8 Ways to Ignite Passion at Work: Experts Reveal

8 Ways to Ignite Passion at Work: Experts Reveal

According to a study conducted by Gallup, only about 13% of employees around the world actually work seriously and enthusiastically.  


This means that the majority of the workforce around the world does the bare minimum of work to make ends meet, with no emotional strings attached. 


The study also revealed notable geographical differences. In the US, 33% of employees are enthusiastic, more than double the global average, while in Western Europe only 10% of employees are working. 


The situation seems particularly alarming in the UK, where the number of employees staying at work is only about 8%, even though this number has steadily decreased over time. 


If you are unfortunately among those who are not interested in your current job, you can apply some of the following tips to rekindle your passion.


1. Get to the source of the problem

If you are having problems at work or feel bored when you have to drag yourself out of bed to go to work every morning, this means that your passion for work is no longer what it used to be.


Instead of lamenting on Facebook, calm down and think to find the cause. Once you know the root of the problem, you can start making small changes to yourself and your work environment to get through a difficult period in your career.

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Starting by keeping a work diary at the end of each day can help you vent your frustrations at work and manage stress.


2. Find new meaning

Our priorities will change as we enter different stages of life, so, understandably, you are no longer passionate about the work that attracted you 10 years ago. However, you can still find a new aspect of your work to rekindle your passion.


For example, an information technology (IT) engineer might start as a web designer, but gradually transition to becoming a trainer of future students. The love for web design remains, but the focus has shifted from actual development to impart knowledge and experience to newcomers.


In other words, you can rediscover your passion in your work by taking on a variety of roles within your area of ​​expertise.


3. Think long term

In every job, there are bound to be things we like to do and don’t like. To avoid wasting energy on miscellaneous tasks, you need to redefine your goals and set long-term goals.


Instead of ignoring the monotonous tasks that we unconsciously have to do every day, think about how these things relate to our long-term goals.


Once you understand this is a stepping stone to your long-term goals, you’ll find work more enjoyable.

4. Delegation of work

Another way to tackle work you don’t like is to delegate it to others on your team who can do it better than you. And of course, this will be easier if you are a boss and have few subordinates.

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In case you are working alone as a freelancer (freelancer), you can consider hiring part-time or contract workers.


For those who work in teams and have no subordinates, discuss how to leverage each person’s strengths and distribute work accordingly with your supervisor or team members. 


5. Go on vacation, travel

Even if you love your job, you cannot avoid the psychological effects and stress. Prolonged stress depletes resources in the body, weakens the immune system, and eventually manifests into physical illnesses and mental breakdowns.


Very few people can do what they like if their health is not good, lack energy and motivation… Because this in the long run will make them lose interest in work. 


The solution now is to take a break to recharge yourself. Take a break from work for a while with a real vacation (and don’t check emails or texts during the trip).


6. Challenge yourself

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi once said the optimal mental state can be achieved when the challenge is moderate, neither too hard nor too easy.


Try to improve yourself in some areas of your work, proactively ask your boss about new projects and tasks, or find them yourself if you work alone.


Unless you like to stay put in your career, on the contrary, don’t let fear hold you back from taking on new challenges.


7. Listen to the opinions of those around you

Instead of getting bored and withdrawn, try to talk more with the people around you, including people from other parts of the company or anyone else in the industry.

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Chances are your friends have been through what you’re going through right now, and they can give you the advice you need. Besides, developing friendships in the workplace also makes employees happier and more productive.


8. Being an instructor

You may have forgotten how hard-working and dedicated you were when you first started working. Don’t worry, though, because such memories may come back when you’re instructing someone new to the profession.


When you see the eager eyes of a young man/girl trying to absorb your words, you will surely see a reflection of the enthusiastic self of the previous years. This will also be a time for you to find inspiration in your work again by helping new people.


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