6 Lessons From Albert Einstein

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you listen to Albert Einstein? The first thing: the Theory of Relativity. Surely you think, yes, one of the great minds of the twentieth century, but what does physics have to do with this blog?


No, don’t worry, it’s not about the physics. But precisely in this age where everything merges, we must keep in mind the most privileged minds and their teachings.


You most likely know that he was a rebellious genius, ahead of his time like so many of them. And that fact did not make life easier, on the contrary. But it is from this stubbornness to achieve their goals that entrepreneurs must learn.


By Eric Larsson

I’ve always been fascinated by people who go against the grain. People who are so convinced of their ideas, that accepting one would not be unthinkable. Albert Einstein is one of them. Then I leave you with 6 life lessons that Albert Einstein taught me:


1. Follow your curiosity


“I don’t have any special talents. I just have a passionate curiosity “


We have talked about the importance of this topic before but it bears repeating, and even more so if Einstein says it. Your passion should be your profession. Ask yourself what things interest you. To be successful you should pay close attention to the things you are curious about.

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2. Perseverance is priceless


“It’s not that I’m smart, it’s just that I stay with the problem longer.”


Do you have the patience to follow your course even if life hits you? Or do you leave a project at the moment when black clouds appear on the horizon? Einstein knew the importance of never giving up.

3. Focus on the present


“Any man who can safely drive while kissing a pretty girl is not paying enough attention to the kiss.”


You can do anything, but not all things. Einstein understood the importance of being “in the moment.” Give yourself 100% to the task in front of you. Energy and focused attention is the difference between success and failure.


4. Make mistakes


“A person who never made a mistake, never tried something new.”


Don’t be afraid of failure. Being wrong is not failing, mistakes can be useful if you learn from them, they can make you better, smarter, and faster.

5. Create value


“Strive not to be a success, better to be someone who creates value”


Don’t waste time trying to be a success. Better to spend your time creating value. If you create value you will attract success. In my opinion, it is important to discover what one’s talents and gifts are and put these to work for the benefit of others.


6. Knowledge comes from experience


“Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. “


If there is something that I have learned after more than 1200 days working on my own, it is that the discussions are good but nothing better than having the real practice of something. There is no better way to acquire new knowledge. Experience is the alpha and omega for learning.

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How about these 6 lessons, do they make sense?

Source:  www.asistencia-virtual.com