45 Ideas For Profitable Businesses In 2023 And Tips To Carry Them Out

45 Ideas For Profitable Businesses In 2023 And Tips To Carry Them Out

Who has never dreamed of becoming their boss? But starting and setting up a business requires a good idea that can be carried out within the context in which we live. In the following article, we tell you 45 profitable business ideas to launch today in the market.

How do know which are the 10 most innovative and original businesses of 2023?

To know what the most profitable business ideas are going to be, it is best to look around you and see what people need. If you see that something works then it is an indicator that people like it and there is demand for it. For example, if you see that in each neighborhood of your city, they are opening a type of business and it works and you see that there is an area that does not have it, then there is your opportunity, but do not be late.

It is very important that you analyze the market, the sector, and the competition and that you validate your idea before jumping into the pool without a net. Following the lean startup methodology is a good way to approach it.

The most ” trendy ” for this year is undoubtedly these 10 sectors in which we encourage you to think of a solution that solves some problems of its users and creates an original, creative, and profitable business.

  1. The economy around pets (Pet Economy)
  2. Solutions and services for urban mobility
  3. Solar energy, sustainable energies, and energy saving
  4. Accompaniment in digital transformation
  5. Remote health and wellness
  6. Big Data, Cybersecurity, AI
  7. Gaming, Esports
  8. Token Economy (NFTs)
  9. Content Creator for the Metaverse
  10. Investor in Cryptoassets

Perhaps you also want to try your luck and start an adventure. Check out these 45 profitable business ideas for 2023 that respond to market trends so you can have a vision of the sectors with the greatest growth potential.

Familiarizing yourself with the market and getting to know the mines that you can find along the way is key to going more safely toward the new route that you want to undertake. It is essential, in any case, that you do a study of the situation; competition, costs and potential benefits, and demand. Think that many companies and businesses are left halfway, so arm yourself with courage and soak up information.

45 examples of business ideas that can be profitable

Quality homemade food and delivery

The first of our profitable businesses for 2023 is fast food, a lifestyle we can no longer run away from. It is the response to the dynamics of work and rhythm of life that has been created, especially in large cities, in the last decade. However, the arrival of the coronavirus has forced restaurant businesses to have home delivery and pick-up services. Until now, it has been the only way they have had to survive. On the other hand, many local location apps, search engines, as well as the digitization of businesses themselves have been key to adapting their businesses during the time of confinement and the new normality.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Online purchases have increased, according to the consulting firm Nielsen, by 86% and have reached one million homes. There has also been an increase in demand from e-commerce companies such as Amazon, which has already announced that it will hire 100,000 more workers in the United States due to the increase in orders.

Profitable business opportunities such as 5G, robotics, the Internet of Things, and blockchain have also been identified to help link multiple buyers to multiple suppliers reliably through a ‘mesh’ of supply chains.

Sell ​​second-hand items

The key to these profitable businesses is to accumulate a stock with a face and eyes and display it as if it were a new product. That is, do not accept any type of item or display it in any way in the store because it cannot be sold and will scare away your customers. For example: if as a customer I enter a second-hand store thinking of buying a television and I see a row of televisions from the year my grandmother or mother was born. I will not be interested in buying it even if they sell it to me for one euro, because it is not practical for my needs. It is preferable to sell televisions that are 5 or 7 years old, for about 200 or 300 euros. Then yes I would buy it since a similar first-hand TV would cost me 500 euros or more.

One of the problems that accompany this business and that makes the profitable companies of 2023 related to security is the control of illegal practices. These businesses allow products that have been stolen to be resold. That is why a protocol is established; when you buy an item from someone, this item becomes part of a list that is sent to the police. For the next 15 days, you cannot sell or display the item until the police check that none of the products on the list match the description of an object that has been reported stolen and removed.


Having a franchise is a step with a little less risk since you have the advantage of opening a business that already has a reputation, which makes it easier to start generating sales and profits quickly. In addition, to buy a brand it is not necessary to make an exorbitant investment at the beginning of the business, there are different alternatives to finance it, and, most importantly, in many cases, the brand provides you with initial capital. On the other hand, the clearest disadvantage is that you do not have total freedom in how to organize the business; There will be some guidelines that the brand in question asks you to follow, especially about the image of the company. Keep reading more about profitable businesses.

