50 Ideas To Start A Successful YouTube Channel Niches With LOW Competition And HIGH Earnings

50 Ideas To Start A Successful YouTube Channel Niches With LOW Competition And HIGH Earnings

Starting a YouTube channel requires a lot of work. The good news is that you can find YouTube channel ideas that will have a better chance of success with little competition and good profits. Let’s take a look at recommended YouTube niches and how to start making money.

How to find a good YouTube niche for your channel? 

First of all, the subject of your videos must interest you. You will not succeed in building your YouTube channel to make money if it is not about a topic that you are passionate about. You will have no passion when creating your videos and your audience will notice that.

It’s true: the top-earning YouTubers create videos on topics they like.

Also, the niche for your YouTube channel should be something you are knowledgeable about or something you are willing to learn a lot about. It is not necessary to be an expert, but your audience must perceive that they can learn something or be entertained by watching your videos.

Every subscriber you gain is coming back to watch your videos because they trust you and are learning from you. Remember: the YouTube channels that earn the most money are the ones that help their viewers.

With that being said, let’s look at some great topic ideas for starting a successful YouTube channel.

1. Product reviews 

Have you ever bought a new cell phone without watching at least 10 review videos and reading review articles online? Reviews are usually very well paid.


We all like to make an informed decision and make a good decision before buying technology products, which requires proper research. This can be a good niche market for your YouTube videos.

Tech product reviews are another popular niche with very good earning potential. If you’re good at explaining product features and benefits, starting a review channel is something you should consider.

How to monetize this niche: Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Videos, YouTube Banner Ads

2. Video Lists 

If you like research and have a good storytelling voice, creating a list video YouTube channel won’t be a difficult task. Several channels have amassed millions of views and subscribers with video listings.

You could create “top 10” or “top 5” lists and then choose the niche you want to focus on. This niche is immense and virtually infinite. For example, you could create lists from the best beaches in Latin America to the highest-paying careers.

Usually, you will have to collect videos and images that you are talking about and record yourself explaining the topic. You will need a good microphone to get a good-quality narration ( we recommend this microphone ).

How to monetize this niche: YouTube Banner Ads, Affiliate Marketing (in case you make product listings)

3. Unpack products / Unboxing 

Would you like to earn money just for opening boxes? Unboxing channels feature the most popular videos on YouTube, and people love to watch them. It feels good to see someone unboxing a product and talking about what’s inside.

If you are good at announcing product features and have some video skills, this niche will be a gold mine for you.

No need to open boxes of expensive products (like laptops or smartphones). Some channels open boxes of toys, food packages, and shoes, to name a few.

How to monetize this niche: Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Videos, and YouTube Advertising.

4. Video games 

Do you know who is one of the most money-earning YouTubers in YouTube history? A video game player PewDie Pie What does she do? He just records himself playing different games and making interesting comments while playing.

So gaming is a YouTube niche with excellent potential to earn money and an audience of millions of viewers.

If you are a good gamer and you are not afraid to share your gaming experience with others ( by recording your voice with a good microphone ), starting a gaming channel on YouTube should be a good idea this year.

Also, you can incorporate your YouTube channel with a Twitch channel. We show you how to use Twitch and YouTube to earn money and how to get the most out of it.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, accepting donations and gifts from other gamers, private sponsorships, t-shirts with funny video game messages, and video game training courses.

5. Tips for health 

What’s the first place you go to get some health tips or exercise plans? Google, which will almost always take you to a YouTube video.

This means that this niche will be very rewarding as you will get a lot of traffic from Google search pages.

Channels related to fitness and health are often very successful. Also, if you have a story that you can tell your audience, you will be able to receive views video after video.

Tip: If you’re too shy to face the camera, but you’re good with animation, you can create an animated character that performs the activities (not the best way, but can work well).

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, affiliate marketing, selling custom diets or exercise plans.

6. Celebrity gossip 

Gossip from novels, music, and movie stars are among the most popular channels on YouTube. These channels receive thousands of daily visits when talking about what happens in the lives of other people.

Fans always want to know what their favorite actor or singer is doing, so you’ll always have material for your videos. You can talk about what they’re doing, how they’re dressing, where they’re traveling, or who they’re talking to.

If you are interested in these things and would not mind creating daily videos and keeping track of the lives of others, you can make money with your own celebrity gossip channel on YouTube.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube Banner Ads

7. Practical tricks 

The tips and tricks videos are very engaging because you can earn money while teaching others how to make their lives easier.

