Businesses For Mothers and Fathers that Can be Run From Home

Businesses For Mothers and Fathers that Can be Run From Home

Mothers and fathers who have decided to stay home to take care of their children do not have to give up having an interesting and lucrative professional activity. In the rest of the article, I will talk about business for mothers, so as not to be repeating fathers and mothers, but those opportunities can be taken from home, regardless of gender. I have limited myself to business ideas that take into account the limitation of having to take care of the children, which requires physical presence and dedication time.


Mother-at-home businesses that take advantage of the family experience

1. Open a mini nursery at home

Since you already have to take care of your children, why not take advantage of the circumstance and take care of other children? It could be an interesting source of income. There is a limit to the number of children an adult can care for, but even as supplemental income, it might be worth it.


Of course, you have to assess the legal aspects. Opening a formal daycare has important regulatory requirements. It remains to be seen if welcoming children at home would be possible. It is an idea that I mentioned back in the day when I talked about setting up an Airbnb for babysitting.

2. Set up and monetize a blog about children, education, and family

Being a parent is a life experience, and you learn a lot. Much of the acquired knowledge can be passed on to other people, and a blog can be a good way to share information.

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You can write about pregnancy, the first months with a baby, the education of children, the search for a nursery or a school, or family issues in general. There are multiple themes to delve into.


To earn money with the blog, you can, for example, use an affiliate system, such as Amazon’s, and charge a small commission for each of the products sold on the platform to people who have followed the referred link. There are also options like selling sponsored items, for example.


There is a lot of competition in this type of subject, but if you offer quality and original content, you can stand out.


3. Take advantage of culinary talents

Parents who stay home to take care of their children usually take care of the food. Many mothers and fathers have culinary talents. For example, if you make good cakes, you could agree with restaurants in the area to provide them with some homemade desserts. To do this, you will have to check what are the sanitary regulatory conditions in your country and region.

Business for mother in e-commerce

4. Open an online store

E-commerce is one of the great home-based business opportunities. It is also a very competitive sector, but if you focus on some niche markets, you can stand out and get interesting margins on the products.


In addition, thanks to systems such as dropshipping, the investment required is minimal, and you don’t have to worry about the logistical aspects of buying, receiving, and sending the products, since the supplier does everything for you.

5. Sell artisan creations

It is undoubtedly one of the classics of business for mothers and fathers from home. You can make your own creations taking advantage of the free time that babysitting gives you. Then, you could have your own online store, but the best thing to do, at least at the beginning, is to take advantage of specialized platforms like Etsy.

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6. Take advantage of an affiliate system

I mentioned this earlier with the example of the blog about family and children, but in reality, there are many ways to work with affiliate systems. One of the most interesting is to create an informative website specialized in a type of product or service and make detailed comparisons and analyses of them.


That way, people interested in having more information will come to the page to find out more. As within the article you will place affiliate links to external pages that sell the product, you can get commissions on sales.


Home-based businesses for mothers with literary talents

7. Give language classes to foreigners

If you speak Spanish very well and are good at teaching, you can give private lessons. One option is to receive the students at your home, and another very common lately is to give classes online, using tools such as Zoom or Skype.


In fact, I have given the example of languages, because there are many foreigners in Europe and in the world who want to learn English, Spanish, or German,  but it can be generalized to any type of class for children, depending on your knowledge.

8. Write content for blogs and web pages

As Google says: ” content is king .” The best way to stand out in this information age is to provide great content. That often means quality and original texts. Many times companies do not have the time and resources to write this content and outsource to external parties. You can offer your services as a copywriter.


Some time ago I published a list of businesses related to writing, but I am going to cite some of the most common: translation, proofreading, publishing an ebook, being a freelance journalist, etc.

Other home-based businesses for mothers

10. Consulting

Professionals who are experts in a particular area can sell their consulting services. They are usually jobs that can be done remotely during the free time left by the children’s education. Of course, this type of activity is reserved for people with knowledge and professional experience that can be monetized.

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11. Virtual assistant

Many small businesses don’t have the budget to hire a full-time manager. That’s why small individual virtual assistant businesses have flourished in recent years. You can start with a client, and then gradually incorporate more professionals. It is about managing administrative issues, such as the agenda, simple accounting issues, file management, etc.

12. Computer development

A while ago, a friend of mine decided to learn to program online. After a year of effort, he got a degree and immediately received job offers. The demand for computer development is very high, and it is often an activity that can be done from home, as a freelance. You can work for a company, or get small clients.

13 Design

Design, in all its facets (logos, corporate image, web) is also in high demand. It is probably a more competitive activity than computer programming, but it can also be one of the most interesting businesses for mothers.

14. Online Marketing

Many small businesses do not know anything about online marketing and web positioning. They also don’t want to spend a lot of money hiring a specialized company. Therefore, there is a market for freelancers, with lower rates. It can be a very exciting activity for someone who likes social media.


15. Video editing

The video format is perhaps the preferred one today. Unlike written content, it requires a lot of work, both in recording and editing. The good thing is that it is a task that can be done in your free time.


You see, with those 15 businesses for mothers and fathers that can be done from home, you have clues to start thinking about what you could do, using your talent.


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