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Another sector that is growing a lot is Legal Tech and that is why it deserves a place on our list of profitable businesses for 2023. Due to the number of digital companies that are growing at an unstoppable rate and need technology, software, and services from legal advice.

If you are specialized in the legal sector, one of your opportunities is that of a digital legal advisor. There are also opportunities in helping companies deal with issues such as the Right to be Forgotten on the Internet, communications, or data processing. Also other more general ones such as civil and/or commercial contracting, general conditions, incorporation of companies, or any legal aspect.

Home Laundry

Another of the profitable businesses that have become necessary for the times we live in. Of the characteristics that new consumers have in the new normality, it is the value of time, because their jobs take up most of their week, they decide to delegate basic tasks to companies that offer a useful, comfortable service that saves them money. A very clear example is shown by Mr. Jeff, the laundry franchise that has conquered all of Latin America and Asia.

Creative confectionery on request

For many people, cooking is a passion, as we discussed earlier. In recent years, a series of influencers have emerged, who have made confectionery fashionable: delicious cookies, cupcakes, muffins, or original cakes.

It is one of the most sought-after profitable businesses because you can start from home. If you are passionate about it, you can do it in your spare time as a compliment. The best advice to start with is to research the possible market around you and create a personal brand around what you create.

One element that you must take into account to ensure profits is to ensure that the price you put on your products exceeds the production costs. The way to advertise can be from word of mouth, ad pages, or social networks. If you dedicate time and passion to the presentation, you will see how the requests will come little by little.

E-commerce services

The growing confidence of people around the world when thinking about buying something online. This situation has allowed many entrepreneurs to risk investing in this business model. Taking into account that what is sought today is to save time and money, consumers prefer to spend less time on “typical purchases” that you can easily make online. It is arguably one of the most profitable businesses on the list.

Online classes

The term freelance, in the same way, is a trend that takes its place strongly in the possibilities of every entrepreneur, since if you have an area in which you consider yourself good enough, you can take the step and be part of the different communities of freelancers. and work on your own. The profitable businesses on our list are growing!

Quality freelance in other languages

Another of our profitable businesses is freelancers specializing in languages. Currently, there are more than 20 million self-employed workers within the framework of the European Union. Spanish freelance professionals can be offered in other markets so that none of them have to leave their country or their home. It could be considered from the point of view of the headhunter, half consulting, half international manager.

Leisure experiences for other audiences

The idea would be to apply a bit of what the SmartBox is, for example, to niches such as children. In this case, one could think of gifts that parents give for their children’s birthdays, or examples for people who are getting married, for a baptism, or any celebration. It is important to adapt to the public you want to target.


Do you have a talent for finances or are you an expert in digital marketing? Then you can start with one of our top profitable businesses on the list, that of offering consultancies to people or companies to improve their results. In addition, consultancies, today, are one of the few profitable businesses that present low competition in the market. Therefore, it can be a great opportunity for those who have talent in areas such as administration and mathematics. These people advise so that clients can make better decisions about managing their money and help them reach their goals, carrying out personalized and specialized planning.

Niche coworking

There are more and more proposals for coworking spaces. In Europe and the United States, they are already finding various niches and a way to enter this sector in Spain could go hand in hand with various segments, such as women entrepreneurs with additional services.

Virtual regional tourism agency

One of the most sought-after profitable businesses since the tourism of a lifetime lowered its income figures. Creating a virtual regional tourism agency could be another successful business. By offering leisure and gastronomy packages, among others, you could create a seal of quality for the town/city. In addition, also the possibility of carrying out activities in all seasons and also, carrying out activities for educational centers.

E-commerce store with dropshipping

Opening an online store is ideal when you have a great product in mind but you do not have enough money to open a store, that is when it is a good time to open an online store. In this way, in addition to avoiding financial issues, the marketing opportunities are endless. The main advantages of an online store would be that you can sell to anyone in the world, you have it open 24/7, which means that you earn money even while you sleep and you can also carry out promotions. Also if you take advantage of dropshipping in your e-commerce you can create a profitable business without having stock or products. You can create a Shopify store and fill it with products with some product aggregator or integrator.