Best of all, these videos aren’t very long, so they’re perfect for starting a YouTube channel. For example, you can create a video with 5-10 tips lasting 3-5 minutes.

If you’re creative and have a few tricks up your sleeve, start a tips and tricks channel. You could talk about tips or tricks for the airport, coupons, saving money, daily life, etc.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube Banner Ads, Amazon Affiliate Marketing (with products that make life easier).

8. Kitchen tricks 

This is one of the easiest YouTube niches to get started with. Many people are interested in learning to cook but don’t know how to start. You can make their lives easier and earn money with a YouTube channel by sharing cooking hacks for newbies.

You can also earn money by recommending some kitchen tools that make it easier to cut vegetables or tricks to keep the kitchen clean.

The market is big, and anyone who likes to cook would be your ideal audience. You can combine some recipes with cooking tips in one YouTube channel.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, affiliate marketing with kitchen products, course to learn to cook

9. Travel and Tourism 

Traveling the world is a dream that almost everyone wants to fulfill. And what’s better than making money while you travel and your YouTube channel covers your expenses?

Starting a travel and tourism YouTube channel is a great idea for those who want to travel the world, record their experiences, create beautiful memories, and passively earn money. Best of all: you’ll be working from anywhere in the world (as long as you have an Internet connection)

Due to the competition, we recommend that you have a unique perspective and some video editing skills. In addition, you will have to invest in cameras, accommodation, plane tickets, etc. However, by attracting an audience, you will start breaking even very quickly.

Tip: These credit cards allow you to RIDE FREE (so you can start recording your videos without paying for plane tickets).

How to Monetize This Niche: Affiliate Marketing with Hotels and Travel Products, Selling Guidebooks, YouTube Banner Ads

10. Tutorials 

Are you good at teaching others? Starting an education or tutorial channel can be a good idea to share your knowledge and earn money at the same time.

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You’ve probably already seen tutorial videos on YouTube, but you’ll also notice that most of these videos aren’t always the most professional or the most entertaining. This represents a good opportunity to earn money.

By teaching others, they will automatically perceive you as a trustworthy person with good knowledge of the subject, which makes the process of selling courses or manuals much more effective.

Best of all, you can create tutorials on almost any subject or skill, so this is a highly flexible and rewarding niche.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube ads, Affiliate marketing, private training sessions, selling courses, manuals, or e-books.

11. Fashion and style tips 

This is another very lucrative and popular YouTube niche. If you have some knowledge about fashion trends and combining clothes, you can earn money by creating your fashion and style channel. You don’t have to be an expert to share your style and suggestions.

Some ideas for your videos can be summer clothing ideas, colors and types of clothing to match a jacket, and dresses for plus sizes. These types of videos usually attract thousands of viewers and subscribers.

How to monetize this niche: Affiliate marketing promoting clothing, YouTube banner ads, collaboration with clothing brands

12.”FAIL” videos 

Funny FAIL or fail compilation videos get millions of views. These videos are searched for by people looking for a laugh on YouTube.

Surely you have seen compilation videos of funny situations. Because they’re perfect for sharing, you’ll know how easy it is to make these videos go viral.

Starting a YouTube channel to earn money from these videos is relatively easy, as you only have to compile funny videos that you will find on social networks and you only have to add interesting music.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube Banner Ads

13. News Channel 

Starting a news channel where you cover local or world news daily is a great opportunity to make money on YouTube.

Better yet, you can start your own news channel from your bedroom as long as you have good lighting conditions to shoot the videos. You’ll need a green screen recording like this for animations and special effects.

Since it can take some time to become a trusted source of information, we recommend focusing on a niche and audience that will produce instant growth. For example, you can create an interview series where you invite local people or local celebrities to ask questions.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, company sponsorships.

14. Hair care and styling 

Hair care and styling are great niches to make money on YouTube. The right haircut can change someone’s look, so you’ll always have a loyal audience.

The best way to start: think about what problems your hair has and how you have solved them. This way you can attract an audience with similar problems. Then you can produce more videos on hairstyle ideas for short hair, how to stop hair loss, hair product reviews, etc.

We suggest you share a personal story in each video to keep your viewers engaged.

How to monetize this niche: Affiliate marketing with hair products, YouTube banner ads, collaboration with brands and beauty companies

15. Restaurant reviews 

Foodies can spend hours looking at reviews of local places and food from different YouTubers.

Not only can you earn money by creating videos about nearby restaurants, but it is also possible to get a free dinner or lunch when you have hundreds of followers and post a video about a restaurant.

