60 Profitable Businesses With A Future And Little Investment

60 Profitable Businesses With A Future And Little Investment

Becoming a millionaire through one or several profitable businesses is the dream of many; Unfortunately few make it.

The problem is not that it is difficult to do it, but that in addition to the lack of true motivation to start a business, most aspiring entrepreneurs resort to the hundreds of free online courses and articles on entrepreneurship and profitable businesses, which are often dictated or written by people who, personally, do not have any verifiable entrepreneurial experience, and who simply copy, paste and repeat everything they read on the internet about entrepreneurship.

The good news is that from my own experience, I can assure you that, although most still consider it unattainable and it sounds too good to be true, creating profitable businesses capable of making you earn your first million (dollars) with the minimum investment, is within reach. of anyone who has a computer, internet connection, and many, many desires to learn.

I’ll explain how…


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What Is The Best Business To Start?

The best business to start is the one that you can start with the minimum investment, in the shortest possible time, and with the highest probability of success.

Being so fast and cheap to implement, this type of business is much more profitable and flexible and encourages the entrepreneur to experiment and accept failure, trying again and again, until he finds the ideal model and strategy to implement his business idea. successfully.

These types of ventures allow you to see failure as an essential part of achieving your goals and developing yourself, both personally and professionally. Unlike those who go into debt to invest large sums of money in their businesses and are forced to try to make that original strategy (in which they invested so much), work at all costs… usually ending in frustration, bankruptcy, and a great no taste.

The Risk Of Starting A Business

Likely, you will not like what I am going to tell you; however, as harsh as it may sound, the odds of success are usually not with you when launching a venture. And is that, as Shikhar Ghosh’s research for the Harvard Business School shows, 75% of emerging companies fail.

I know that the idea of ​​starting a business is really exciting. However, many of the traditional business ideas that come to mind require a high investment of time, money, and, in general, a high risk.

The good news is that contrary to popular belief, there are many ways to start a profitable business with little money, allowing you to focus more on just getting started, and not so much on start-up costs, inventory management, and running costs. Logistics.

These profitable, low-investment small businesses with huge potential are a great starting point for aspiring entrepreneurs, those who don’t have enough time to run a physical business full-time, or those who are simply looking for a good option to generate extra income.

Profitable Businesses With Little Investment: Is It Possible To Earn Money Without Investing?

Yes, earning money without investing is possible.

And while despite the low investment you’ll still need to have a solid business idea, work hard to build your brand, help your customer, and serve them well, there are plenty of ways you can figure out how to avoid a lot of the traditional startup costs.

It is true that to scale any business you will need capital, but if you find yourself in a tight economic situation when undertaking, the idea is that the money to scale your business comes from your profits.

In short, let the business itself pay for its growth, instead of constantly injecting capital into it, without knowing for sure if you will see a return on your investment.

Is It Necessary?: Start A Business Without Money

If you plan to open a restaurant to sell those dishes that you like so much, you could start by selling them on the terrace of your house, instead of renting a place from the first day.

Make a list of all those things that you visualize for your business, and then try to make a much smaller list, counting only the things that you need to start. Use your imagination and write down only those for which you cannot find a cheaper replacement.

Note: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you decide to use the discounts and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. This will be at no additional cost to you and will help me continue to keep this guide free. Thank you for reading, it’s a pleasure to help you!

For example:

  • Do you need a website made by a professional designer to sell your product or service, or can you start with a Facebook Fan Page and/or a free website?
  • Do you need a $500 logo or can you create one for free with Canva’s logo maker?
  • Do you need to rent business premises from day 1, or can you start selling from home?

How To Identify A Profitable Business?: 4 Characteristics

One of the easiest ways to generate an almost unlimited income of money (often working from home ), is to create profitable scalable businesses. To identify these business opportunities, analyze if:


1. They Are Easy To Automate

You can make your business generate passive income 24/7, even while you sleep.


2. They Have a Global Reach

It allows you to have a global brand, which is not limited to the sales of your geographical environment, thanks to the magic of the internet.