Travel agent

Although today there are already quite a few platforms to book a trip, it is never too late to open one more and create something that identifies you. If you are a travel lover, it is a good option for you, (although the sector will take a long time to recover) you will have to take into account flights, car rental, hotels, apartments, restaurants, tours, activities, among many other things.

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Event planning

Planning events or projects is something that can be done remotely, and offering your services to companies to create their own events could be a very good option to open an online business. You can start this project from home and meet your clients in restaurants or cafes, or even in their offices.

Professional photographer

Regardless of whether it is for a wedding, a family event, or a business, people always look for a photographer to never forget those special moments, and also, people pay a lot for a professional photographer. If you have this ability, all you need is to open a web page, a good camera, and put your daily rate.

Online personal trainer

If you are a sports fanatic and you love the gym (now also virtual gyms) and you can prove it, another option would be to open a gym in a city or town that you think will be successful, or if not, you can even open your online exercise channel and offer live personalized classes, On the other hand, it would be interesting for you to take a nutrition course and thus be able to offer these services as well.

Personal chef

On the other hand, if what you like is cooking, you can also offer personal chef services. With a web page and with the demonstration that you know how to cook well, you will be able to have your own clients. As a personal chef, you’ll spend your days cooking for people who don’t have the time but have the money to pay someone. If you want to stand out from the rest, it would be interesting if you offered suitable meal plans for each type of person.

Simultaneous translation

Simultaneous translation is another type of translation, also known as interpretation, and is usually applied above all in conferences and events in general. This type of work is very dynamic and requires a lot of concentration and agile thinking. And the best thing is that it is a very profitable business because there are few competent professionals in the market.

Production of video classes

Another way to share your knowledge on the Internet is to create videos explaining a topic and then publish them on YouTube. In this way, you can work as an online teacher serving students from all over the world, since you do not have to be in the same place as them to be able to teach. You only have to record the classes once and you can sell them to thousands of people. On the other hand, you can also use free platforms to sell your courses and you don’t need to invest anything to get started.

Laundry services

Another profitable business that, little by little, is gaining strength in our country is laundry services. If you’re looking to make money from home without having to learn anything new, you can offer a laundry service that could expand in the future. The only thing you will need is to have a good washing machine at home, establish a record of sales and expenses, establish your rates, and the payment method, and create a website to offer the services. On the other hand, if you see that the business is getting bigger and bigger, it would be very interesting to look at a place and be able to expand the business with a public laundry.

Software development

If you are a programmer or have knowledge of web development, you can work creating websites, software, and mobile applications for other companies. This is a job that pays very well and you do not need a boss to carry it out.

Room rental

Another very interesting business is room rental, in this case, it would be a very good option to open a web page in which all room offers are included. A very interesting business especially for students, but also for those people who change cities and do not have much to start their new life. In addition, you could link it a bit with a tourism page since at the same time you could offer these people both activities, such as tours and unique experiences.


The creation of blogs is one of the most promising profitable businesses in recent years, as more and more people are looking for information and knowledge online, which means that the Internet audience continues to grow. In addition, online businesses are an excellent alternative for those who want to work from home.


Another profitable business idea is to be a Youtuber. It is estimated that the figures that a YouTuber generates per year reach 4 million euros. But to be successful with this type of business, however, it takes a lot of work, since you have to publish videos frequently and do the recording, editing, and dissemination of your content. So we recommend that you read our post on how to be a Youtuber.

Marketing analyst

The marketing analyst takes care of all the marketing strategies of a company, from planning to execution. In addition, he must measure the results of his actions and think of techniques to boost sales.

Community Manager

The Community Manager is a profession very similar to that of the marketing analyst, but this worker focuses specifically on social networks. Working on social media is an excellent business opportunity, and can even be done as a freelancer. Do you want to continue knowing more profitable businesses? Keep reading.

Digital influencer

It could be another of the star profitable businesses of the year. A digital influencer is a person who creates content on the Internet and has many followers, which makes them someone capable of influencing other people. This type of professional can generate income in many ways, mainly by promoting brand products on their social networks. Without a doubt, this is one of the most desired and profitable businesses today.


The work of the screenwriter began to be highly valued with the boom in digital content. This professional creates scripts for everything from videos on YouTube, such as online courses, videos for social networks, or TV, among many other contents.

