Benefits of Using Image Search Engines

Benefits of Using Image Search Engines

Have you used image search engines before? I imagine so, but if you still do not know them, I invite you to read the article What is an image search engine?


These tools have become great Allies, and Lifeguards of many designs at the last minute, that phrase from our bosses or clients:

-It’s an easy image to make-

-It doesn’t take you 5 minutes to do it-

-I need it right now-


And stop counting … In those moments that this happens, many graphic designers go straight to use their preferred search engine, a search engine that becomes Your Wild to get out of these troubles and those moments to look good with our bosses or clients.


So we are going to know some of these great benefits:

High-quality resources

Most of the search engines that exist on the internet, it has very sharp photos and images, where the minimum size on average is 640 px X 640 px ( pixel ) and you can even get complete images of up to 5000 px.

Most of these photos are taken by great professionals and photographers, who have a high-quality camera and special lenses to take those unique moments or a photographic composition with prior planning.

Quick, direct access from any device

The most important thing is that you have access to the internet, and from any smart device you can access the web page and download the content you want, of course, this, depends a lot on the operating system since there are devices that cannot stand the weight of these images, therefore, becomes complicated to download and use.

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Photos at the last minute, without affecting the quality

As mentioned above, these search engines help you get out of any jam and get photos in moments that are difficult to obtain, whether it is a flash request made by our bosses or clients.


Since to obtain some shots of specific moments or composition it is necessary to invest in a complete production team, from the hiring of personnel, investment of equipment, rental of spaces (if warranted), or traveling to locate a specific landscape; a production can take a minimum of 1 WEEK, to plan, the execution up to 1 MORE WEEK and the edition 1 MORE WEEK.


Of course, all this depends on the experience and talent of each photographer for its EXECUTION.

Save money and resources

With the previous point explained, you can see that using an image search engine allows you to save money, time, resources, and human talent.


Depending on the country you are in, a basic production within a studio can cost around USD 1,000 (depending on the number of products, change of clothes, or photos) up to USD 10,000. And it also depends on the PROFESSIONAL FEES OF THE PHOTOGRAPHER


Although, there are specific moments when it is DIFFICULT to use an image bank, since the product or brand is exclusive, that it is always necessary to MAKE YOUR OWN PRODUCTIONS, to have your own and unique content, where you have the power to decide on its use.

Develop a broad vision and polish our creative eye

By viewing a large amount of visual content, allows us to polish our creative eye and quickly know which images or photos are suitable for the content we want to develop.

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And it also allows you to see from THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S VISION, angle, reason, and PHOTOGRAPHIC CONCEPT; All this detail allows you to gain experience to later create your own image banks and create your own production.

Obtain photos difficult to obtain in our environment

Depending on where you live, there are times when it is difficult to RECREATE a unique moment or environment for some photos, therefore, it becomes uphill, and to achieve it is necessary to travel and make a significant investment. 


But budgets are often difficult for brands that approve of it and more so if you start with brands that are growing, therefore, it is necessary to use your creativity and WORK ON TOP OF THE DOWNLOADED PHOTO, and thus take advantage of the environment and its concept. . With an OWN TOUCH.


Search engines are a great option for projects that are starting or for reduced budgets, which allow you to obtain quality and well-edited work, where it will be easy for its manipulation and ARTISTIC INTERVENTION.


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