3. They Have Low Operating Costs

It is possible to start a business without the need to pay for a physical location, for an office, or for having unnecessary personnel.

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4. They Can Diversify Their Income

They give you the ability to create not just one, but multiple inflows, giving you a tremendous boost to business profitability as well as brand image and authority. Income diversification also serves as a defense, since by having different products or services, you can protect yourself from the competition.

Launching an online business, like the one I teach you to create in this free tutorial, is an excellent option to start a profitable business that meets these 4 characteristics.


How To Start A Profitable Business With Millionaire Potential For Less Than $100?

In January 2016, with only $50 and no knowledge about entrepreneurship, digital marketing, profitable businesses, or websites, I created my first online project: a travel website.

Only a year later, my web project had achieved more than 1.5 million visits, more than 200,000 users in 16 countries, and tens of thousands of dollars in profit, which today has multiplied to hundreds of thousands.


Thanks to that first project and to the fact that today I have managed to replicate the model by launching more than 10 profitable businesses, I was able to create multiple incomes that allow me to generate my old salary for a whole year, in a single month, and give up a “successful corporate career” in a multinational, to dedicate myself to live, travel and earn money from anywhere in the world.

And no, I’m not telling you this to brag, but I’m doing it for you to realize the incredible possibilities that you have at your fingertips to create a free lifestyle and generate a level of income online that for many is unthinkable.

Today I want to teach you how to do the same!

10 Profitable Businesses With Little Investment To Make Money From Home

In this list, I have curated 10 profitable online businesses, so you can start your entrepreneurial path on the right foot, without leaving home and with minimal investment.

1. Professional Blogging

One of the easiest and cheapest profitable businesses to start is to become a Professional Blogger.

Here it is about generating income while sharing your knowledge, tastes, and opinions with your readers while talking about design, technology, travel, fashion, finance, sports, entertainment, etc. In short, talk about what you love, with the advantage that you can receive a lot of money in return!

The only thing you need to take that first step is a desire to learn, a computer, and an internet connection.


2. Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing

If you are already a professional blogger, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest profitable business models to apply, and with which you can earn more passive money.

Note:  this is one of the favorite business models of the members of our digital entrepreneur community.

It is about earning a commission per sale, by promoting the products and services of other people/companies on your blog or website.

You must first create a professional blog/website, then search for products or services that you like and that at the same time are aligned with the theme of your website, and join their affiliate program to start promoting them.

Once you have subscribed to their programs, the brands will give you links with an identification number so that you can promote the products/services to the readers of your blog. Whenever someone uses your affiliate links to make a purchase, you earn a referral commission.

Collaborate with your favorite brands

There are thousands of programs you can join and most are completely free. Generally, the only requirement to be accepted is to have a blog or web page related to the theme of the product or service that you are interested in promoting.

For example, a travel blog can join Skyscanner, and cooking, maternity, decoration (or practically any other topic) websites can apply to the affiliate program that we mentioned in the work-from-the-home article with Amazon and start promoting clothes, toys, furniture, and any of the other 12 million products that Amazon has to choose from.

In addition to the option to affiliate with each brand individually, there are also dozens of platforms to easily affiliate with hundreds of brands. The ones I use are:

To get your readers interested in buying the products you choose, you must first gain some authority and then start promoting them. For this, you will need to have a blog or your website, as well as social networks as a compliment.

3. Create And Sell Digital Products

A few months after launching this website, many of my readers interested in learning how to earn money online and see the first benefits of their web projects, wrote to me daily asking me to explain how to get sponsorships in the first months of their blogs.

At first, I answered them by explaining point by point individually, but because the number of people who wrote to me was increasing, the time came when I could only answer a small percentage of all the messages I received because at that time I was only on this site to respond.

It turned out that every one of my answers caused my readers to ask me for more details. So, after answering dozens and dozens of messages, I realized that I was giving a complete guide in chat format.

My first digital product or “info product”

It was then that an idea occurred to me: why not create a guide in PDF version and sell it at a cheap price? That way I wouldn’t spend so much time each day answering the same question, and I could give each interested reader a more complete answer.

