90+ profitable and easy businesses to start with low investment 2023

90+ profitable and easy businesses to start with low investment 2023
Many people look for alternative jobs and profitable businesses to achieve important goals, such as:

  • Earn more money;
  • Have more time to spend with the family;
  • Being your own boss;
  • Work from home;
  • Devote yourself to your passions.

The good news is that there are several profitable business options to start with. However, not all of us can make large investments in it, right?

If you fit into that group of people and you don’t have money to create your own business from scratch, you don’t need to despair.

In this text, we are going to show you profitable business ideas and market niches that can generate significant profits without you having to save a lot before taking the first steps.

The objective of this text is that you discover what jobs you can do to have financial independence and be your own boss starting this year.

In some cases, you have to start small, and over time you can turn your work into a big business and even take it to other cities and countries.

See the options we selected and our tips for you to be successful in the path you choose, according to your profile, your goals, and your skills.

And get ready: later we have an unmissable golden tip!


Table of Contents

Profitable businesses in different niches

To have a profitable business, choose a niche in which you can act with your knowledge and skills. To help you, we selected the most important categories today:



If you have any culinary talents or knowledge of nutrition, working in the food industry can be a great business. After all, everyone likes and needs to eat.

Look at the ideas of profitable businesses that you can create in the gastronomy sector:

1. Food delivery

Selling food at home is an ever-present business. The best thing is that you will not need to invest in the construction of a restaurant or have a large team.

If your business starts to grow, you’ll probably need to hire staff, but you can start by cooking for yourself and making deliveries, or work with companies like Uber Eats or iFood.

2. Frozen food

Frozen food is an excellent option to make more sales to a single customer since this type of product is generally sold for weekly, fortnightly, or monthly consumption.

This is a business that allows you to have more flexibility since you do not need to cook daily, which allows you to reconcile this work with other activities.

3. Party appetizers

This is a niche that generally brings a lot of success and allows you to explore a lot of micro-niches: children’s parties, wedding parties, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, etc.

The good thing about this model is that it usually works on request, and you can collect half the value before, without having to invest to buy the ingredients.

4. Decorated cakes

This segment is similar to the previous item, although decorated cakes require another type of culinary skill.

Today it is very fashionable to celebrate each month of a baby’s life with a themed decorated cake, which represents a great business opportunity.

You can even take advantage of superhero movie releases or important characters that serve as inspiration for children’s parties.

In addition, children’s birthday parties and other special dates always have this product, and surely there will be no shortage of customers.

5. Kids’ food

More and more people are aware of the importance of children having a healthy diet since for a long time excess sugar and fat have been very present in industrialized foods designed for children.

Therefore, investing in healthy snacks for children can be an excellent profitable business idea. Natural, fresh, and tasty ingredients are the most requested by this type of public.

6. International cuisine

International cuisine is excellent for offering a product that is not at all obvious and distinguishes itself from what your competitors already offer in your city.

Japanese, Arabic, Mexican, Peruvian, Argentinean, Brazilian, and Indian food are some of the options that will surely please your public.

7. Gourmet desserts

Gourmet desserts are some of the least explored profitable businesses and are also great options to sell to restaurants, college students, and even the door of businesses in your city.

Cupcakes, churros, alfajores, bonbons, cakes, chocolates, ice cream, and various other types of sweets can be the ideal product you need to sell to start your own business.

8. Fitness food

Times have changed and the way of eating too. Processed foods are losing their place and new healthy options have come to settle into people’s routines, that’s why fitness food is booming!

Salads, soups, low-calorie dishes, and light snacks are great for catering to the fitness crowd.

9. Vegetarian and vegan cuisine

This is another niche that is growing more and more since concern for animals and the environment is one of the most important issues in our society today.

Plant-based burgers and sausages, desserts without ingredients of animal origin, and bread and cookies without milk or eggs are some of the examples that we can mention.

10. Food without sugar

Serving a specific audience is an excellent option to stand out in the market and gain a loyal audience.

