one of the most promising future businesses on the list, since your photographs can be used in:

  • Blogging.
  • Banners for social platforms.
  • Websites.
  • Posts for social networks.
  • Email marketing campaigns and much more.

The idea is that you take advantage of the best pages to sell photos that exist in the market, such as Unsplash, Shutterstock, Pexels , etc.

You can make thousands of dollars working as a photographer, as you will get paid every time a client buys your photos.

It is also important to mention that certain photographers have carried out large-scale projects with clients such as Warner Bros or TripAdvisor , through this type of archive and collection platform.

And if you want to go a little further, you can develop your own website and promote your work in a direct and controlled way.

That way you could have more possibilities to earn money taking photos or, to finish more corporate, lucrative, and high-impact photography projects.

19. Medical laboratories

Ventures linked to the health sector will continue to grow exponentially in the coming years, especially in Latin America and North America.

This is largely due to the implications, complications, and health risks linked to Covid-19.

For this reason, investing in companies that operate advanced medical laboratories could be an excellent strategy to generate recurring income.

In fact, according to Market Watch, the global market for clinical laboratory services will be full of key opportunities between the years 2021-2026.

So this has emerged as a business with a future in the Hispanic region and other countries around the world, as long as the services it offers are state-of-the-art.

20. Data protection services

Global data protection services are increasingly in demand worldwide, as digital users and consumers want to protect their privacy in every way.

The market value of this future business could exceed $100 billion in 2027, which should give you an idea of ​​the levels of popularity it will reach in the coming years.

Starting a data protection firm could bring you closer to your financial independence, as long as you offer real and effective solutions to your potential clients.

These could be private citizens, companies, or large corporations that could be interested in subcontracting these services.

21. Stem Cell Therapies

Stem cell therapies have already begun to generate millionaire income in the medical and scientific fields.

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Stem cell banks have shown great potential in today’s market, especially in beauty and medicine. Specifically, you could make money in several ways:

  • Operating a stem cell bank or testing lab.
  • Testing the use of these cells in health or beauty products.
  • Becoming a distributor or affiliate of some sites that promote stem cell therapies.
  • Opening a stem cell clinic.
  • Investing in stem cell stocks (this type of investment caters to the biotech market).

22. P2P lending platforms:

Peer to Peer (P2P) lending platforms have gained great market traction in recent years, and everything indicates that they will continue to be in great demand in the immediate future.

They are emerging as a great option when requesting loans since the process takes traditional banking and all its bureaucracy out of the equation.

The truth is that there are more and more individuals, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and business owners using the services of this type of platform to request financing.

In 2019, the P2P lending industry generated revenues of more than 67 billion dollars, and it is estimated that this market could exceed 558 billion dollars in 2027.

For this reason, it is not an exaggeration to say that the days are numbered for people who depended solely on their credit scores and banks to process loans.

These platforms represent one of the best businesses with a future, so you should study them thoroughly if you are interested in benefiting significantly from this market.

23. Payment solutions with electronic wallets

The “ wallets” or electronic wallets have been incredibly successful in the US market in recent years.

So much so that several experts in the sector consider that they are about to become a national conglomerate.

Without a doubt, electronic payments, or with wallets, are synonymous with comfort, security, and avant-garde, and this is very attractive to both businesses and current consumers.

These wallets allow them to carry out monetary transactions without handling cash or physical money since everything is done digitally.

Consequently, the development of programs or software that enhance and facilitate these virtual payments will generate billions of dollars in the coming years, both in the United States and in China or India.

Chase Pay and Apple Pay are just a few success stories, as they have managed to revolutionize the payment system like never before.

In short, this industry is highly profitable; In 2020 alone, it reached a value of 130 billion dollars.

24. Virtual event planning platform

The pandemic has forced the holding of events virtually, because concentrations of people are prohibited in most countries of the world, to avoid new infections.

This has driven the development of new virtual platforms to plan massive and online events, without health risks and under a completely attractive and functional scheme for users.

Keep in mind that video streaming services are blurring the geographic boundaries and regulations imposed by the pandemic, offering event planners a wide range of creative opportunities.

The organization of concerts, festivals, fashion events, dance, singing, etc., which will be held remotely, will continue to gain strength in the immediate future, which translates into profitability and constant cash flow.

25. Vertical farming projects

Vertical farms are becoming more and more entrenched in the global market as the population continues to grow at a rapid rate.

These projects pursue a logical and innovative goal: to grow as much food as possible in small, controlled areas.

In this way, flat crops (in traditional fields) are out of the question, since farmers manage to grow their crops upwards (vertically).

This is one of those businesses with a future that you can start in your own home, or rather, in your own backyard, instead of investing large sums of money in horizontal farms.

Businesses specializing in developing vertical farming technology will be in high demand, and therefore, investing in them could be very convenient for you.

26. Launch your niche website

Without a doubt, launching a niche website is a business with a future, and a great present. This online business idea is part of the options to start a content business on the Internet.

One of the most important aspects of this business is the choice of the market niche, as this will largely determine the volume of traffic and its profitability.

And additionally, the good news is that, unlike other businesses with a future, the investment is minimal. If you want to learn how this methodology works, I have an invitation for you:

27. Affiliate Business

Affiliate marketing has had great growth in recent years in countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, and Peru. It has followed in the footsteps of countries like Spain and the United States.

This business with a future consists of a kind of digital “word of mouth”, in which you recommend third-party products and services in exchange for a commission.

For each sale that is made thanks to your recommendation, you will receive a commission. To develop this affiliate business, you can do it through your website, social networks, digital advertising, or directly with people you know.

To get started, I invite you to review the following affiliate programs and join a free class where they teach you how this whole business model works:

Characteristics of businesses with a future:

There are a large number of businesses that were not included in this list. As the world progresses, new business ideas emerge, so we are not only interested in sharing current trends with you, but also in providing you with tools that allow you to identify new businesses with a future.

Here is a list of characteristics that identify innovative businesses, so that you can evaluate them and make a decision.

  • These businesses seek to satisfy unconventional needs, but that will still add value to a certain market niche that will know very well how to reward them.
  • They are disruptive and are not afraid to break paradigms or traditionalisms in their desire to revolutionize the markets.
  • They are visionaries, that is, they may not be 100% attractive to society right now, but surely this scenario will change in just a couple of years.
  • They’re meant to make really big profits (especially the ones tied directly to science and technology), as well as make a quick buck.

Take advantage of the businesses of the future

Surely you already have a fairly clear idea of ​​what businesses with a future can be more profitable, lucrative, and profitable for you.

From developing a chatbox, to bottling purified air; you found several futuristic business ideas that you can carry out to give a significant turn to your life if you do not know what business to start.


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