Argentina and a squad that aspires to conquer Qatar

Argentina and a squad that aspires to conquer Qatar

Surely, the panel that Scaloni has been able to develop since his arrival on the bench is one of the best and most balanced of this century. After falling in the semifinals of the Copa América 2019, the Albiceleste has been able to remain undefeated, win two trophies, and have a group that seems unbreakable. Will they be able to reach the third star?

A balanced team

Surely, the key to the team that Scaloni has been able to put together is balance. In previous tournaments, there was a big difference between the undisputed and the hopefuls to enter the team. Now, Argentina has a large number of players whose quality is already proven in their respective clubs.

Beyond the key figures whose careers do not need to be highlighted (Messi, Di María, Otamendi, or Lautaro), there are players who are capable of giving the level without needing many minutes. This is the case, for example, of footballers like Paulo Dybala or Ángel Correa, footballers whose ownership is usually difficult but who are capable of playing a good role.

Argentina and a squad that aspires to conquer Qatar

Youth with projection

Outside of those already established, there are players whose career is beginning to stand outThis happens, for example, with Julián Álvarez. The ex of River monopolized all the lights under the orders of Gallardo and now receives praise from Pep Guardiola after starring in good games with Manchester City. For now, he already has three goals without being a regular in the starting eleven.

Another newcomer to Europe is Enzo Fernández. The former River player landed this summer at Benfica and it didn’t take long for him to become an indisputable member of the Portuguese team. He already knows what it’s like to score in the Champions League and, thanks to his performances, teams like Liverpool are showing interest in trying to sign him in the next January market.

Argentina and a squad that aspires to conquer Qatar

A confident fan

If there was something that hindered the performance of the Albiceleste on many occasions, it was the demands of the fans. On many occasions, faced with what was considered sporting failures, the Argentines did not usually have the best reaction towards the team , even taking it with specific players.

Now, after the good level shown by the Scaloni team in the Copa América 2021 and the Final against Italy, the fans believe that winning the World Cup in Qatar would not be crazy, since the performance that is being seen from the team calls for optimism in the absence of 60 days for the start of the World Cup .


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