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Security in the connections

We continue with more profitable businesses for 2023: “Given the current situation of the Coronavirus, the main cybersecurity operators are warning of an increase in the rate of cyberattacks on hospitals and companies that have decided to bet on teleworking,” they say from Emprendedores. And it is that confinement has forced practically everyone with the possibility of working remotely or teleworking, to do so from home.

Many companies do not have or did not have, VPN lines to protect their teams from possible malware, and this is where an opportunity can be glimpsed for the creation of companies related to teleworking security in aspects such as firewalls,  backups,  VPN, antivirus, etc., etc.”.

Online language school

This is one of the most profitable business ideas today. Language schools are everywhere and just like refresher classes, they are becoming more and more necessary. However, you will have to have something that distinguishes you from the competition: a different teaching method, and a specific target audience (such as children). If you don’t have enough money to open a store, one option would be to take classes online and live like “languages ​​come first” does, an Instagram page that offers English classes at a very affordable price.

Personal shopper for work

Not all jobs are equally flexible in terms of clothing and some people need advice on this. For this reason, another innovative idea to undertake if you like fashion and have knowledge about it is to work as a personal shopper for those people who do not know what to wear to work or for a special occasion. By creating your website and putting your rates and styles, you can get loyal customers.

Plus size fashion

A profitable business is also selling clothes on the Internet, but very few offer large sizes or footwear that goes beyond conventional sizes. So this would be an ideal business if you are looking to undertake in the fashion sector. Today, only one in three Spaniards has an adequate weight and both the current physical market and the online market do not cover this need.

Online Cooking Classes

Gastronomy is a sector that everyone likes and it is that not all people know how to eat well or cook well, so if you are passionate about cooking, giving classes could become an attraction for all profiles. Cooking has become a kind of craft to eat rich and healthy. So you could create a creative, exotic, and healthy cooking business.

Cleaning services

Cleaning services are always easy to offer and require no preparation or prior experience. You can open your website, even hire staff and then offer your services for cleaning houses, offices, premises, establishments, etc.

Dog watcher

Another profitable business idea that is very fashionable in the US is the dog walking and boarding service. If you are a dog lover, it would be a perfect business to implement. There are cities where this work can be quite profitable. People who have bad work hours, don’t have time to take their dogs for a walk and are willing to pay for someone to do it. You can also offer additional services such as training, child care, and bathroom, among others.

Services for the elderly and disadvantaged groups

To do this job, you do need more experience, but even so, it would be a very interesting business and another way to earn a living. The main activities that would be carried out are cleaning, laundry, bathing, eating, walking, and helping with daily activities depending on each person you are caring for.

Wellness at home

The state of alarm and forced confinement has caused the temporary closure of all businesses related to sports and the well-being of people. Technology has given us an excellent opportunity to exercise from home. Even taking care of our well-being and setting up our own beauty centers based on tutorials and directed classes. From now on we will be able to see how gyms and sports centers will increase their appearance on platforms for the dissemination of content and live classes.


Another profitable business is being a driver, it is a relatively easy business to start if you live in a big city since many business people prefer to pay for a driver instead of driving themselves. You could also create platforms like Uber or Cabify and start your business.

Stylist or makeup artist

If you have experience in this industry or would like to take a course on styling, once you have the training it would be perfect to open your own beauty salon, but if you still do not have enough money, you can start the business from home from a website.

Interior designer

Both home and business owners look for people to decorate their spaces. If you have design studios you can offer this service. With a web page, you can set your rates and even show your decorations. You must know how to adapt to each client since not all people have the same taste.

Decorated cakes

Decorated cakes are becoming more popular and especially thematic ones. This product is highly sought after for events, birthdays, baptisms, weddings, baby showers, and any type of party in general. It is a specialized job and it would be important to also have the option of gluten-free cakes.

Manicure and pedicure

The last profitable business idea that we present is that if you have a course in aesthetics such as manicure or pedicure, this business could be an excellent option. More and more women are decorating their nails and making extensions with new materials. The materials are simple, such as cotton, nail polish, nail polish remover, files, pliers or gels, or acrylic. The great advantage of this business is that people usually repeat these actions every 3 or 4 weeks, so if you make your customers happy with you, you will always have a job.

We hope that these ideas have inspired you a little on the path to entrepreneurship. Do not forget that the important thing is to start something in which you know that you will put passion and not just effort.


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