If you are a foodie and like to try new places and restaurants, starting a restaurant review channel is for you.

You can increase your earnings if you live near a big city. The best part is that you don’t have to compete with international YouTubers or big studio channels. It’s easier to focus on the city you live in and nearby restaurants.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube Banner Ads, Sponsored Restaurant Reviews.

16. Arts and Crafts 

Do you enjoy doing crafts or making things yourself? You can turn your talent into money by launching your own YouTube channel with this idea.

Crafts are one of the best YouTube channel ideas because there is always a market willing to watch your videos. Your niche or key audience will be people who enjoy crafting and want to imitate your projects.

The only thing you need to get started: the next time you want to do something yourself, turn on your camera and record yourself.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, affiliate marketing with building materials.

17. Cooking videos 

Get paid to cook! You don’t need to have a super fancy kitchen to start your own cooking and recipe channel. If you have a passion for cooking and love to make new recipes, this YouTube channel idea is for you.

The next time you cook something delicious, you can film the steps with a camera and narrate your steps. If your instructions are clear and your food looks good, it won’t be hard to build a loyal audience.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube ads, sell cookbooks, or teach cooking

18. Sports 

This is one of the ideas to start a YouTube channel with the greatest success and audience. There are thousands of games played around the world, each with a passionate fan base that doesn’t want to miss a thing.

If you like some sport and have a deep interest, try creating a YouTube channel about your passion. You can give advice, discuss strategies, share the highlights of the week, talk about the lives of players, and more.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, affiliate marketing with sports betting sites.

19. Videos on how to do it ⁉

Creating how-to videos requires some research and organization on your part, but if done correctly, you can make a lot of money from this YouTube niche.

You can start a YouTube channel that covers different how-to guides for different levels of experience. There are also a lot of topics you can talk about. For example, you can teach children to draw, create a video on how to tie a tie, or how to do sewing repairs.

Best of all, you’re not limited to a specific audience, and there will always be room for new videos.

However, these videos are not always easy to create, so you should have some experience and good organizational skills.

How to Monetize This Niche: YouTube Banner Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Instruction Manuals

20. Advice Channel 

YouTube is a place where one looks for advice on many aspects. You might be surprised to know that one of the most searched terms on YouTube is “how to kiss”.

If you have experience advising in areas like personal finance, relationships, dating, health, etc., you can start a YouTube channel advising others. You will have better results if you present yourself as an expert in your field, which can help you sell your own courses or books.

To improve their engagement with your audience and grow your channel, you can also host a Q&A session or ask your viewers to comment on the most common problem they face. Then you can create more videos on the requested topics.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, course sales, and eBooks

21. Creative jokes 

If you are creative, not afraid of going out in public, and capable of funny pranks, this is a good idea for your YouTube channel. Prank videos are extremely easy to monetize because if you make someone smile or mad, they will share it.

We suggest that you keep the pranks harmless and free from violence. You can get into legal trouble if someone complains, and the last thing you want is to have to deal with the police. Pranks can go wrong, and someone could get hurt too, so plan your videos very carefully.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube ads, collaboration with brands and companies

22. Makeup and beauty 

Do makeup and cosmetics catch your attention? If so, then starting a YouTube channel on makeup tips, beauty product reviews, and makeup hacks will be a good way to earn an income.

Lots of people want to look good, and there’s no denying that a little touch of makeup can make people more attractive and likable.

The audience you will have will be huge, and if you have experience, you can create exciting videos.

Plus, you don’t need much to get started. You can record from your cell phone camera and start building a successful YouTube channel with this idea.

How to monetize this niche: cosmetics affiliate marketing, makeup course sales, private makeup training, sponsored product reviews, YouTube banner ads

23. Gardening 

Gardening is another passion with millions of fans and thousands of searches every hour on YouTube. This is a relatively large niche, so you will always have work and videos that you can produce.

Gardening is an idea for a YouTube channel with great potential, and to date, we have not found a channel dedicated to helping people learn how to plant, care for plants, and everything related to this art.

If you know how to have your garden, you can help others like to get introduced to the world of gardening.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, affiliate marketing with gardening products and tools, your plant care products, sponsored product mentions, selling gardening courses, and online manuals.

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24. Comics and Superhero 

Billions of superhero fans spend hours watching movies, reading comics, and talking with their friends. If this topic catches your attention, this idea for your YouTube channel can be very rewarding.

You will have to create videos about new comics, superhero movies, loopholes, explain concepts, and everything related to this niche.

