3 Easy Exercises For Self-Control And Emotional Intelligence

3 Easy Exercises For Self-Control And Emotional Intelligence

When you get angry or stressed your effectiveness drops drastically whether you are aware of it or not.

For example, if you have been pressured for 15 days to pay bills, your children’s studies or behavior, pending tasks, work overload, errands, etc. This makes it less effective according to serious studies on emotional intelligence.

Do you know how to control yourself? Or do you always end up overwhelmed? This emotional intelligence competency is not only related to your effectiveness but also to your well-being and happiness.

Many people are deteriorating their health, interpersonal relationships, relationship, intellectual capacity, memory, etc. For only believe that they must endure and worst of all they do not even carry out corrective activities! It is the last straw! when the right thing to do is to work on preventive actions.

But when it comes to stress management, we must seriously emphasize that although corrective actions are true, such as, I feel very stressed I can’t take it anymore so I take a vacation, it’s just putting out fires, as well as exercises, a massage, a little coffee, etc.

To have real solutions, you not only have to work to eliminate the symptoms, because otherwise we will become addicted to the pills, but you also have to work on the causes, something that few people do, but that you can make a difference and enjoy a authentic wellness in your life when you care about yourself.


To work preventively with our well-being, we must develop our emotional intelligence mainly in the 4 minimum and fundamental areas:

Social awareness
Social skills.

The above is according to Daniel Goleman’s framework of emotional competencies (1991).

How many things do we do for pleasure even though we know it is not entirely good, such as eating a lot when we already know we are overweight, spending on unnecessary things when we have other economic objectives, how many times we hurt our loved ones with something we said or we did showing later regret among many more examples, well the above is a direct indication of the lack of self-control emotional competence.

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Although neurology has currently identified each part of our brain with the functions it performs, you should know 2 main ones:

The emotional brain:

The emotional part that memory has allowed us since all time, which is the cause of our spontaneous behavior, and of certain immediate reactions that survival has allowed us (flee or attack), what some call our reptilian brain, being a part that has been since the first human being.

The rational brain:

The rational part has allowed us to differentiate ourselves from other living beings, since this part has allowed us to make calculations, to be able to think about good and bad, moral or immoral, and make successful decisions despite our pleasure zone or brain’s emotional wants to do something else.

For example, on a Monday at 5 am or at the time your alarm clock goes off, the emotional part says no! … Better stay here in the blankets, but the rational part tells us that if we do we could lose our job.

Self-control is about a balance of both functions; However, when we accumulate negative feelings it is easier to lose the rational function of our brain, just look at how people react when they are stressed, angry, resentful, depressed, etc.


The development of self-control, therefore, has enormous benefits for us. Below we offer you 3 options that will transform your life forever.

1. Make small efforts where immediate pleasure must be postponed.

For example, if a good portion of ice cream had already been served, remove half. If you usually eat the entire package, start by leaving half. When you turn on the computer to surf the Internet, set an alarm clock with a time limit for use, if you tend to waste your money, commit to an amount that you will give to your partner to save it, etc.

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We based this technique on studies of delayed gratification by Mischel & Ebbesen (1970) who concluded that children able to retain immediate pleasure tended to be more successful over the years than those who were unable to retain it. Of course, we are talking about human nature, which applies to children and adults.

2. Self-monitoring.

Another key to increasing our self-control is that in the changes or improvements that you want to make yourself, promote and review your achievements, for this, first define what you want to achieve. We recommend that you use electronic media such as calendars in emails, telephones, or applications to set reminders to review, they can be both medium and long-term, for example, in the morning set a reminder not to eat bread in the afternoon, and a reminder in 15 days to analyze how many days you ate bread and how many you didn’t.

3. Undoubtedly

If you have read this far, it is because you are passionate about the subject, so our next recommendation is that you make a small investment in our Emotional Intelligence training video that will change your life due to the number of ideas and practical techniques that you will learn and You can immediately apply it to your life and also be able to transmit it to other people, such as in talks or training on the topic that is currently so requested.

Begin by experiencing the changes that our emotional intelligence video will facilitate.

Research related to emotional intelligence concludes:

  • People who improve their self-control capacity through exercises like the ones we propose manage to have better and longer interpersonal relationships, because they manage to accommodate the different demands in the circumstances, and also show greater satisfaction in their relationships (EJ Finkel & Campell, 2000; Vohs, Ciaroco & Baumeister, 2003).
  • People with self-control report greater family cohesion, fewer interpersonal conflicts, and better empathy and security (Tangney et al. In press).
  • Organizationally, it is found that leaders with high self-control were rated as more trustworthy and more upright than other leaders. (Cox, 2000).
  • In general, we also know that self-control prevents problems due to a lack of impulse control – eating a lot, drug abuse, alcohol, and impulsive purchases. (Peluso, Ricciardelli & Williams, 1999; Wills, DuHamel & Vaccaro, 1995; Wills, Sandy & Shinar, 1999).
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The investment you will make is in yourself and you will learn about the emotional intelligence model with the most support, which is the competency framework developed by Daniel Goleman. We will dynamically explain each of the competencies, but mainly the contribution that we provide you with exercises for each competency. for the cultivation of competence development, a contribution that is difficult to find on other sites.

An emotionally intelligent life is a life of well-being, happiness, and authentic success.


we have done this work for you to know and benefit quickly in the practical exercises experience that great experts have designed and verified

What are the means or processes that facilitate differentiation of themselves, increase their emotional intelligence and enjoy the satisfaction of “dominating circumstances” instead of “being dominated by them.”


“Invest in your mind, it will fill your pockets” – Robert Kiyosaki


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