34 Sites to sell your art online

34 Sites to sell your art online

The online art market is increasing every year.

The possibility that you, as an artist, craftsman, photographer, illustrator, or freelance, can sell through art portals in a semi-direct way, widens the field of your market action.

Having a presence on these websites is usually free in most of them, although they charge a percentage if a sale is made.

Before uploading the material, read carefully the conditions and advantages that each of them offers you.

It is advisable to participate in these platforms as a complement to the sales channels that you usually use, but not as the only commercial outlet.

It is relevant, on the other hand, that you have a blog (see article  ”Steps to follow to have a professional blog ”) or your own gallery (shop), where you can exhibit your work online.

In an art portal, the more relevant it is, the more your work is diluted among the hundreds of artists who show their works.

Create your own website (“ WordPress, the best option for your blog and it’s free ”) because that way you will have all the prominence and you are creating a solid artist brand image.

In addition, as a sales platform, use the presence in art, craft, or photography portals as a means of attracting visitors directly to your website.

In your own blog or website, you can get a portfolio of clients or people interested exclusively in your work.

Serve them personally, creating a relationship of trust and informing them promptly of your new jobs.

As Bill Gates stated:  “If it is not on the Internet, it does not exist” As the online art market is increasing every year, we have edited the premium course  “Internet as a global market for your art”, to offer you the option of how to expand the Marketing your work to a global market.

Use and benefit from online sales platforms, but have other more exclusive alternatives as well.

Next, I provide you with a list of sites that I have selected in case you want to expose and sell through them.

Most admit different modalities of artistic expression, although due to their predominance, I have grouped them into three blocks: art, crafts, and photography.


Table of Contents


1. Artexpone: Selling at Artexpone is very cheap: only 3.5% for the sale of any work + €0.99 for uploading it.

2. Society6: On this platform any artist can upload their works and users vote for the exhibited works and the most popular ones appear on the home page.

3. Artprice: Based in France, founded and directed in 1987 by Thierry Ehrmann, it is the result of great teamwork in the art market. It allows you to publish free ads of works for sale.

4.  ArtQuid : Founded by Rudolph van Valkenburg. It does not charge any commission and you can publish your portfolio, although it also has the Premium option, whose cost is 29.95 euros per year.

5.  Smells Like Art: This portal is an initiative created by and for artists, which allows them to disseminate many different types of art (plastic arts, music, graphic arts, literature, etc.) in an organized and optimized way for the digital world.

6.  Artelista: Artelista offers artists 65% of the price of the original work and 35% of the price of the reproductions.

7.  Virtual Gallery: You can exhibit all kinds of work. It has three modes of participation: Free, Premium, and professional.

8.  Esglaiart: Buyers will contact you directly and buy for the final price you put. Exposing two works is free, and they have subscriptions for 29 euros a year. They do not keep any sales commission.

9. Durán Subastas:  This Madrid auction house not only offers contemporary art in its auctions but also invests in  Durán Online Gallery for new artistic languages ​​and proposals by contemporary artists with an important career on the national and international scene, in an easy and accessible way.

10. Singulart: In a global art market facilitated by the Internet, this platform makes the work of multiple international artists available to collectors around the world. 

11.  Newbloodart: The English Sarah Ryan founded the online art gallery New Blood Art in 2004. This platform does a rigorous selection to identify emerging artists and choose which works are accessible.

12.  People Art Factory: This Spanish portal, unlike other platforms that offer prefabricated 3D spaces, where you can design your exhibitions entirely and uniquely. It offers three modes of participation: free, premium, and professional.

13.  Atelier de Jeunes: Graphic work in limited editions by emerging Spanish artists.

14.  Artsy: It is a portal with a high level of prices for the exhibited works. There are works by well-known firms, but you also have the alternative of graphic work at more affordable prices.

15.  Gunter Gallery: Portal for emerging artists of illustration, urban art, and plastic artists in general. Interface in Spanish and English.

16.  Saatchi Art: As they say, they have registered more than 10,000 collectors. Their percentage is 30% and they support all the galleries and artists who exhibit their work with marketing.

17.  ArteNet: ArteNet (in Spanish and English) is a portal dedicated to painters, sculptors, photographers, and artists in general, professionals or amateurs, who want to exhibit and sell their works online.

18. Saatchi&Saachi: It is an international leader and offers the work of more than a hundred emerging artists. He charges a 35% commission and is responsible for shipping the work.

19. Deviantart: It is a huge community with more than forty million members. Original and serial work can be exhibited and sold.

20.  180hilos: They are publishers of original silkscreen graphic work by Spanish illustrators, in exclusive series of 25 units, at very affordable prices.

21. Saishoart:  This art portal provides a new proposal for emerging artists and the market,  uniting technology with art and business.

22.  Arstalent: In this portal, you set your terms of sale with your client, outside of Arstalent, and the client contacts you through a private message.

23.  El Artista Online: Argentine portal where paintings, sculptures, photographs, illustrations, graphic works, crafts, and much more can be put up for sale…

24. Café Converters: Websites for the presentation of artists, dissemination, and sale of work, on the Internet. Creation, and maintenance of websites and social networks, advice on cultural actions, and development. Curating work from start to finish. Online and offline samples. Large selection of graphic work/numbered and signed by the artist. Significant discounts for members.




25. Sinequal:  The platform makes it possible to connect artisans who offer their services or products with individuals or professionals who move away from “buy and throw away” or junk food, to focus on sustainability and quality.

26. Coolmaison:  is an online Spanish craft store specializing in handmade jewelry, tableware, and decoration, which stands out for the exclusivity and quality of its designs. It is a platform that is committed to cutting-edge craftsmanship, so not just any handmade piece is worth being there.

27.  Medieval Artisans: A site where a craftsman can find advice, sales, and promotion of your products.

28.  Artesanum: This website has committed all its benefits to social projects related to crafts. It has been created by the Intercom Group and in it, you can create your own store.

29. Amazon Handmade: If you create your store, you can sell your items on Amazon’s five European platforms: Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, and Amazon. it, and Amazon.es. For this, you will have to request an invitation. The Amazon Handmade team will study your request to see if you meet their definition of “made by hand” and if you do, they will send you an invitation to enter and set up your store.

30. Etsy: Probably the number one Marketplace. It has about 25 million users, more than 850,000 stores, and 42 million visits.

31. Artmosfair: It is an online fair trade market where you can buy and sell exclusive handmade art. An art that can range from the craft created by an old lady to Da Vinci-level art.



32. 500px: It is a marketplace for photographers, where you can show and sell your photographs.

33. PhotoShelter: The services offered by this portal are to store your images, create your photo website, deliver your work, and sell or license your photos.

34. Zen Folio: A unique e-commerce platform for you to display and sell your photos.


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