One of the ways to do this is by developing diabetic foods, such as sugar-free cakes and desserts.

11. Gluten-free foods

This is another option related to the previous one, but in this case, the ingredients that you must remove from the recipes are wheat, oats, barley, and rye (TACC) since they contain gluten.

Offering cakes, bread, pasta, and desserts for people with celiac disease is an excellent profitable business option.

You can think of different ingredients, such as nuts, corn, yucca, and others that do not contain gluten.

12. Personal Chef 

If there is something that all people currently want, it is the union between quality and practicality.

Many do not want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing elaborate dishes, but they also do not want to consume unsophisticated foods, especially when they invite friends, family, or colleagues to their homes.

For this reason, one of the most interesting and profitable businesses today is home cooking. If you have a knack for gastronomy, a good option is to offer the service of a personal chef for events at home.

The home chef is responsible for preparing a menu, buying the ingredients for the client’s chosen dish, going to their home, preparing and serving dinner, as well as tidying up the kitchen after work.

He is a highly sought-after professional for different occasions, such as meetings with friends, romantic dinners, family celebrations, and work meetings.

If you do not yet have very deep gastronomy skills, we recommend that you take a good course. If you already have exceptional talent, you can start by practicing serving with people you know.

If you feel comfortable getting started, you can sign up for websites where people are looking for home chefs, such as Take a Chef and Urban Chefs.

13. Face-to-face gastronomy courses 

Another option for those who have gastronomic talent and some type of professional training is to offer courses, workshops, and face-to-face workshops.

The good thing is that you can do it at home without having to invest money to open a place, or even offer personalized classes for private students who want to learn the art of cooking.

14. Online gastronomy courses

If you love to cook and you are a good teacher, another great idea is to create an online gastronomy course.

You can create online courses and teach students from all over the world your specialty in the kitchen.

The good thing is that you can produce your content once and sell it to people all over the world.


Another market niche that is always on the rise is education, and if you have some knowledge that you can share to help other people, this may be the ideal option for you.

Take a look at these profitable business ideas related to texts, languages, ​​and studies:

15. Online classes

Do you know a lot about a topic and your knowledge can be useful to other people? How about teaching everything remotely, using applications like Skype, Zoom, or Meet?

This resource is widely used by language teachers, but it can also be used for any subject or school subject.

16. School tutoring 

If you are a specialist in a school subject, you can offer private lessons to students who have difficulty learning a subject at school.

This type of service is very well paid, because it is a fairly personalized service, and without a doubt, you do not need to invest anything to start.

17. Production of video classes

Another way to share your knowledge on the Internet is by creating online courses. Look at some of the advantages of working as an online teacher:

  • You work with students from all over the world, as you don’t have to be in the same place as them to be able to teach.
  • You only have to record the video classes once and you can sell them to thousands of people.
  • You can use free platforms to sell your courses and you don’t need to invest anything to get started.

18. Correction of exams

Correcting tests for schools, universities, or selective processes for educational institutions can be a good business opportunity if you know a certain subject very well. And it usually pays very well!

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Production and revision of texts

A niche that does not go out of style and is still very relevant, even in the digital universe, is related to the production and revision of texts.

It’s just about reinventing the possibilities, which are many! Here are some:

19. Writing blog articles

As we will mention later in this post, having a blog is one of the most interesting and profitable businesses today.

However, if you don’t want to create your own blog, you can write content as a freelancer.

Of course, you must know how to write well and have SEO knowledge.

20. Freelancer Review

Another good opportunity in the writing segment is working as a freelance proofreader.

21. Book Writing

Writing a book is not an easy task, but it can be one of the most interesting and profitable businesses if you are successful.

22. Ebook Writing

If you are good at something and can teach it to other people, writing an ebook has many advantages:

  • You do not need a publisher to publish the book. You can sell your ebook on the Internet easily and practically, without having to invest anything.
  • You do not have to worry about sending the product by mail since the buyer receives the material instantly when making the purchase.
  • You can count on Affiliates who spread your product and help you make many more sales.