Since you already have a passion, it won’t be difficult to research and talk in depth. You can also share movie reviews, comic book reviews and create a community of like-minded subscribers.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, affiliate marketing with comics, and collectibles.

25. Vehicle cameras 

It’s a strange niche, but there is an audience for a profitable YouTube channel. If you have a car and live in a popular city, just install a camera like this in your vehicle’s dash and start driving while recording.

You can gain subscribers and more views on your videos if you manage to record car accidents, robberies, and other types of interesting videos. Furthermore, you can also compile videos from different sources and upload them to your vehicular camera channel.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, affiliate marketing by recommending vehicle cameras

26. Comedy videos 

Making people laugh pays very well on YouTube. This idea for your successful channel is extremely easy to implement: you just have to record yourself (you can do it with your phone’s camera) and start creating funny and entertaining videos.

You can create story videos, impersonate someone, tell jokes, become a comedian, or just criticize a movie or music star funnily. Whatever you decide, if your content is good, people will see, share and subscribe to it.

Tip: Share areas of your daily life and create videos that your audience can relate to.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube Banner Ads, Sponsored Videos

27. Excursions 

This is another way to make money traveling and can be a very profitable YouTube channel idea if done correctly. Instead of creating travel videos about a country, record your own guided tours of your city and explore the best places.

You will have the opportunity and time to explore more places that many of the best travelers or tourists may miss.

In addition, you will not need a large budget, since you can start recording from the city where you live and the nearby cities. You can also increase your earnings by visiting local stores or restaurants and asking them for a paid promotion.

Although your audience will be small at first, you could expand your reach as you learn what people in your city are searching for.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, local promotion, and affiliate marketing with restaurants, hotels, and travel sites.

28.“Ask Me Anything” videos ❓

Secretly, we all want to ask our favorite stars or someone famous some personal questions. The questions may be related to your personal life, the world of fame, entertainment methods, etc.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a YouTube channel that would interview famous people and allow us to ask questions? This is the perfect idea for a YouTube channel with millions of followers!

Take advantage of this idea and start a YouTube channel by interviewing and hosting Q&A sessions with popular internet celebrities. You can start with lesser-known YouTubers and gradually progress as your channel becomes more popular.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, own branded merchandise, charge for questions.

29. Horror and paranormal videos 

Lots of people believe in paranormal events and look to videos for evidence. You will also get a curious audience that will watch and share your videos.

You don’t need to have a ghost house kit to get started. You can start by narrating your favorite horror stories, talking about haunted places, or simply compiling different videos.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube Banner Ads

30. Parody of songs 

If you like music or want to earn money singing on YouTube, song covers or parodies are great ideas for a successful YouTube channel. Many popular entertainment channels have started parodying popular movie scenes, songs, or videos funnily.

You will need to be creative and funny to create viral videos and gain subscribers.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube Banner Ads

31. Reaction videos 

Another niche that has become popular in recent years is that of reactions. People love to see each other’s reactions to videos and laugh at them.

You don’t need much to launch your YouTube channel with this idea. You just have to grab a camera, watch a video, record your expressions while watching it, add some funny comments, and post it.

This is a popular niche that is becoming more and more popular.

Keep in mind many reactions on YouTube channels are meant to attract views by negatively criticizing other YouTubers. Avoid this type of content and focus on attracting a positive audience.

How to monetize this niche: to YouTube ads

32. Drawing Tutorials 

Drawing and Sketching YouTube Channel Ideas

If you know how to draw, why not teach others too? You can start a YouTube channel and target kids, teens, or even adults with your tutorials.

You don’t need much to get started: just record a step-by-step video and include a narration of your steps. Gradually you can increase your level and teach to draw more complex designs.

Not only will you earn money in the process, but you can also become a well-known influencer and YouTube star.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, private tutoring sessions, drawing manuals.

33. Music Instrument Tutorials 

From how to play the guitar to the piano, many people would like to learn how to play a musical instrument.

Teaching musical instruments to beginners is a great idea for your YouTube channel and a highly rewarding niche. If you can simplify the techniques and teach them entertainingly, you’ll capture an audience quickly.

After having a few hundred followers, even create your music academy or band online and earn even more money.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, private teaching sessions, affiliate marketing with musical instruments.

34. Cars / Motorcycles (+ Reviews) 

This niche doesn’t need an introduction: millions of people love cars or motorcycles. People go crazy seeing their favorite car and before buying a new car or motorcycle they usually do a long research to be better informed.

