5 Google Apps to Help You Learn Online More Effectively

In addition to changing the Doodle to bring the color of the back-to-school season, Google also introduced 5 apps to help you learn online more effectively.

1. Learn smarter with Google Lens

Google Lens is a new way to look up information through images, objects…anything you see in life. 

The exercise forces you to use memorable equality constant, but you can’t remember exactly how to expand it. Or do you want to know more about a cell type you came across in biology? Google Lens will help you solve these problems with just a few simple steps.

First, open the Google Lens application, select the task to perform, and point the camera at the object to search for information.

2. Look up foreign language documents with the Google Translate utility

With Google Translate, the language barrier when studying foreign documents will no longer be a worry for many students. Users can use Google Translate directly in the browser or install it as an extension for faster access. 

In addition, you can also directly translate a foreign language text from the book into any language through the Google Translate application on your phone. What you need to do is open the application and point the camera to the text to be translated, the same operation as when using Google Lens.

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3. Breakthrough knowledge of History – Geography with Google Earth

Want to impress your teachers and friends with your Geography presentation? Or do you want to show how climate change has affected the Earth?

Google Earth will provide a more detailed view of the place or issue you will present, providing a visual experience of a 3D (3D) earth at earth.google.com right above the Chrome web browser, or via mobile app and free desktop version.

In addition, Google Earth also includes several interesting knowledge quiz games themed on World War I, traditions of festivals, and space exploration…

4. Google Arts & Culture – World culture at hand

Are you looking to learn more about an art school or a famous painter? Google Arts & Culture will be a “miniature museum” at your fingertips, displaying a lot of classic artworks that you can zoom in and out on as you like to “contemplate” each brush stroke or quality. color material…

The Van Gogh Museum, Tokyo National Museum, and numerous virtual museums from around the world will give you plenty of surprises and excitement to explore.

Not only that, Google Arts & Culture also offers several games with very interesting learning and playing criteria such as coloring pictures, crosswords, puzzles, etc. on topics of painting, fashion, and culture


5 Google Apps to Help You Learn Online More Effectively


5. Remote group learning with Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a collection of tools including Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, and Docs… Doing remote group exercises will now become easier, the whole group can store and share data and empower editing on sheets, add comments or suggest edits.

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With the above tools and services, hopefully, students will be more confident when entering the new school year, study more effectively, and achieve more success.