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5 movies where REAL people died

Over the decades, the Hollywood imaginary has maintained a mystical (and somewhat macabre) halo around certain films in which real people died or suffered serious accidents. These are the most controversial feature films in this regard that even raised suspicions of curses.

5 Movies where REAL people died

All of them are part of the history of cinema and are cult films. Have you seen them?

Edge of Reality ( also called  The Twilight Zone): The Movie 

that cult film of horror cinema has a backstory that has made it one of the cursed films par excellence.

5 movies where REAL people died

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And it is that throughout the filming there were such fatal accidents that three actors were decapitated by an uncontrolled helicopter (including two children). This happened because the shoot required actor Vic Morrow and the two children to appear in a sequence in which the helicopter had to fly at about 8 meters, an insufficient height. If we add to this that the two children were hired illegally, without the consent of their parents, the controversy is served.

The Raven

The scene in which the actor Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee, had to die from a bullet, surpassed reality and did so because “due to carelessness” (one of the most conspiracy theories that have been unleashed in Hollywood) the revolver was loaded with real bullets, instead of blank bullets.

5 movies where REAL people died

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Accident or something premeditated? It may never be known, but he took young Lee’s life.

The seed of the devil

The first 1968 film was a calamity in itself, as numerous satanic groups tried to boycott the film, not wanting information about their rituals to be revealed.

5 movies where REAL people died

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Although the filming of the film did not involve victims, it did have consequences. The worst happened when a group of people, led by Charles Manson, tortured and murdered the pregnant wife of the film’s director, Roman Polanski.

The Exorcist

In this film, eight deaths of people related to the production of the film and the development of its history occurred, as well as countless strange phenomena, such as parts of the footage being inexplicably lost.

5 movies where REAL people died

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It was possibly a case of the halo effect, but at the time, the theme of the film and the fact of witnessing Linda Blair moving her head 180º (the special effects were wonderful for the time) caused a mass hysteria that spread across the United States. United during the time that was projected.

The Poltergeist Curse

We have saved the most shocking (and famous) story for last. Poltergeist took one of the fictional sisters of the girl protagonist of Poltergeist right from the start. But, without a doubt, the most shocking thing about the film is that Heather O’Rourke, who will always be known to the generations of the ’70-the ’80s as “the Poltergeist TV girl” died shortly after finishing the film of what today would be recognized as an intestinal stricture.

Obviously, there is no relationship between the deaths and the movies. Or if?


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