That is where this good idea for your YouTube channel comes in. You can create videos talking about all the pros and cons of a brand or model of a car or motorcycle. You can also create videos about the maintenance and mechanics of your own vehicle.

The only downside: you’ll need to own the car or motorcycle in question to record your videos (although you can always rent a vehicle for your recordings), but it will be worth it if your channel goes viral.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube advertising ads, affiliate marketing with products for cars and motorcycles, online maintenance, and mechanics courses.

35. Dance classes 

When looking for dance lessons on the Internet, YouTube is probably the first thing that comes to mind. You can earn money with this successful idea for your YouTube channel.

If you have a talent for dancing, starting a channel teaching dance steps, choreography, or showing off your dance skills would be great. You can teach others to dance salsa, merengue, bachata, and more.

You don’t have to be a professional dancer to be successful, but teaching entertainingly will increase your chances of gaining an audience quickly.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, private dance classes, online courses

36. Time-lapse videos 

Time-lapse or time-lapse is a technique that consists of capturing a video of landscapes over some time to show the changes that occurred during that period. This is a niche with little competition on YouTube and with a high frequency of searches.

To get started, you’ll need a camera capable of recording time lapses (like the GoPro Hero ) and a video editing program. You will realize that these types of videos are not complicated and are extremely easy to produce.

You don’t have to be a regular traveler to create time-lapse videos, either. You can record anything from a construction site, a sunset, a house renovation, etc., and upload it to your YouTube channel.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, tourism, event affiliate marketing, time-lapse camera, and accessory reviews.

37. Pet videos 

Having a pet increases the happiness of human beings and reduces feelings of loneliness or depression. This is one of the reasons that explain the increase in searches for pet videos on YouTube.

Your pet can become a famous star on YouTube! Starting a channel about pets and animals can be a good way to earn money passively.

You don’t need much to get started: You can record your pet doing cute things and upload it to YouTube.

You can also add informative videos on nutrition, discipline, etc. that can help other pet owners.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, affiliate marketing with pet products, and pet training courses.

38. Baby Videos 

Who is not moved to see the smile of a baby? There are many reasons why we find babies cute and cuddly, which is why people search for baby videos on YouTube.

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If you have a baby at home, who like any other baby speaks a language that no one understands and does adorable things, get a camera and record it. This can be a passive way to make money and a good idea for a YouTube niche with little competition.

If you don’t have a baby in your family, you can compile cute baby videos and upload them to your channel.

How to Monetize This Niche: YouTube Banner Ads

39. Behind-the-scenes videos / private interviews 

This is one of the most profitable YouTube channel ideas this year because it is a niche with a huge audience base and little competition. Everyone knows what happens on the screen, but the story behind the scenes is completely different and interesting.

The best way to start: offers private interviews and behind-the-scenes videos of well-known YouTubers.

Start by contacting a popular YouTuber or channel owner and asking them to record a private video during their next shoot. You can then schedule an interview and ask questions that interest your audience.

The idea is to record the process of creating videos, how YouTubers communicate between cameras, how they edit their videos, funny happenings, etc.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, affiliate marketing with merchandise from the YouTubers you interview.

40. Viral Challenges 

Lately, there is a challenge for everything. Surely you remember the videos of the ice bucket challenge a few years ago and the ease with which this phenomenon went viral.

What is certain is that people everywhere are starting to post and share with viral challenges. This can be a good niche to make money on YouTube with very little competition.

It is a viral niche and has the potential to attract millions of visitors in a few months. You can record yourself doing some challenges, have others in your area do it, or just compile different cool challenge videos.

Keep in mind that you won’t always be able to monetize videos as they might be copyrighted, but it would be a good way to grow your channel.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube Banner Ads

41. Digital Marketing Channel 

The blogging or digital marketing niche is a niche that is often overshadowed by the business, marketing, or education categories. We noticed that to date there is no YouTube channel 100% dedicated to digital marketing.

Blogging is no longer a weekend hobby, it’s a career path used by thousands of people each year. It allows you to work at your own convenience, place, and time.

So a YouTube channel on digital marketing is a great idea to earn money. For example, you can talk about SEO, social media, paid ads, etc.

How to monetize this niche: affiliate marketing, selling online courses, private training sessions, and private marketing conferences.

42. Yoga 

Doing yoga has become more and more popular, especially this year. With this idea for your YouTube channel, you can train others to feel better by doing yoga in their own homes.