23. Copywriting

A copywriter is a type of writer, that is, a person who specializes in writing content.

However, the texts that these professional writes are usually short and persuasive, with a specific objective: conversion.

Its function is to think and develop texts, such as emails and advertisements, that attract the attention of potential customers and induce them to take action, such as buying, registering for an event, etc.

If you understand digital marketing and have good writing, you can learn copywriting techniques and offer your services.

24. Audio-to-Text Transcriptions

To transcribe audio is to transform a sound recording, audio, usually from meetings or interviews, into text. Despite being a very simple definition, the work requires a lot of attention and a good knowledge of the language in which the audio is.

For those who want flexibility, such as working only on weekends or after hours, for example; or want to work from anywhere, transcribing audio can be an interesting outlet.

25. Book Correction

If you like the area of ​​letters, read a lot, and are passionate about the world of writing, but don’t necessarily want to write a book, this could be a good business for you.

There are some paths, such as starting looking for clients on your own or working as an editor, either as a freelancer or with a permanent position.

26. Subtitles for videos

This is undoubtedly a profitable business since there are more and more video content production, as well as streaming platforms.

Subtitles are important because they increase video accessibility and there are some tools, even free ones, that you can use to get started, like Subtitle Edit or URUWorks.


If you know another language very well besides Spanish, you can work with text translation and even create a specialized agency.

We recommend that you start by translating into Spanish and preferably in areas that you know better. This will make it easier to produce a good-quality version.

28. Content in Spanish

This is a very rich opportunity to work in foreign companies that need to be written or do video production in Spanish. For example, you can write content for social networks, and blogs or record videos and voiceovers.

It is also an outlet if you live in a country where Spanish is not spoken, but there is a demand for this language.

Of course, you must know how to write very well and that you thoroughly review all your production. Remember that being a native speaker is not enough.

29. Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation or translation is another mode of translation that occurs, for example, at conferences and events in general.

This type of work is very dynamic and requires a lot of concentration and agile thinking.

The good thing is that it is a very profitable business because there are few competent professionals in the market.


If you have the talent and creativity to develop manual products, this is a great opportunity that you can take advantage of.

You can even create an online store or sell your products using social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram.

30. Craftsmanship

Soap dishes, pots, pictures, paintings, plates, glasses and decorated crockery, soaps, and homemade creams are some examples of handicrafts that you can sell.

Handmade items are highly valued and can generate very attractive income.

31. Costume jewelry

Necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings do not go out of fashion and go hand in hand with the trends of the moment, so they are always highly sought after by very varied audiences.

32. Party Decoration Supplies

Paper garlands, toppers, tags, and decoration items are very fashionable and highly sought after for different types of events.

In addition, more traditional decoration items, such as flowers, candles, and balloons are also excellent options.

33. Creative packaging

Creative packaging is personalized products that can make a big impact when giving a product as a gift and have become quite popular thanks to the Pinterest social network.

34. Planners and personalized products

Agendas, mugs, pillows, glasses, and notebooks are some of the items that can be personalized and are very successful.

A good idea is to take advantage of holidays or commemorative days, such as International Friendship Day or Teacher’s Day.

35. Custom Gift Baskets

Breakfast, chocolate, or cheese and wine baskets are excellent options to give away and also a good opportunity for those who want to start a business.


The beauty and aesthetics niche allows you to start your work at home or in your own home, without having to invest a lot of money to start.

You’ll probably need to buy some basic materials, but you won’t have to invest in physical space or hire people.

Check out some highly sought-after options in this segment:

36. Barber

Cutting hair, dyeing, and doing hairstyles is a service that you can offer in your own home or at home. When you have enough clients, you can even open a hair salon. Of course: you must specialize before starting!

37. Massages

There are different types of massages and, to offer this type of service, you must take a professional course.

