Applications That Make Life Easier For Students, But They Do Not Know About It

Applications That Make Life Easier For Students, But They Do Not Know About It

We all know how difficult it is to be a student. Every year there is more and more information and less and less time to study. Fortunately, in our 21st century, technology can significantly simplify a student’s life in any educational institutionAmong them are learning applications for university students, that is, software designed to work on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

 Find in this review a list of applications that will be useful for any student.

Applications That Make Life Easier For Students, But They Do Not Know About It

Which applications would be best for the students?

Among all useful applications for students, 8 tops can be distinguished. Read their detailed description below.


This program will allow you to schedule classes quickly and conveniently. The application is completed in the form of a diary and helps you to store the current schedule of couples in the smartphone’s memory. You can also capture detailed information about subjects and teachers, type of classes and their duration, as well as other information that can be used for self-organization.

With Timetable, you can add and locate homework assignments, set reminders for upcoming classes, and put your phone in silent mode during class. For the convenience of working with the application, the features of the color design of the schedule and the ways to synchronize data between different user devices are provided.

Doc Scanner App

If you frequently need to scan and recognize documents, your core task is to pay attention to this program. The advantage of the doc scanner app on iPhone is that it makes it possible to scan and recognize documents within minutes. This is ideal when you need instantly digitized copies of lectures, summaries, and other study materials.

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The scanner application allows the creation of PDF or JPG files of any printed documents. The program has a built-in OCR technology that recognizes texts in multiple languages ​​and uploads results in the most popular formats, including DOCX, XLSX, PDF, and PPTX while retaining formatting. Ready documents can be transferred to any of eight cloud storage, printed, emailed, or opened in another PDF application. The iPhone scanner provides the BookScan feature for efficient recognition of book and magazine publications. It automatically splits the photographed distribution of the book into two pages, erases defects, corrects the bends of pages, and creates a scanner copy that can be recognized and edited. Therefore, the scanning application is a must-have in every student’s iPhone.

Microsoft Math Solver

It is another software product that helps in solving tasks related to arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, etc. Microsoft Math Solver uses an OCR engine to recognize printed and handwritten texts. At the same time, the solutions are accompanied by links to similar examples on the Internet and video readings that explain in detail the mathematical concepts associated with the task.


It is a mobile client for the distance learning service of the same name, working with the world’s leading universities. Thanks to the wide coverage of the academic community, Coursera offers users more than 3,900  courses in various disciplines. The project also allows you to be trained and pass official exams from such provider companies as Google, SAS, IBM, and many others, confirming your knowledge with an international certificate. The duration of each course varies according to its complexity and varies from 4 weeks or more.

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Microsoft OneNote

It is a fast note-taking and personal information organizer that can be used effectively by students. Using this application, you can plan lessons and courses, keep up with homework and draw diagrams. You can also store audio and video, record lectures and interesting ideas, structure study material, share it with classmates, and work together on the diploma and research projects.

Thanks to the support of OCR technologies and integration with the Microsoft Translator service, the program can recognize handwritten and printed texts and translate them into other languages. Functions of synchronizing user data between different devices are supported, and password protection of notebooks with confidential information is also provided.

Applications That Make Life Easier For Students, But They Do Not Know About It


It is a speech-to-text voice recorder, which can be very useful for recording lectures and then taking notes of training sessions. The program is based on the proven Cloud Speech API speech recognition technology used in Google Assistant and other well-known products. Consequently, SpeechTexter ideally recognizes human speech and converts it into text format. More than 60 languages ​​(including English) are supported. It is possible to use the application without an internet connection. To enable offline mode, you need to download the appropriate language packs in the Android settings.

ABBYY Language

It is a mobile translator dictionary that allows you to quickly and accurately put a word or phrase into a foreign language. It is an indispensable assistant for students of all specialties and fields. ABBYY Lingvo can not only be used as a regular dictionary but also to recognize and translate words in real-time using the smartphone’s camera. The program has more than 170 dictionaries for 30 languages, which you can use at any time without an internet connection.

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What is the best learning application for students?

As we can see, there are many applications for higher education that can be very useful for every modern student. Choosing the best one should be based on your preferences and goals. In our opinion, Doc Scanner is an application that every student needs, regardless of the specialty being mastered. Download it and use it successfully!


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