Yoga is recommended to all people who to reduce stress and need a better lifestyle, so you will have a full audience. If you have something to teach about yoga, you can share it with others who suffer from the same problems.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, affiliate marketing, selling yoga courses, and private training sessions.

43. App Channel 

The app stores are filled with thousands of useful apps that are still being downloaded by millions of people. No one can deny that some of these applications can make our lives easier, save time and make us more productive.

The problem is: how do you know which apps are worth downloading?

No one has enough time to go through all the apps on the app store and decide which one is really useful. Fortunately, your YouTube channel can make this process easier.

If you like technology and are willing to try new apps, this niche would be perfect for you.

You will earn money by browsing the app store, finding useful apps, making a list of recommended apps, and creating a video about them.

Best of all: You are not limited to a specific category or audience, as you can create videos in niches such as health and fitness, travel, business, marketing, etc.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, Affiliate marketing

44. Animated series 

Usually, this idea for a YouTube channel requires more than just one person and maybe a team of good talented people. However, it is one of the best ideas for a YouTube channel with MILLIONS of followers.

The work involved can be long, but you will be well paid for implementing it well. Cartoons are not limited to children and teenagers, you can also create a series with themes like politics or adult education. This is a flexible YouTube niche with a huge audience.

. If you have a good investment and know people with skills, start a cartoon channel.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, custom merchandise, mention in your videos, mentions of sponsored companies.

45. Video Blog 

Do you feel comfortable talking to others? You can earn money by being on camera and recording your daily activities with interesting commentary.

If so, starting a video blogging channel (known as a v log ) can help you become a successful YouTuber and earn money for doing what you love.

What are people interested in seeing others doing? You can record your trip to another country, your experience in a well-known restaurant, a visit to a famous place, etc.

The truth is that thousands of people would love to see what is happening in the lives of others and are willing to subscribe to channels of this type.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, sponsored company mentions.

46. Channel of motivation and personal help 

When we’re feeling down, a motivational video can be what we need to lift our heads high and keep going. So creating a YouTube channel with motivating and inspiring videos will be a good opportunity to earn money and help others.

To begin with, you will need to be willing to inspire others through your production and proper storytelling.

If you are an optimistic person with a positive attitude, this is a YouTube niche with millions of viewers that you can monetize.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube ads, private motivational sessions, motivational books, and self-help courses.

47. Magic tricks 

Magic tricks have thousands of viewers and a relatively large audience. This is a great idea for a YouTube channel because you will earn money revealing and teaching others how to perform magic tricks.

You can learn tricks from the Internet, master them, and then record interesting videos to explain them.

You could also become a “digital magician”. For example, you could use digital tools (programs like Adobe Photoshop, and Premier) to create illusions and wow others in your YouTube videos.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube Banner Ads

48. Destruction and demolition 

This is an idea for a YouTube channel with little competition and a growing audience. Many people feel a sense of satisfaction from destroying different products. Often it involves hydraulic press machines destroying items ( like this video, for example), but it can be done with hammers, saws, or any other tool.

NOTE: This niche can be dangerous, so we recommend that you take precautions and put your safety first before recording any video. You’ll also need a slow-recording camera to produce the best-looking videos.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube Banner Ads

49. Book Reviews 

This is one of the most exciting niches with a huge audience and little competition. Many people search for book reviews before reading them, and YouTube is the perfect medium to fill that need.

If you love reading books, you can earn money on YouTube by sharing your comments and helping others decide whether or not that book is worth reading.

You can share what you liked, what can be improved, how attractive it is, and other points that can help other readers make an informed decision.

Best of all, you can link each video to a bookstore (like Amazon) and earn money when your audience makes a purchase.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, book affiliate marketing, sponsored product reviews

50. Software training 

Many people want to learn how to use certain programs and seek help through YouTube videos. The problem we noticed is that the channels 100% dedicated to teaching are very few and the videos can improve the production quality. This represents a good idea for your YouTube channel and has great earning potential.

To get started, all you have to do is record your computer screen and record step-by-step instructions ( you’ll need a good microphone like this one ) on how to use a certain program.

Best of all, you don’t need to pay for the recording software. You can use any of the free screen recorders and narrate the steps either through voice or subtitles.

How to monetize this niche: YouTube banner ads, affiliate marketing, selling courses with advanced instructions.


Best ideas for your YouTube channel 

We hope these ideas help you launch a successful YouTube channel and make a successful living online.

If you have questions or doubts about the recommended niches for a YouTube channel, tell us in a comment and we will do our best to help you.


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