38. Manicure and pedicure

This type of work can be done at home and today many companies hire this service to be done during working hours, mainly in startups.

39. Makeup

To offer makeup services for parties you will have to buy several products, but this will be the only investment you will have to make. If you have the talent to do so, this is quite a profitable business.

40. Eyebrow Design

Eyebrow design can also be done at home and does not require any type of investment, only what you will have to pay to take a course that allows you to specialize.

41. Waxing

Methods such as waxing or threading are still very popular, although the laser has taken up a large space in the market.

This can be a golden opportunity to do a home job without having to invest a lot of money.

42. Beauty for brides

Offering a spa day for brides is very profitable since this is a market in which you can charge more, for being a totally special day.

You can offer makeup, hairstyle, and massage and perform the service in a hotel or in the place where the wedding will take place.

43. Resale of cosmetics

Reselling products like Avon and Mary Kay is an excellent option to generate income and achieve financial independence.

As you know, it is an activity that began many years ago, when sales were at home, by catalog. But nowadays, you can also spread your work on social networks.

fashion and clothing


If you like fashion and can make sales, there are many possibilities in the fashion universe.

Although in some cases the ideal is that you have a physical store, it is possible to market this type of product or offer related services at home, in your own home, or even online.

44. Clothes for specific audiences

Clothes for pregnant women, plus size, athletes, children, babies… Choose a specific niche and dedicate yourself to selling these products!

45. Thrift store

The sale of used items is probably one of the most common and easiest profitable businesses to start, mainly for those who are looking for a way to get extra money without much initial investment.

In addition, it is a good option for those who want to contribute to a consumer culture that is more beneficial to the environment.

The person who dedicates himself to this type of work has the function of buying second-hand clothes —but that they are well preserved and of good quality— to sell them to other people for a higher price than what he has paid (but that is also worth to the buyer).

Items can be sold in a variety of ways: one option is to run a small business if you have the space at home or elsewhere. But if this is not your case, you can also do home sales, starting with your friends, family, and co-workers, for example.

Another very interesting alternative is to make sales over the Internet, on sites dedicated to this type of commerce, such as Wallapop and Vibbo.

46. ​​Party Clothes Rental

Dresses, suits, and all kinds of haute couture clothing are expensive items and are generally used only once, which is why many people prefer to rent them instead of buying them.

This business model is similar to the previous item but focused on a more specific niche.

47. Style coaching

Working as a style coach is the ideal business for those who are passionate about fashion.

Although the ideal is to take a specialization course on the subject, you can start by offering this type of service to your friends or spreading it on the Internet.

48. Personal shopper

The personal shopper is similar to the style coach, but in this case, he is also responsible for making purchases for his clients.

In some cases, this professional can also work in other segments other than fashion, for example, making supermarket purchases, among others.


We are going to see some profitable business ideas with little investment related to health in general —physical, mental, and emotional— and self-knowledge.

This is a niche that has been growing and expanding the range of possibilities in recent years, so it is fertile ground for you to start a business.

49. Dance classes

If you have knowledge and experience in some type of dance and you dare to teach, you may have a profitable venture in your hands.

The good thing is that you can do it in parks or other outdoor spaces and you do not depend on investing money to do this type of work.

50. Personal Trainer

Physical education professionals can offer this type of service without having to invest money since it is not necessary to open a gym to be able to work as a personal trainer.

Today many buildings already have gyms and customers receive their personal trainer right there, and even at home. On the other hand, online training is also here to stay and is practical for many people.

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51. Yoga classes

Yoga classes are another type of activity that can be done without equipment and outdoors. But remember that you need to take a professional course before starting to act in this segment.

52. Guided meditations

There are several ways to carry out this business with little money. One way is to record podcasts or videos (using just the audio with an image) leading different meditations.

Another option is to create guides or ebooks with practical exercises that people can do on their own.

And of course, if you prefer face-to-face, you can also organize group or individual meetings at home or home.

53. Tarot Reading

Many people look to card reading as a tool for self-knowledge and personal development.