And so my guide to getting sponsorships was born, which I sell for as little as $7 and has generated a couple of thousand dollars in profit every month ever since.

Yes, I know that $7 is not a lot of money, but I have more than half a million monthly readers on this website, so if even a tiny percentage of those readers buy the guide, it is a good entry for extra money.

 And all these are thanks to 1 single digital product, which only took me a couple of hours to create and which by itself has become an excellent source of money.

Thanks to the incredible potential of generating money online, since on my websites I not only sell 1 product but several (both my own and those of third parties), today I can say that I have businesses with millionaire potential and that I am on my way to financial freedom. by saving more than half of my total income, thanks to the profits from my various profitable businesses.

Another of the great advantages of this business model is that it is not limited to the number of hours you can work.

Because we are talking about a website that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and that generates income even if you get sick and cannot dedicate time to it, thanks to the work you did at the beginning.


4. Create An Online Viral News Magazine

This is one of the favorite profitable business models of those who decide to create a website and undertake it online.

It is about creating a website and posting weekly interesting, emotional, surprising, and inspiring stories (that you can find on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other forums), re-writing the content using your own words adding details, and quoting the source just like any magazine or newspaper would (citing the source is very important). Then, you can publish it on your website and add advertising to it.

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These types of websites can become profitable businesses generating hundreds of thousands of dollars from banner ads alone, as viral content generates a high enough volume of traffic to make online advertising a very lucrative source of income.

I must clarify that at first, you will only earn pennies, but as traffic grows that number can go into the hundreds and then several thousand dollars each month.


5. Create And Sell Web Pages

More and more people are dedicating themselves to creating basic web pages (it’s very, very easy…!). You should create some good quality content pieces for them, apply Google Adsense until they turn the websites into profitable businesses, and then sell them.

The sale price is generally the base cost in the market of a professional website and adds 12 to 24 times the monthly profit that the website is generating at the time of the transaction (if it has already started generating income with advertising, such as Google Adsense, sales or affiliation).

6. Virtual Assistant

This is another of the easiest profitable online businesses to start. All you need is some administrative or secretarial experience and a computer with a good internet connection (this is essential if you want to do any online work from home ).

The next thing would be to apply to one of the many job offers on the internet and start offering your services as a virtual assistant.

7. Digital Marketing

Although offering your services as a marketing specialist implies that you must have a good level of background knowledge, after training and being able to demonstrate your ability, you can apply to one of the thousands of vacancies that open monthly in this niche, or create your own company. dedicated to providing digital marketing services. This is an ideal niche to create profitable businesses in the digital age.


8. Offer Coaching And Advice

Coaching is one of the fastest-growing professions in the world, so if you are an expert in any subject, or have a certification to give advice, you could start by creating a website and social networks to promote your coaching services. advice on the subject of your experience.

Consultancies and their scalability

Giving personalized advice was one of the first business models that I implemented.

It was something I did with my first blog, when it still had a fairly low number of users, charging an average of 50 dollars per advice.

I also did this during the first 5 months of this website, where I charged up to $1,000 for 8 hours of personalized advice to digital entrepreneurs. But why don’t I do it anymore?

It turns out that, although it is a very profitable business at the beginning, it is not scalable. And you will ask yourself: “Scalable?” “And what does that mean?” It means that these consultations depended on my presence, my 2 hands, and eyes, and that I didn’t get sick!

Because the reality is that the vast majority of profitable businesses with real millionaire potential have managed to automate their sales.

Summarizing the matter: that type of business has a limit,  and I don’t want limits!  Therefore, I decided to focus on passive income and the sale of infoproducts.

9. Launch An Online Course

Similar to the option of generating income by selling info products (which I presented to you above), among the profitable business models there is this popular option of offering digital content in different formats (PDF, Video, Webinar, etc.), in addition to providing support to your students, of course.

For the accompaniment you could, for example, create a support group on Facebook for the duration of your virtual course. This is without a doubt one of the most popular and profitable business models among coaches and those who have proven experience in different areas (finance, motherhood, meditation, entrepreneurship, etc.).

