5G: A Huge Impact for Small Businesses

You have probably heard the phrase “5G is coming” for months, even years. So what is 5G? Well, G means generation. 

For mobile broadband networks, 5G is the fifth generation technology standard that replaces 4G. By 2025, 5G is expected to have more than 2.7 billion subscribers worldwide.


What you need to know is that 5G is faster than anything you have seen before. Experts believe that 5G is up to 100 times faster than 4G. These incredible connection speeds have many advantages for small businesses.


Benefit #1: “It is connected already?” connection speeds

The highest connection speed of 4G is 100 megabits per second. 5G has a potential of 1500 megabits per second

5G allows you to put lag and latency behind you, meaning you can download software in an instant. 

You can stream 8K videos just like cable TV. And issues with stuttering, freezing, and pixelation during conference calls on Zoom are a thing of the past.


Benefit #2: Left to your own (copious amounts of) devices

The more devices your company uses, the more energy they use on your network. It is estimated that 4G processes up to 2,000 devices for about a third of a square mile. 

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5G will be able to carry up to one million connected devices for that 0.333 square miles. That means your 5G network can handle the latest mobile devices with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and more.


Benefit #3: Treat everyone to their own slice of the network

Network slicing divides the single physical network into multiple virtual networks. 

Each virtual network can be connected, dedicated, and reconfigured to different types of services or segments of your user base. This means your company can connect to its own private 5G network to maximize your business-specific needs. 


Networks also allow your small business to get new products and services faster from mobile operators like Verizon and AT&T. Each network segment is fully customizable as your company demands change and development.


Finally, network slicing allows for stronger security. When cybercriminals attack one virtual network, the other virtual networks are separated and unaffected.


Benefit #4: Out of the office is most definitely in

The prospect of an instant, seamless, and highly reliable 5G internet connection will be very beneficial for small businesses whose employees work remotely. 


Then, working from home or anywhere warriors, will have increased remote access software to communicate and collaborate with clients, colleagues, and executives. 


5G also helps remote workers share network-related tasks, including large cloud file sharing and online marketing, and can dramatically improve their overall performance.


The significantly higher speeds and ultra-low 5G latency should make for sharper, clearer, and more reliable conference calls on the go. 

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And the potential use of augmented reality and virtual reality will eventually make Zoom, Google Meet, and other online conference call organizers feel like you, your employees and customers are meeting in person.


Benefit #5: For the Internet of Things, 5G is the thing

Simply put, 5G networks enable better and more reliable communication between devices, making businesses work faster and better in every way. 


5G goes beyond the requirements of the Internet of things, which is defined as a system of computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, and, oddly enough, people or animals capable of transmitting data over a network. 


This includes smart refrigerators, smartwatches, smart fire alarms, smart door locks, and other devices that work without human-to-human or computer interaction – basically anything that runs in the background. 

5G also improves battery life and makes almost any device more energy efficient.


Benefit #6: Go forth and innovate

Thanks to 5G, the potential of small businesses is limited only by the imagination of small businesses. 

For example, with faster and more secure internet, technologies such as 3D printing are more attractive to manufacturing and design businesses.


You can use virtual reality and 5G holographic projection. And we’re just starting to explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, and maybe even the undiscovered. Understanding small businesses will be able to completely change their market.


Upgrade or play catchup

Now, not all small businesses have to switch to 5G right away. It depends upon what kind of business you are operating. And in some places, it may not even be available. 

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However, keep in mind that faster, more efficient, and more reliable mobility and functionality can lead to greater productivity and profits. The speed, power, and bandwidth of 5G can disrupt the openness of entire industries.

5G can put your small business at the forefront of your industry. Do you want to risk your competitors getting ahead of you?