Although you indeed need to study and, above all, practice a lot, this can be a very interesting job if you feel comfortable understanding and helping other people.

And you know what? You don’t even need to do it with face-to-face meetings. Tarot reading works even by written or voice messages.


There are thousands of possibilities for those who want to offer services and generate income by investing very little money (or nothing!).

We selected 17 ideas, of which some are new businesses, in different micro-niches.

54. Software development

If you are a programmer or have knowledge of web development, you can work on creating websites, software, and mobile applications.

This is a job that pays very well and you do not need a boss to carry it out.

55. Photography 

Photography is one of the most interesting and profitable businesses because you can register your company without having to have a physical space.

The only investment you will have will be in the necessary equipment to do a good job, such as a professional camera and a good computer to do the editing.

But in addition to having a talent for this art, it is also highly recommended that you take a complete course on the subject before starting your business.

56. Childcare

Caring for children does not require an initial investment, but you have to be prepared to take on this responsibility.

It is an excellent option for pedagogy students.

57. Pet sitting

Dog and cat sitters are becoming more and more necessary as lately, people are spending a lot of time on business trips or even family outings.

Therefore, there is a very high search for people trained to care for pets while their owners are not at home. Some of the most common activities are feeding and watering the animal, taking it for a walk, playing with it, giving it medicine, and bathing it.

This is one of the most popular and profitable businesses in recent years and has a lot of potential you can do it at your home or with the clients.

There are already sites where people can sign up to be a sitter, such as HolidogDogHero, and DogBuddy.

58. House cleaning agency

Domestic cleaning services can be very profitable. Since the work is done in the client’s home, there is no need to invest in space or equipment.

There are even mobile applications that facilitate contact between professionals and contractors, such as MyPoppins and Clintu.

59. Laundry and ironing

Household cleaning, ironing, and washing are excellent options to generate income without investing anything upfront.

60. Virtual Assistant

In times of remote work or telecommuting, this profession is on the rise.

If you want to offer your services to provide administrative, creative, and technical support to multiple clients, this is an excellent option, since the skills and abilities are acquired with a short course and you can start your business from home.

61. Room rental for tourism

This is one of the simplest profitable businesses that require less prior knowledge. Obviously, you have to have a free room and be in good condition to be able to rent.

If this is your case, you can rent it to foreign students or people who are doing university exchanges, or, if you live in a tourist area, you can also receive tourists.

To spread the accommodation, it is possible to use social networks, for example, or specialized sites, such as AirbnbRoomlala, and UniPlaces.

Establish criteria to approve or disapprove requests from Internet users who want to rent your room.

62. Tour services

If you live in a tourist city and you know well the most popular spots in the region, or even less crowded special places, one of the profitable businesses you can set up is the sale of packages of activities or tours.

Even on sites like Airbnb, it is also possible to offer this type of service.

63. DJ

Working on your own as a DJ can be the ideal option to generate income without depending on a company or a boss.

The option to start without investing is to work in spaces that already have equipment until you can have your own.

64. Wedding Planning 

Planning weddings is a perfect business for those who have management, negotiation, and organization skills.

Among the activities of this professional are controlling the wedding budget, hiring suppliers, having periodic meetings with the couple to organize the party, and managing all the details so that everything goes perfectly well during the dream day.

65. Animation of children’s parties

This is one of the best profitable businesses for those who want to have an extra job on the weekends. If you are a fun person, who likes children, this could be a good business opportunity for you.

The main objective of children’s party entertainers is to entertain children at birthday parties or other types of celebrations, such as family gatherings and communions.

For that, you can develop different activities, such as the following: tell stories, perform magic, a clown act, humorous presentations, propose different games, and liven up the atmosphere with songs.

The work can be done at home, or in places such as parks, schools, salons, and restaurants.

66. Master of ceremonies

You have probably already seen the Oscar Awards ceremony and you have realized that the success of the event goes through the master of ceremonies. After all, it is this person who entertains the public and announces the attractions, and breaks, among other details.