10. Online Advertising

Among the profitable business models and continuing with the option we discussed earlier creating a viral news digital magazine, those bloggers who have a high volume of readers can take advantage of their traffic by applying to programs such as Google Adsense, or selling advertising space to advertisers without any intermediaries.

Earn Money “Without Working”: Is It Possible To Earn Money Fast Without Investing?

It is very important to understand that absolutely nothing worth having in life is achieved overnight. And although earning money fast without investing is possible, it is generally about sales and jobs that generate a little extra income, not a profitable business in the full sense of the word.

Now, generating income automatically (even while you sleep) with a profitable business is possible, it just doesn’t happen overnight.

Creating, automating, and replicating almost all profitable business models that can get you to the point of living comfortably from them with minimal effort is something that, at least initially,  requires many hours of work and learning.

As I have already mentioned in other posts, getting my first web project to become a profitable and automated business took me almost a year of work. Because although web pages are certainly profitable businesses with enormous potential, they require a good number of hours of learning and initial work.

Profitable Businesses With Purpose: How To Start A Business That Fills Your Soul?

It seems difficult to find profitable business models that are capable of generating a lot of money with minimal investment, in addition to leaving you with that personal satisfaction that floods us after doing good, right?

And every time I’m asked how I did it, I’m reminded of Dharmesh Shah, founder of  Hubspot.  Shah explains that when trying to create profitable businesses “ we need to stop thinking about making a million dollars and start thinking about helping a million people”.

Because when you only have a few clients and the purpose of your business ideas is to make a lot of money, you could perhaps reach a point of desperation looking for different ways to take every penny from your few consumers, to achieve your goal.

On the contrary, if you look for ways to create profitable businesses while helping others, things begin to line up and the money (often without even realizing it) will begin to arrive.

And I couldn’t agree more! Because that was exactly what I experienced when creating this website and receiving thousands of thank you emails.

Profitable Business Upsell: How 1,000 Clients Can Make You A Millionaire

We don’t need tens of thousands of customers to create profitable businesses and make the million-dollar figure roll into our bank account.

What we need are business ideas with which we can make our customers loyal, believe in us, and support our launches.

Those same customers will buy the upgrades of those products that they have already consumed (the audio of your articles and also the ebooks that you decide to launch), simply because they gave them good results.

They will pay for the “Premium” version of your community, for paid consultancies and they will also be the first to acquire the products you refer to them (affiliate marketing).

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But to create profitable businesses with that level of loyalty, we must constantly keep our products or services updated, and of course, the interest of our customers.

Invoice Thousands With Few Clients

If you achieve all of the above, having a couple of thousand clients will be enough to achieve a profitable business. Also, that figure is much easier to achieve and maintain than having 1 million followers.

If your customers are happy with what you sell and you always offer them more and better things, it will be the only thing you need to reach your annual goal. For example, if your product/service is worth a $50 monthly investment, then with just 2,000 loyal customers you will earn a million dollars each year.

To create profitable businesses without the need to have thousands of clients, you will have to analyze what you can offer, how much what you offer will be worth, and what type of client would be willing to pay that amount for what you offer.

Globalized Profitable Businesses: The Magic Of The Internet

As I mentioned earlier, profitable online businesses generally maintain diversified, automatable income, and many seek a global reach. Therefore, if you have more than one product or service, non-regular purchases will also increase your income.

There is the type of customer who probably won’t buy your flagship product every month but will buy some of your secondary products a couple of times a year.

And many times those secondary items can even exceed the annual sales figure of your main product/service, thus achieving profitable businesses thanks to the diversification of income sources.

Almost anything you can think of can be that “boom” that will allow you to set up profitable businesses with millionaire potential, as long as those business ideas are not limited to your geographical location, but rather have a global reach.

I am going to give you an example: perhaps in your city or even in your country, there would not be many people interested in acquiring a “personalized online alarm clock” service. But if you have a business with a global reach, among millions of people there could be several thousand attracted to the idea.

All you need to get rich is to offer something that is of interest to at least one in a hundred thousand inhabitants.


