5 best Automatic Call Blocker Apps on Android

If you don’t want to be bothered by automated calls (Robocalls) and spam messages, Digital Era will guide you on how to prevent them.


Robocall (automatic call) and spam are on the increase, currently, there are very few applications and tools to prevent this. According to a Statista report, US users lost $19.7 billion to scam calls in 2020.


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has just granted a license to wireless carriers to block Robocall. This will help users limit being bothered by automated, pre-recorded calls for marketing purposes. This is considered an obsession of millions of users in developed countries like the US.


There is no way to 100% stop automated calls because the companies behind are always changing tactics. However, you can minimize these distractions with the following tips. 

1. CallApp (free, 1.99 USD/month or 10.99 USD/year) 

When someone calls, the application will automatically check and display an alert, automatically blocking if it detects that it is a harassing phone number. CallApp also supports users to record automatically (on some Android versions). 


Besides, users can also use the application to look up information about strange phone numbers, this function is similar to TrueCaller software. Overall, CallApp works quite well, the monthly subscription cost is also acceptable.



5 best Automatic Call Blocker Apps on Android


2. Call Blocker by Fiorenza Francesco (free or $1.99/month)

Call Blocker is one of the best free automatic call blocking apps on Android today. According to information from the developer, the application can actively prevent most marketing calls, scams, etc.

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Call Blocker has two free and paid versions ($1.99/month to remove ads).


3. Drupe (free, 2.9 USD/month or 9.9 USD/year)

Drupe acts as a dialer app, supporting a wide range of functions including call recording (on some Android versions), integration with other apps like WhatsApp… and phishing call blocking.


You can put the phone numbers to be blocked in the black list (Blacklist) or activate the feature to block all numbers outside the contacts list. Similar to the other apps on this list, Drupe also has a free or paid version for $2.9/month, if you want to save money, you can subscribe to it annually for 9.9 USD.

4. RoboKiller (Free, $4.99/month or $39.99/year)

RoboKiller will block all spam calls completely automatically based on available filters, does not support manually blocking phone numbers. However, sometimes the application also works “passionately”, so from time to time you should visit the Spam folder to check if RoboKiller has blocked it by mistake.


5 best Automatic Call Blocker Apps on Android


5. Stop Call Me (free, $1/month or $4.50/year)

Stop Call Me will prevent spam calls based on the user community. In addition to the automatic blocking feature, you can also actively add the numbers to block. Overall, Stop Call Me works pretty well, and the monthly or annual subscription costs are also cheaper than the apps on this list.


Most US service providers offer automated call blocking apps, such as Scam Shield (T-Mobile), Call Filter (Verizon), and AT&T’s Call Protect. They all work essentially the same, leveraging the power of your carrier to determine if it’s a scam call.

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There is also a DoNotCall – DNC system, allowing users to actively register so as not to receive spam messages and harassing calls.


At the Manage non-advertising list, users just need to enter the corresponding phone number in the blank box and then click Register, next, the system will send the OTP code to the phone, please enter it back into the website.