This professional must follow a script, and dictate the pace of the presentation, in addition to being the face of the event.

If you have good communication skills and easily connect with people, you can take a risk in this profession.

67. Accommodation of foreign students

Many exchange agencies work with programs aimed at families who want to host foreign students on a voluntary basis, that is, without charging for accommodation. However, there are programs that pay for the hosting service.

If you want to exchange experiences, practice a language, and still earn additional income, receiving a foreigner at home can be a good option.

68. 3D printing

Not long ago it was unthinkable to be able to print objects in 3D (three dimensions), but now we not only have the machines capable of doing it but the implementation of 3D printing is being applied in all kinds of businesses and functions.

Basically, with a 3D printer, you will be able to reproduce objects designed from a computer in various materials and in various ways with a very high degree of perfection and customization.

With each passing year, the cost of acquiring one of these machines becomes more and more affordable, which will allow you to enter this business without having large investments.

Whatever your taste and knowledge or ability, always keep this idea in mind, since 3D printing can perfectly complement your personal project.

69. Drone Trainer

If you like technology and want to stand out either by complementing your business or as a new personal endeavor, the use, and piloting of drones are here to stay and set trends year after year.

The use and applicability of these flying objects are endless, addressing areas such as surveillance services, construction, photography, events, entertainment, and inspection.

And one of its advantages is that the market offers different and increasingly advanced models and cameras of the highest quality so that you can deliver a quality service.

Important details to keep in mind to go from a hobby to trade is to obtain a pilot’s license and always be in accordance with the current legislation of your country. If you liked this service, venture out and take flight!

70. Drone Videos

Closely related to the previous one, this business has become interesting precisely because of the demand for professionals who work with drones.

Thus, it may be that you or someone close to you has a drone and is not taking advantage of it to generate income.

Look for the applications to edit the videos and do some tests before launching professionally.


Businesses in this niche are profitable, however, you do not need to know some basic things about the matter, it is not always easy to understand and many people prefer to hire professionals.

Let’s look at some ideas:

71. Consulting and online management

Do you have a talent for finances? Do you have a law degree? Are you a business management specialist?

Then you can offer to consult people or companies to improve their results!

An example is personal financial advice, one of the few profitable businesses that have low competition in the market. Therefore, it can be a great opportunity for those who have talent in areas such as administration and mathematics.

The advisers work so that the client’s savings are well invested and obtain a high return. In addition, wealth managers can help you pay less tax and recommend the best banking and investment-related products in an unbiased manner.

They give advice to clients to make better decisions about managing their money and help them reach their goals, carrying out personalized and specialized planning.

72. Financial advice

Nowadays, a large part of our population maintains the classic structure when it comes to investing and generating savings, missing out on the possibilities and alternatives that the financial market offers.

This profession allows you to increase your client portfolio and establish bonds of trust with people and at the same time, you will have the opportunity to be doing something good for those people by giving them the personalized support they really deserve.

73. Trader

Technologies have come to open doors creating new jobs for those who venture into the dream of earning money and obtaining financial autonomy.

And in these possibilities appears Online Trading, where you can start with very little investment, but to start on the right foot and multiply your income, you will need good instruction and training in the field of the stock market investment.

So, if you have ease with mathematics and you like to be inside market analysis, this profession can surprise you with excellent results as long as you keep perseverance and motivation on the rise.

74. Blockchain Expert

Within the financial market, the use of cryptocurrencies has emerged in recent years, and it has caused an enormous transformation in the way of seeing money and conducting negotiations.

This is where the blockchain expert comes into play, a professional highly sought after by large economic and financial corporations.

Like any profession, you need to take specialization courses focused on blockchain chains and cryptocurrencies to accompany this future profession.

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Within this ecosystem, an entire organization and network have been created around the blockchain and cryptocurrency market, which opened up opportunities for new companies, professionals, and profiles linked to these profiles, find yours and put your ideas into action.

