Thank God you don’t need to be an expert architect to design your house plans. Why? Because today we will show you 7 Internet tools to make your house plan for free. In short, you won’t have to pay a single euro to carry out this task, which can sometimes become a headache.

House plans are a graphic representation of a future work that you plan to carry out. Depending on its extension, each work may have a different number of planes. Be that as it may, all the tools on this list have the necessary elements to help you properly.

Make Your House Plans For Free With These Tools

We bring you 7 different online tools so that you can make plans for your house without spending a single euro. Do you want to give your home a unique style?


7 Internet Tools To Make The Plan Of Your House For Free

Floor Planner is perhaps the best tool to make free house plans. This allows you to create the environments of your new home by dragging and dropping the elements on the plan, which you can then see in 3D automatically. In addition, you can equip each environment with pre-designed furniture. We are talking about an online application that is very easy to use since it will take you a couple of hours to generate a small map. A perfect alternative to make plans for free without downloading anything.


7 Internet Tools To Make The Plan Of Your House For Free

Sketchup is a tool that is used to make plans and to be able to see the finished house with all the details before starting any construction. Ideal for making elevations, elevations, and cuts in 3D that allow you to have an idea of ​​​​what the project will look like before you start doing it. Without a doubt, it is a brutal tool for those who want to design the plans of their house in 3D.

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5D Planner

7 Internet Tools To Make The Plan Of Your House For Free

Planner 5D is one of the easiest and most intuitive tools for creating house plans. Here you only have to create the spaces of your home such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms, then dimension them into a room and then equip it to taste the furniture that you want. First, you start the plan by choosing the shape of a room, and then you do the rest. Easier is impossible!

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Easyhome Homestyler

7 Internet Tools To Make The Plan Of Your House For Free

HomeStyler is an online tool that allows you to create all the rooms in your house or remodel some spaces. In addition to being easy to use, it reveals how the changes are turning out. It is a free house plan drawing tool that was created by the same developer of the popular Autocad architecture software.

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7 Internet Tools To Make The Plan Of Your House For Free

Roomle is one of the easiest to use free floor plan tools on the list. With this you can make the plans as if you were drawing with pencil and paper, it also allows you to add some elements to the design such as doors and windows.

It is software that has evolved so much that it is now possible to see in 3D and augmented reality by placing the mobile screen in front of the spaces of the house that you are renovating. This way you can visualize the equipment, see how it is looking and choose the perfect piece of furniture for that room.

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7 Internet Tools To Make The Plan Of Your House For Free


A tool that allows you to use images from other users to find inspiration, then you can create your house plan for free to share it with the world. Make your plans in 2D and furnish your home in 3D while enjoying the decoration process!

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Floor Plan Creator

7 Internet Tools To Make The Plan Of Your House For Free

Create detailed and accurate floor plans. See them in 3D or print them to scale. Add furniture to design the interior of your home. A simple, free, and online tool to make plans for your house simply.

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And you, what was the tool you liked the most?