Create Your Life Plan With These Simple Steps    

Create Your Life Plan With These Simple Steps    

We have all heard at some point about the mid-life crisis. The one where a person of mature age feels that he is lost and makes unwise decisions, in a desperate attempt to change his life plan and start from scratch.

But at present, there is also another stage of total uncertainty and one that is not talked about much, although it is very common: young people (from 20 to 40 years old) who discover themselves without the remotest idea of ​​what it is. his true life purpose and realizes that he is throwing his life away.

This does not mean that the members of the new generations are paranoid and complain about everything. Rather, it must be recognized that times have changed a great deal (unfortunately it is worse every day) and that social pressure increases considerably daily.


The “ Comparative ”

Currently, most of us have access to education and the world is increasingly globalized. Because of that, we live surrounded by people from diverse backgrounds and are exposed to many cultures. different values, customs, and fashions.

It is the age of the Internet and with it came social networks, in many cases for the better and many others for the worse. This opened (in every possible way) the doors of access to the virtual world, which is full of filters, augmented realities, and the best (and worst) of other people’s lives.

It Happens To All Of Us

Social media comparison (which is a millennial pastime) could become a very dangerous hobby.

Personally,  even though consider myself a strong person, with a positive attitude and a high level of emotional intelligence, when I started on this social network I often surprised myself by comparing aspects of my life (both internal and external) with those of others. A Complete Stranger: With an Instagram Life. An unknown in every sense of the word, but (somehow) his posts made me question my achievements, my appearance, and even my personality traits.

Regardless of how illogical these comparisons are, our emotional responses to a single photo could become so strong as to completely overpower our logic.

The Problem Is Doing Nothing

Seeing me earn money while traveling and you feel that you want to do it too and change your life plan (all this sitting in front of your computer in a job you hate), but you think “you can’t do it”, can become very frustrating. It is precisely this accumulated frustration that produces the famous existential crises of us millennials. And we ask ourselves: Why are we not happy?

Usually, at this stage we do one of two things: we make impulsive decisions (often very bad ones) or we simply give in to conformity and continue to live a life that does not satisfy us, while envying that of others. But this does not have to be like this! There is a third option: create a life plan.

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What Is A Life Plan?

life plan is what the name tells us: a summary designed by you and for you, with the necessary steps to achieve your ideal life, in which you include all the areas in which you want to improve and the things you are interested in achieving. …’m not going to lie to you: for some, it can be a bit overwhelming to see all your dreams and hopes on paper, especially if you don’t feel confident that you can achieve them. Therefore, working on your improvement and maintaining a positive attitude must also be included in the plan.


The best part of a life plan is that it grows and changes with you.

10 years ago we all knew what we wanted, but, likely,t is not what we want today. So you have to do a constant review, to evaluate the necessary modifications and stay focused on what is important.

Thanks to the fact that I sat down to create a life plan and hard work, today I can happily say that I have achieved things that I would never have imagined five years ago.

Benefits Of Having A Life Plan

If you are still not convinced of all this, I leave you what for me have been the greatest benefits of creating my life plan:

1. Clarify Your Priorities

If today you were asked (in order of importance) about your 5 priorities in life, what would you answer? Because maintaining the order of priorities should be an integral part of your life plan since the idea is to make the decision-making process easier for you.

To give an example: you answered that your family is priority number 1 and your friends, number 2. And it turns out that today you have to decide between going to dinner at your grandmother’s house and going to the movies with your friends. The decision should be obvious, shouldn’t it?

This does not mean that you always have to choose your family over everything. But if it re your number one priority, you should give it valuable time and pay special attention to it, which brings us to the next point.

2. It Keeps You Balanced

When we talk about balance, we usually mean equality. However, it is also true that not everything in life requires (or deserves) the same amount of time and attention.

In this case, staying balanced means giving each person or thing the necessary amount of time and attention that requires, but is also important to us.

If we waste time doing things that don’t retter to us, we won’t have enough time for those that we are passionate about and that can help us achieve our goals and follow the life plan we have dreamed of.