Digital content

The Internet has opened up an infinite range of possibilities for online entrepreneurship, and working with digital content is at the top of the list of profitable businesses with the best cost-benefit ratio.

The reason for this is that, with little or no investment, it is possible to achieve high profits, since everything is handled virtually and it is possible to reach a huge audience (and in all parts of the world!).

75. Paid Surveys

A profitable business where you really only need to have a device connected to the Internet. Too good to be true? Well, believe it, because it’s real.

Many people earn money by answering surveys about various brands, products, and services through specific websites.

Find the best platform and start taking advantage of this option right now!

76. Membership

Affiliation is one of the most recommended profitable businesses for those who want to make sales without having to create a product.

One of the biggest advantages is being able to work from home and having the freedom to decide your own hours, as well as being a scalable job. Next, we explain more!

What does it consist of?

Affiliates are people who promote the products of third parties and receive commissions every time they make a sale. For that, it is possible to use different strategies, mainly in the virtual environment.

Some of the ways that can be used to spread the products are the following: social networks, blogs, paid advertising, and email marketing, among others.

That kind of business is scalable because with a single action—like putting a link to the ebook on your blog—you can reach thousands of people and keep making money from it over a long period of time.

What skills are necessary?

To be successful in doing this job, it is recommended that you have the following characteristics:

  • Communicative, responsible, and creative personality.
  • Eager to learn product promotion strategies on the Internet.

How to start?

To start, you must participate in an Affiliate program, which will make the connection between you and the producer.

In the case of Hotmart,eBay, and Uberlo for example, you have access to thousands of digital products from various niches and you can choose the one that has the most to do with you and your audience to promote it.

77. Info production

Infoproducers, digital producers, or content creators are those people who create a product based on their knowledge and sell it on the digital market.

An advantage of this online business model is that it allows you to work with what you really like while positively impacting the lives of more people.

If you love to cook, for example, how about writing an ebook with your favorite recipes? If you play the guitar, how about creating an online course for those who want to learn the instrument?

Another positive point is that digital products or infoproducts allow your business to reach any part of the world, which increases the chances of success.

What skills are necessary?

To be successful in doing this job, it is recommended that you have the following characteristics:

  • Passion or knowledge about something that may interest other people.
  • Creativity, organization, and responsibility.
  • Basic computer skills.

How to start?

To start, write a list of everything you like to do and everything you know how to do well. Think about all the knowledge you have and how you could help other people.

After you define the best option for you, it’s time to start planning your course or ebook and then start working on your content. Only after that, you can start the production and promotion of the product.

78. Blogging

The creation of blogs is one of the most promising profitable businesses in recent years, as more and more people are looking for information and knowledge online, which means that the Internet audience continues to grow.

There are several ways to get money with a blog, such as the following: offer online advice, use Google Adsense, spread products as an Affiliate, and many more.

To get started as a blogger, you don’t need any initial investment! If you are interested in this idea, we have a great gift for you: our complete guide on how to make money with a blog. We hope you take advantage of it!

79. YouTuber

It is estimated that the figures that a Youtuber generates per year reach 4 million euros.

To be successful with this type of business, however, it takes a lot of work, since you have to publish videos frequently and do the recording, editing, and dissemination of your content.

80. Podcaster

Now, if audio content is better for you than video, don’t be afraid to produce podcasts.

This format has been conquering a large audience in recent years. According to the Podcasts Insights site, as of the end of 2021, there were more than 2 million podcasts available.

And best of all, it is a sub-niche in which there is still much to explore and invent.

81. Media Buyer

Buying web traffic is one of the most sought-after professions for those who want to work online.

This professional invests money to attract people to an offer, with the aim of generating sales.

Although money is necessary to start, it is possible to start with a little and increase the investment as the work generates results.

82. Marketing Analyst

The marketing analyst takes care of all the marketing strategies of a company, from planning to execution. In addition, he must measure the results of his actions and think of techniques to boost sales.

