6 Powerful Tips To Boost Your Personal Brand As A Knowledge Professional

6 Powerful Tips To Boost Your Personal Brand As A Knowledge Professional

I suppose you have heard a lot about how important it is to work on your Personal Brand, but also, you must have realized that it is not something so simple and fast to achieve. It is a process that requires time and work, but it can bring you many benefits as a Knowledge Professional, as it will allow you to reach new areas, make yourself known and offer your services. In short, it will open up new opportunities for you that will translate into clients, business contacts, and collaborations.

This process of creating your Personal Brand may seem somewhat complex to you, even alien to your mission of helping people, for this reason, today I have proposed to help you to make it a little easier and more practical with this article, in which I have synthesized 6 powerful and useful tips that you can put into practice from now on to create and promote a solid Personal Brand as a Knowledge Professional.

1. Describe the profile of your Ideal Client and that of your NON-Ideal Client

This should be one of the first things you do for your Personal Brand as a Knowledge Professional. Having a clear and clear image of your ideal client will give you the guideline to develop any strategy to promote your services. Knowing this information in detail will help you establish how, when, and where to reach it.

That is why you must take note and describe everything you can about what that client is like where he lives, what he does, what he likes, what his life is like, what his family is like, what he works for, what his problems and needs are. The more detailed you can do it, the easier it will be for you to determine the actions to take to attract him.

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If you already have the description of your ideal client, you can also make that of your non-ideal client, that is, that client with whom you do not want to work for some reason. What is this for you? Well, basically to get to easily identify him when he shows up and have a kind response prepared that directs him to find another professional “more suitable for him” and incidentally avoid a client you don’t want. Keep in mind that taking on clients you don’t connect with and don’t want to work with will simply become a source of problems.

2. Talk about what you do and how you help people

Speak openly about the value you provide that sets you apart beyond your profession. For this, you must prepare a brief, clear, simple, and concrete presentation. And remember that it’s important to always talk in terms of the benefits you can bring to people and not about how great you are and everything you know (this isn’t about you, it’s about them and how you can help them).

For example, instead of saying: “I am a Certified Coach with a specialization in Leadership”, you could say: “I am dedicated to helping people achieve their goals by empowering them to lead in every aspect of their lives”.

Doesn’t that sound more interesting?

Take advantage of the network of contacts you already have, not because they will necessarily hire you, but because they can help you connect with new people.

In addition to this, attend events, fairs, and meetings of your interest, not only related to your profession, remember that in any space you can publicize what you do, yes, casually and pleasantly, without becoming a salesperson -stalker. Keep in mind that, in principle, you are not selling, you just want to make yourself known.

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You can also take advantage of digital channels to get noticed, networks like LinkedIn and Twitter can be very useful to reach new contacts if used properly. You can share useful content targeted at potential clients or targeted at other professionals like you. Interacting in publications related to your area and adding value will make you known and can generate important opportunities for you.

3. Your blog is an essential tool

Today it is essential to have a website or a blog for almost any business. In the case of you, who are a Knowledge Professional, it becomes even more important to have that blog that will be a window to offer your services, a place where you can talk about what you master and add value to people.

Sharing your knowledge is a powerful way to stand out in a market where many professionals can offer the same services as you. You will become a benchmark and people interested in the information you provide will reach you, in addition to generating trust in your potential customers.

It is important that you maintain a good publication rate, that you create valuable and useful content, and that you pay attention to the opinion of your readers: solve their concerns and offer them what they need. Use a calendar to schedule your posts, you could use Google Calendar, create an Excel or use another tool that is effective for you.

4. Have your references in the medium, follow them, and interact with them

Social networks are an important channel to do so, there you can follow the publications that other professionals make and learn from them, but you can also participate in topics that interest you and add value, which will help you to be noticed in the digital world.

The other way to interact with professionals in your field is to know and follow the most important blogs, where you can also participate and add value by initially commenting on their articles and, when the opportunity arises, by collaborating on their blogs.

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5. Don’t forget that there are other ways to share your knowledge

There are other ways to share your knowledge, such as writing a book, giving free talks or mini-courses, or participating as a volunteer in different events where you can contribute from your area of ​​knowledge.

There are many ways in which you can gain visibility as an expert, you can find out about each of them and choose the one that best suits your way of being and your circumstances. As a suggestion, you could alternate between some of these and schedule, for example, a face-to-face talk and, that same talk, also offer it virtually for those who cannot attend. This type of experience will enrich your resume, your experience, and your contact list.

6. Your satisfied customers are the best publicity you can have

The result that your clients obtain when hiring you is the one that can generate the most publicity for you. And that advertising is invaluable, you won’t have to pay for it and it will still be the most effective because there is nothing more influential in making a purchase decision than a recommendation from a satisfied customer.

For this reason, in addition to the different strategies that you develop for the promotion of your Personal Brand, you must take special care to fulfill the promise of value that you are offering to your clients and make sure, above all, that they are obtaining the benefits that you initially proposed.

You can get feedback from your clients through the use of some tool, but even more important, you can ask them for a recommendation or opinion about your services, which you can later (with the authorization of your client) share on your blog or other publications. This is how people will talk about you, not only for your content but for your results.


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