CV Trends In 2023: What To Watch Out For?

If you plan to look for a job, you should not forget to have the best CV trends for 2023 when making your job proposal and standing out from the competition. Each of the candidates who participate in the selection process must strive to catch the recruiter’s attention easily and have a better chance of being hired.

But, to achieve this, follow a series of steps and have the most important designs of the moment at hand. So embrace the newest trends in resume building and let them make an impact on their own, click here to see examples of professional resume templates.

Cv Trends In 2022: What To Watch Out For?

When selecting the resume format that best matches your professional profile and using tools such as CV templates or generators, you should know what is most used. The people in charge of the hiring departments obey the CV considerations for 2023 in the letter. And even if you don’t want to believe it, it is a challenge for all those who want to be at the forefront of the latest developments. Therefore, I will show you in detail some of the most important ones that you cannot ignore to continue in the competition:

Work on your brand

Currently, there is a change in mentality that all millennials (new digital consumers) understand, although older generations do not so much, and it consists of working on the personal brand. Since a neutral CV does not arouse interest or impact the recruiter, it does not indicate why you are special. I mean, it doesn’t leave a trace and that’s something you don’t want when they see your resume.

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It doesn’t matter if you go hand in hand with a professional blog or work on your profiles on the most popular social networks, you can reflect your brand wherever you go. Focus on the living elements that define who you are in a CV, in other words, the CV is your advertisement and you are the company, so pay attention to it. This means that to create a different and attractive job proposal you have to improve your personal brand and use elements in the CV that stands out from the competition. In addition, it helps you increase your professional experience and your values, and that is where this key trend for 2023 is important.

Results-focused resume

A fundamental key to being the right candidate is to write a CV aimed at achieving results. You can achieve this by showing logos and not just describing the previous activities you did. Comment on numbers, results, and goals: 90% of customer satisfaction, selling more products than any other business of the same company, and attracting new members are some examples.

Do not limit yourself to describing what you did only, above all think about how to teach everything you have achieved. To do this, it is recommended that you use the action vs result methodology, this means, first explaining the function performed and then indicating an example of the goals achieved.

Another new trend is to include authority links in your CV to complete the information you are going to show. It’s a great idea to make the recruiter feel interested in you and can pay attention to the details you want to mention about your career. You just have to know that to add links to your resume, the content they show must be useful and practical for the job you are applying for.

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Add digital accessories

A key trend in 2023 that you should add to your CV is to add digital complements, your LinkedIn profile, and portfolio is perfect where you explain your work. Because by adding links to your CV, you can make the recruiter who sees it understand you better and want to find out more about you, especially if you are the ideal candidate.

Use keywords

Cv Trends In 2022: What To Watch Out For?

The use of keywords is a CV trend that continues in 2023, therefore, you should use it to improve it and use bold to make it stand out. It is recommended that you include this trend using the best terms, choose qualified adjectives, and action verbs, highlight titles with important words, and add necessary keywords or applications to perform your skills.

Use a QR code

Another interesting option to stand out from the competition is to place a QR code and attract the attention of the recruiter. It is a useful tool to send to an employer since you can link it directly to your LinkedIn profile or any other additional contact information on social networks. If you dare, there are many free platforms to generate your QR code and it is easy to apply. After preparing it, you only have to download it on your personal computer and place it in the upper right part of your CV.

Create a Video Resume

It is a very innovative trend with the advancement of technology, it consists of an alternative that generates a great visual impact on selectors. It helps you promote your professional profile or personal brand in the labor sector.

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Choose a professional and current design

It’s time to modernize yourself, inquire about the best modern CV templates, and find the model that goes hand in hand with your professional profile. Typically, more traditional professions, such as politics, law, banking, and medicine, use a simple layout. But, for more creative jobs such as architecture, marketing, design, or communication, they select more striking models. However, in the end, it depends on the company, your personality, and your tastes.

Post data of interest

If you want to highlight your qualities beyond the work area, it may be useful to create a section on hobbies, data of interest, or tastes. For example, if you are part of an association related to the industrial sector, or if you do volunteer work, this can add points to the recruiter. To do this, you can use icons, which are attractive when preparing a CV and take up little space.

Create a mobile-friendly resume

Today it is important to be able to have your CV at hand and take it anywhere in a simple way, so it must be compatible with a smartphone. But, how to know if mobile is ready for it, well, you can design different formats and use apps to create a mobile-compatible resume. Among the most relevant applications are Resume builders or Resume makers. On the other hand, you need to use a text editor similar to Word to write it from a computer and convert it into PDF format. Thus, when the recruiter views the document from your mobile, the structure is not altered due to incompatibility problems.