Business Ideas to Reconcile Work and Family Life

Business Ideas to Reconcile Work and Family Life

Setting up a successful business often takes a lot of work. But it doesn’t have to become slavery. Nowadays, more and more people want to reconcile professional life and private life. We are talking about mothers and fathers who want to be able to work and enjoy their children, but it is not the only case. 

Many people want time for themselves, to grow, learn, pursue a hobby, or simply enjoy life. For this reason, in this chapter, I am going to propose some business ideas to reconcile. Most involve working from home.

Online store

E-commerce is an excellent business idea to reconcile work and family life. It is an activity that can be carried out from home if it is done on a small scale. In addition, as customers have assumed that there are several days between purchase and delivery, it allows for organizing working hours.

You can set up an online store for practically any product. However, due to the high competition that exists today, it is advisable to focus on niche businesses. This allows you to specialize in less common products and have less competition. This in the end allows us to have better individual margins.

To simplify the process, a good option is to choose to start a subscription business, with an identical product for all customers. A few months ago we commented on the blog about the sale of shaving kits, a great deal. You get recurring income and the logistics are greatly simplified.

Computer Services

The demand for computer services is high and will continue to increase in the coming years. More and more processes are being automated, and information technology is at the base of all of them. 

In many cases, IT jobs are primarily for loners. I mean that professional progress his part, and only needs to contrast with third parties occasionally. That makes computer businesses very adapted to working from home and therefore reconciling.

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Do you want examples? I propose some:

  • Programming in the various computer languages ​​that exist.
  • Development and web design are highly demanded professions.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO).

Literary works

I have gathered under this heading the business ideas to reconcile related to writing. As you can imagine, they are jobs that can be done with few means. It is enough to have a computer and be a little calm. It is a fairly broad category, in it I included:

  • The creation of content ( write your own blog or write articles for third parties).
  • Editorial review (correction, layout, etc.)
  • Work related to translation.
  • Write a book (for yourself or others).
  • Make reviews for companies.

Private courses

Giving private classes allows you to organize your schedule to work at the time you want, as long as it coincides with that of the students, of course. It is usually a good way to reconcile extra income and personal or family life. Until recently, it was a type of job with one major drawback: commuting.

But today, many classes are taught online, using Skype, which makes things a lot easier. In the event of sudden cancellation or change, the consequences are minimal. And you can be at home to take care of your family or dedicate yourself to your hobbies.

Own creations

Do you have talent? If you can create, you may have a great business opportunity. Some time ago I listed some of the best crafts to sell, but the truth is that it does not have to be limited to crafts.

You can sell your own creations through an online store, but also by setting up specific meetings at friends’ houses or attending fairs or events. Most of the time, you will be at home, with time to work but also the freedom to do other things.

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Referral systems

Another interesting business idea with zero initial investment of money is to use referral systems. It is basically about recommending products and services and taking a commission for them. Turning it into a significant source of income takes a lot of work.

The idea is to focus on a market niche and recommend some products (or services) through a blog or your own website. If you want to know more about how it can be done, I recommend that the complete guide be published on the Ideas and Savings blog.

Creation of info products

We live in a digital world, and a good income can be achieved by creating fully digitized products. They require significant work to prepare, and then they are not so easy to sell either. But, if you do it right, they represent a great opportunity to reconcile business and family life.

What kind of info products am I talking about? Well, things like an ebook, a training video, access to the Premium section of a blog, etc. The great advantage of the system is that once you have created the content, the logistics process is very simple. The sale is fully automated, and it costs you the same work to download your content 10 times or do it 10,000 times. Of course, to be able to sell you will have to work a lot on promotion and web positioning.

Wealth management

Do you know how to handle money and investments very well? Have you achieved good returns with your own assets? Perhaps a good option for you would be to do the same for third parties. Think about it, you don’t need much. A couple of good computers, a couple of subscriptions to financial information systems, and you’re done. It is a job that can be done perfectly from home and within the opening hours of the financial markets.

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It is also important to mention that it is recommended that you invest a little time and money in obtaining the EFA certification, which will give you more credibility in front of your potential clients. But it seems to be a good option for reconciling personal and professional life.

Vacation rental

Do you live in an area with tourist potential? Does your house have its entrance from the street? Then maybe you could rent part of your house to tourists. Today, through platforms such as Airbnb, Booking, or HomeAway you can get quite interesting income. Of course, as long as your accommodation complies with local regulations, which normally implies obtaining a tourist housing license.

It is a business that has its drawbacks if you do it in your own home, especially due to the loss of privacy it entails. But, in many cases, you can separate the spaces to maintain your independence. If you put some conditions as a minimum number of nights, you simplify some tasks such as cleaning rooms and changing sheets and towels.

And you have many advantages. It does not require much more work than the usual cleaning of the house. As you are at home, you are always available to deliver or collect keys, without having to travel. Income can be very high, especially in the summer. And it allows you to reconcile.


He could have mentioned other professions such as having a psychology consultation at home, setting up a consultancy, or working as an architect. But I think that with those examples I already gave a good sample of business ideas that allow reconciliation. If you have any more you can share them in the comments section, without spamming.


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