83. SEO Analyst

In case you don’t know, SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is a set of techniques for optimizing search engines and helps position content on the web, such as blogs, home pages, videos, etc.

In other words, working with SEO in the digital universe is essential, which increases the demand for professionals in the area.

If you think it’s your thing, you can start by studying free material that is available on the Internet, starting with this: Find out what SEO is in marketing and how it can take you to the top positions in Google.

84. Social Media 

Social media is a profession very similar to that of the marketing analyst, but it focuses specifically on social networks.

Working as a social media is an excellent business opportunity, and can even be done as a freelancer.

85. Digital Influencer

A digital influencer is a person who creates content on the Internet and has many followers, which makes them someone capable of influencing other people.

This type of professional can generate income in many ways, mainly by promoting brand products on their social networks and to their own tribe. Without a doubt, this is one of the most desired and profitable businesses today.

86. Screenwriter

The work of the screenwriter began to be highly valued with the boom in digital content. This professional creates scripts for videos on YouTube, online courses, videos for social networks, and many other contents.

This is one of the main ways to make money writing.

87. Videomaker

Having your own business as a videomaker is a very good opportunity in the digital market since videos are the main format of online courses.

88. Creator Agent

The creator’s agent is responsible for launching the products of digital influencers and content creators in general.

To work in this market it is necessary to have experience in digital marketing and virtual content production, such as online courses.

89. Community Manager

This profession arises with the growth and importance of social networks in people’s lives. A community manager is one who manages the social networks of third parties, whether companies or people interested in taking care of their brand on the Internet.

This professional is responsible for creating content, responding to comments and questions, and dealing with the entire audience that interacts with a certain profile on a social network. In addition, the social media manager must analyze, filter, and measure what users comment and share about the brand, its products, and its services.

If you have good knowledge about social networks, you can offer your services in this area.

90. Email Marketing Strategist

Email marketing is a very current strategy in digital marketing, which can greatly increase the sales of a business.

To create email campaigns you must know the audience well and make the appropriate segmentation considering the sales funnel.

Golden advice to apply in high-profit businesses

If you have come this far, you have seen that there are many profitable businesses where you can start investing little money, or nothing.

Now that you know how many possibilities there are, it’s time to plan your product or service and, of course, put it into practice.

For that, we are going to give you our golden advice. Did you know that in just 1 month it is possible to create a digital product and have it ready to sell?

Just find a free course provider who will accompany you in the process, has already managed to create her product in 1 month and recorded the entire step-by-step to help you.

The challenge is 100% free and online. Do you dare?

5 Important Tips for Running Profitable Businesses

No matter which of the profitable businesses we select you to choose, you will always need to keep in mind 5 very important things. We will tell you quickly below:

1. Conduct market research

After you choose which market to operate in, the first essential step is to conduct research. Find out everything you can about the subject: who are your competitors, what is already being done, and what you can innovate, for example. This will allow you to organize and plan your work in the best possible way.

2. Define your target audience

Another very important point is to define your target audience. What kind of person will buy your products or services? Will they be men or women? What age? What are their interests and characteristics?

This will allow you to direct all your strategies to a specific and personalized target, increasing the possibility of your success. Here on the blog, we have a complete tutorial to create your buyer persona.

3. Define promotion strategies

How are you going to promote your products or services? Will you use social networks? What will be your strategies to attract the public? Everything must be planned very carefully because the success of your work will depend on it.

4. Carry out financial control of the business

A very common mistake among people who decide to undertake is forgetting to carry out the financial control of the business. This can generate many problems, both financially and in the organization of work itself. Therefore, remember to control all expenses and earnings periodically, using spreadsheets or an online application of your choice.

5. Love what you do

All of the profitable businesses we selected are great options, but they will only work if you love what you do. Make sure you choose a job that you are passionate about, as it is the best way to guarantee that you will be successful in what you set out to do!

Is everything ready to start?

I hope you liked our profitable business ideas and that you can start working with your passions.


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