3. It Helps You Catalog Opportunities

We must make an effort to learn to catalog the opportunities that come our way, to choose only those that benefit us. If we have a life plan with the steps to achieve our goals things would be very simple.

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For example: if one of your life plan goals (in the short term) is to write a book, and you are offered a job opportunity with a higher salary than you currently have, but with more extended hours, would you take it?If the salary you currently earn pays all your debts and also gives you the time you need to write that book, that “big opportunity” (with a better salary, but less free time for you), is not in line with your life plan. …Always keep in mind something very important: “You can do what you want in life, but not everything you want”. Sometimes you have to know how to choose, to be able to comply.

How To Create A Life Plan

This does not have to be a long or difficult process. Rethink that it is preferable to spend a couple of hours designing the structure we want for our lives, than to continue adrift working without clear goals, or worse, without any goal at all.

Step 1: Do A Clean

To start with your life plan, you must define the areas that are most important to you (family, relationships, friends, work, finances, health, etc.) and determine what works for you and what does not (this applies to trades, goals, habits a, and people).

Step 2: Arrange Your Priorities

After determining what are the things that bring you happiness and that you want to keep (and/or improve), you must classify them to keep order in your priorities.

As I mentioned before, creating a life plan based on our priorities guides us so that our decisions are the right ones, always opting for the people, activities, and things that mean something to us.

Make a list of priorities (from 7 to 10), remembering that only those that bring you happiness should be included. If your list exceeds number 10, you are probably including things that are not so important for fear of leaving them out.

Step 3: Shape Your Future

Above all, you must think in the long term.

In 5 years, who do you want to be? Where do you want to be in 10 more? If things could be just the way you want, which ones would you choose for your life plan?

Dare to imagine a future in which you have been able to fulfill all your dreams.

Step 4: Plan Your Route

After being clear about what you want to achieve with your life plan, you must define the route and the steps to follow, to achieve each of the things that you have considered.

Start with the biggest steps and then you can add smaller ones below each of those bigger ones.

If your dream is to become a Judge (for example), a big and long-term step would be to graduate as a lawyer and the small step that you should take in the short term is to enroll in law school.

Step 5: Get Rid Of Your Blocks

To start our life plan, we have already cleaned up all the things that did not work for us. But then, as we plan and execute the next steps, it’s very important that we stay alert to what stands in the way and doesn’t allow us to move forward.

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If something or someone is holding you back, draining your energy, causing you stress, etc., you most likely need to reconsider their place in your life.

Step 6: Create Backup Systems

To achieve the necessary changes in your life, it will be much easier if you feel supported.

If you want to get physically fit, it might be best to have a friend join you for exercise and hold you accountable for maintaining your new habits. That could help you stay motivated and active.

Step 7: Seek Help

Research as much as you can and if you still can’t find the solution, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Making drastic changes in our routine is not an easy task and we may need some support. Ask yourself what are those areas that you must change and what actions or people could help you achieve what you have proposed in your life plan.

Step 8: Write It In Stone

Or on paper, on your cell phone o,r on your computer, but make sure you set alarms so that you read it frequently.

Remember that The Law of Attraction tells us that having constant visual access to our goals (through written documents, images, graphs, etc.), helps us assimilate them and convince us that we can achieve them, giving us the necessary confidence and motivation. to follow after them without giving up.

Step 9: Take Action

You already have all the information you need to create your life plan and now you just need to act! Believe me (I tell you from experience) that you will not regret taking the first step to go after your goals and achieve the life of your dreams.

10 Questions That Will Be Very Helpful To Create Your Life Plan

  1. Are you satisfied with your current life?
  2. What things are not working for you?
  3. What will your future look like if you don’t make any changes now?
  4. What is the most important thing for you in life?
  5. What people, actions, or things make you happy?
  6. What things, actions, or people drain your energy?
  7. What kind of person do you want to be?
  8. What do you want to accomplish with your life and why?
  9. What would your ideal life be like?
  10. What do you need to do to achieve your ideal life?



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