ChatGPT: The artificial protagonist in the creation of ventures

ChatGPT: The artificial protagonist in the creation of ventures

Can you imagine that a tool appears that can replace Google? The arrival of the free Chat GPT system has been the consecration of artificial intelligence. This time it is not a browser, but a chat capable of generating texts, summaries, code for a web page, a script for a YouTube or TikTok text, etc. in the tone you want, even with the number of characters or words you decide.

Chat GPT can answer anything you want and to use it you just have to register. OpenAI is the company in charge of developing and launching this interactive platform that is conquering the entrepreneurial world, which some already call “private journalist” or “cheat for classes”. Do you want to know everything about her? Keep reading.

What is ChatGPT?

Chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a conversational chat system based on the GPT-3 artificial intelligence language model. In recent times, this science has allowed the development of tools that simulate a face-to-face between humans through computer codes.

ChatGPT follows a learning model that serves as a guide for the creation of written responses. In other words, this neural network platform using AI powered by machine learning is capable of learning as you interact. Imitating human language is one of the virtues of this technological development, however, it hides more inside.

The chat system originated by OpenAI has more than 175 million parameters and hundreds of texts that support you in solving problems. With this in mind, the development of the software was executed with precision, adding variations and adjectives to each information set to finally achieve coherent answers.

To start, does it work?

ChatGPT: The artificial protagonist in the creation of venturesObtaining a humanized response from a bot is a challenge of modernity towards the problem-solving capacity that society possesses. The technology used by ChatGPT is capable of analyzing and processing information to respond quickly to the unknowns of human beings.

Now, according to the statements given by OpenAI, ChatGPT has a format that: “makes it possible for the tool to answer follow-up questions, admit its mistakes, question incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.” Undoubtedly, the model has functions that have not yet been discovered, but that will emerge as ingenious people popularize its use.

For example, in the entrepreneurial world, it is a trend that has emerged to identify business ideas that are sympathetic to the current market. Or, on the contrary, find in its methods to publicize your idea or begin to structure it. ChatGPT can create summaries on a certain topic, or business plans, search for recipes, give recommendations and even play games.

And what is the key? Ask questions for specific purposes, always trying not to exceed the limit with inappropriate options. As a consequence, OpenAI on its website said that: “We use the moderation API to warn or block certain types of unsafe content, but we expect it to have some false negatives and positives for now. We are eager to gather user feedback to assist in our continued work to improve this system.”

Do you have limitations?

ChatGPT: The artificial protagonist in the creation of ventures


Artificial intelligence must be used ethically and responsibly since its positive development allows the focus on new business strategies that facilitate adventure in the digital and social world. Undoubtedly, ChatGPT is a model in progress that has caused a stir in the panorama of millions of users who love innovation. However, like any technological advance, it has tangible limitations in the real world.

In addition to spelling and grammatical errors or operating errors, one of its limitations could be the synchrony between the resolution of the question and the semantics, since on some occasions the platform can provide meaningless options. Also, like any other AI tool, it could perpetuate biases based on the data set it is trained on.

It must be taken into account that, although many of its texts are correct, it is not necessary to trust all the results it gives. The fact is that “ChatGPT lies with the same certainty with which it says true things”.

It is important to note that ChatGPT cannot connect to the Internet, as it is a language model trained by OpenAI and does not have the ability to browse the web. Thus, his ability is limited to what he has been taught during the training process, and he cannot access information that has not been previously provided to him. It only has knowledge until the year 2021, that is, from this year onwards it will not be able to offer you data.

On the other hand, in some regions of the United States, the use of ChatGPT was prohibited. The controversy revolves around the premise that the system limits cognitive abilities, causing a considerable deficit in the academic journey. Far from replacing critical thinking, ChatGPT is a model that plans a conversation with the information it gathers online.

The future for users

ChatGPT: The artificial protagonist in the creation of ventures

OpenAI installed its ChatGPT prototype on the digital market to be used for free. That is, to start your conversations set with AI, you just have to enter the official website and create a record to log in.

Because of this, the company has left a final message on its site that reads as follows: “We hope that by providing an accessible interface for ChatGPT, we will gain valuable user feedback on issues we are not yet aware of.”

Indeed, this technology is positioning itself in the world and a greater scope is expected to impact daily management tools. This can be seen in the statements of Microsoft, one of the first companies interested in linking with this system. Thus, a competitive advantage for the brand, since the incorporation of AI in Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook solves the user’s usual problems.

Entrepreneurs will be able to easily find their invoices without having to navigate through the entire inbox or at the same time, they will be able to send a quote to a supplier without having to install other tools.

Life could be much more dynamic with ChatGPT, don’t you think?



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