Asking your man to marry: 5 steps for an original marriage proposal

How to ask your man in marriage? This may be the question you are asking yourself right now. Discover our tips for an extraordinary marriage proposal as well as all our advice. Yes, the marriage proposal is no longer exclusively reserved for men…

In a lot of the most original marriage proposals, asking for the hand of your companion is one of them! Indeed, a woman who proposes to her spouse in marriage is something that is being done more and more these days. Your dear and tender are having trouble deciding to take the plunge when you are already dreaming of a muslin dress and sugared almonds. Like  Sandra Bullock in the movie The Proposal, you’re the one kneeling, armed with your best smile, ready to ask her to be yours for the rest of her life. Cape?

1. Ask the right questions

Please note, before any marriage proposal, it is important to take the time to reflect and ask yourself the right questions. Although you are convinced of your feelings for Monsieur, certain reasons for getting married are to be banned urgently.

Rescuing a Fading Love Story

Why we say no: Even if you don’t want to lose it when a story is falling apart, marriage is certainly not the solution.

You’ve been dating for a long time so it’s in the order of things

Why we say no: There is no standard or clear path in love stories, that’s all their beauty, you must first get married because you want to!

Little girl, you dreamed of getting married at 30, and now you are 31

Why we say no: you can get married at 20 as well as at 70. Love and proofs of love have no age, the important thing is to be ready.

you want a child 

Why we say no: marriage does not always rhyme with pregnancy, as important as your desire for a child is, the only solution is a dialogue with your spouse.

This is THE solution to paying less tax

Why we say no: money does not come into play, love takes precedence.

All your girlfriends are married, so why not you?

Why do we say no: There is no shame in being a “Mademoiselle” if you are happy in the household and the idea of ​​getting married does not arouse a particular interest, what is the point of doing everything in the world?

We also advise you to test the waters, subtly, of course, just to check that the gentleman is not completely reluctant to commit. Once this point is clarified, you can move on to the next step.

Asking your man to marry: 5 steps for an original marriage proposal

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2. An original and tailor-made marriage proposal

Keep in mind that this request must first please him and look like him! So exit the chocolates and rose petals, we prefer a marriage proposal according to his tastes, like your story. Originality and creativity are often appreciated but we must not forget to keep it simple. Choosing the location of the application is also very important. Here is a non-exhaustive list of original marriage proposals that appeal to men.

The greedy demand

Like the beautiful Catherine Deneuve in Peau d’âne, put on your prettiest dress and bring your finest utensils to make a love cake and hide a ring inside. Immediate aphrodisiac effect  !

The geek request 

For a 2.0 request, why not make a cartoon or a video game retracing the key moments in your history? Rather cinephile and vintage? We opt for a silent film à la Chaplin . What’s more, some cinemas allow you to rent their rooms for the occasion. An original idea and so romantic!

Air demand 

Stuntmen at heart, a request in the air is exactly what you need: paragliding, hot air balloon, or parachute everything is allowed, provided you respect safety standards of course.

The request poker hand

In a playful mood? If you’re a risk-taker, your marriage is up for grabs in a rather daring bet a la Monica and Chandler from Friends, as part of a casino request.

The spectacular demand

You, him, his favorite singer, what else? Bonus: Jules’ face when Justin Timberlake hands you the mic.

Don’t want to rack your brains? The company Apoteo Surprise gives you its 30 scenarios for an extraordinary request.

3. Humor your best ally

You must first know that a man is not asked to marry in the same way as a woman. It is a moment charged with emotion but above all with stress for the person who is about to carry out his request, it is up to you not to make it too formal and to relax the atmosphere. Humor is your best weapon to transform these moments into memorable moments that you will remember years later. No need to be extravagant, the easiest way is to be yourself, because that’s how he loves you, just as you are.

Asking your man to marry: 5 steps for an original marriage proposal

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4. The ring

A ring for Monsieur? Why not. There are more and more of all types. Only if Jules is not very jewelry, nothing prevents you from swapping the traditional ring for something more personal. The key is for him to be touched, amused, and impressed by your request so that a token gift might appeal to him more. A watch, a bracelet, a pretty pen, or an engraved lighter are generally appreciated. Sure of your shot, you can already offer him the bow tie that he will wear on your big day. More intimate, a homemade souvenir box should have its effect. For the more adventurous among you, we replace the ring with a tattoo on the right ring finger, a nice proof of indelible love.

Asking your man to marry: 5 steps for an original marriage proposal

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5. Prepare everything in advance

Prevention is better than cure, so to anticipate unpleasant surprises and twists of fate, we prepare everything in advance with surgical precision to minimize the risks, because the magic lies in the details. We don’t rush and we allow ourselves enough time not to organize everything in a hurry. We also prepare psychologically for a possible refusal. We strongly advise you that this request remains private, it is an intimate moment that should only be enjoyed by two people.

If Jules does not sing a frank yes and tells you that he needs to think about it with a clear head, we are not going away defeated. You may have taken him by surprise, the important thing is not to put pressure on him and to let time do its work.