How Much To Charge?: The Art Of Setting The Right Price

Many profitable businesses with products and services cost $20 to $50 each month (you pay for them yourself, so you can get an idea). And there are also many others for which you pay the same, even if you do not buy them as often.

If you add them all up, that would be thousands of dollars a month you could earn, depending on where you’re aiming.

Finding 1000 loyal customers a month is not that difficult if you offer things of value. And if you add to those customers others who buy your products/services sporadically, the result could surprise you.

Nothing is impossible and you just have to try, because the opportunities to set up profitable businesses, as well as business ideas that may seem crazy but have potential, are almost limitless.

Just ask yourself this:  If others couldwhy couldn’t I?  

As we have already seen, there are many profitable business opportunities and ways to earn money from home working online (as you know, being a Blogger is one of them). And they have the great advantage that, unlike traditional businesses, you only need a few dollars to start, with so little to lose and a million dollars a year to earn!


Imagine The Daily Salary Of Your Potential Client

One of the key points to having profitable businesses is price management.

What can you offer a person who earns $100 a day, so that he/she is willing to give one day of his/her salary each year and obtain what you sell since it is essential for him/her?

So, if you know who your ideal client is, you will only need a thousand of them to reach a million dollars a year. And with a client who earns $200 a day, you would only need 500 equal clients and so on… with the number you write down!

The Loyalty Of Your Client: How To Invoice Thousands Selling To “3 Cats”

I already told you that with the necessary number of customers consuming your product for $50 a month, you can earn a million dollars a year.

And while it is easier to do with some profitable business models than others, in the end, it is possible in all areas.

The truth is that it is much more feasible to keep 2 thousand customers happy with a product/service of excellent quality that costs $50 (of course always offering them more) than to find new customers.

Now, “ keeping your business profitable thanks to the loyalty of your ideal client” is a topic for another article.

60 Profitable Businesses With A Future And Little Investment That You Can Start Today: Earn Money In Your Spare Time!

Here is a summary of some profitable business ideas with little investment, which you can start from home, in a virtual format, or using your car.

  1. Create digital products or online courses
  2. Start a pet walking and sitting business
  3. Offer your babysitting services
  4. Create an online store or dropshipping business
  5. Design and sell printed caps on demand
  6. Create a fashion store on Instagram
  7. Sells homemade cakes and dishes
  8. Build an audience you can monetize (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.)
  9. Offer personalized online tutoring services
  10. Write and sell a guide in digital format (info product)
  11. Launch a podcast and get advertisers
  12. Sell ​​your healthy cooking services
  13. Start your own house or office cleaning business
  14. garden at home
  15. Get your real estate broker license
  16. Offer your graphic design services
  17. Rent an empty room in your house or apartment
  18. Design and sell logos on  Fiverr
  19. Rent your car s Uber / Lift drivers
  20. Set up a Housesitting business for ex-pats
  21. Offer virtual advice to inexperienced travelers
  22. Provide tour guide services in your city
  23. Offers Social Media Manager services for small businesses
  24. Offers Community Manager services for digital entrepreneurs
  25. Start an event planning business
  26. Earn money as a personal trainer
  27. Build an empanada cart
  28. Food for events – catering
  29. electronics repair
  30. Car Repair
  31. sale of crafts
  32. Creation and sale of jewelry
  33. Face-to-face cooking classes
  34. virtual cooking classes
  35. Wedding and couple photography
  36. makeup for events
  37. sale of catalogs
  38. Sale of second-hand items
  39. dress rental
  40. Personal Stylist
  41. Repair Service (Handyman)
  42. Software development
  43. Courier services
  44. Build an empanada cart (using the trunk of your car)
  45. Create and sell web applications
  46. Buy and sell domain names
  47. Animation of bachelorette or bachelor parties
  48. Master of ceremonies for corporate and private events
  49. Lunchbox services for children
  50. Freelance Services
  51. Host foreign students
  52. data collector
  53. Audio-to-text transcriptions
  54. Bathing and grooming for animals
  55. Insurance broker
  56. project consultant
  57. Aesthetics in your home or at home
  58. pollster
  59. car cleaning
  60. Doula or maternity companion

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