Do You Know The Characteristics Of Happiness? We Present The 4 Most Important Qualities

Do You Know The Characteristics Of Happiness? We Present The 4 Most Important Qualities

Each person finds a different and particular way to be happy, which is why the characteristics of joy are very diverse and subjective. The truth is that the level of satisfaction of happy people is authentic and consistent over time, what changes are the multiple ways of achieving it according to personal priorities and needs. According to the Greek philosopher Aristotle, they can be ephemeral and immediate or deep and lasting happy emotions, more or less linked to values ​​and ethics. Being clear about the concept of happiness or what happiness is and distinguishing whether happiness is a feeling or an emotion; Let’s see below what characteristics happiness has.

Definitions of happiness:
What are it and 40 profound meanings of happiness in philosophy, religion, literature…

Happiness finds pleasure in simple things

It is a type of ephemeral but constant happiness, happy people maintain that emotional state or this happy character thanks to the enjoyment of simple and everyday things. They do not only depend on great achievements, such as graduating or falling in love to feel well-being and fulfillment. These sensations or emotions are found in habitual things and situations, such as having a cup of coffee in silence, having a delicious meal, looking at old photos, buying a new pair of shoes, or simply sitting down to watch your favorite series.

They are fundamental drivers of life like physical pleasure and immediate gratification, they are also easy to identify because they usually comfort or please some of our five senses: smell a freshly cut fruit, taste a chocolate bar, touch the soft skin of a baby, hear the rainfall or observe the smile of your loved ones. Among the characteristics of a person when he is happy, there is an immense list of simple but significant pleasures around us.

Aristotle associated it with the level of happiness that he called Laetus or the happiness of material objects, it is usually short-lived, superficial, and does not affect anyone but yourself. However, we refer to the practice of finding joy in the little things in life, small sensations and experiences that make us feel good and maintain the general balance, and also reinforce positivity and gratitude on a daily basis.

Happiness finds success through passion

Have you ever wondered why happy people are successful? It’s that they have no alternative, happy people usually make a living for things they really enjoy. They find an activity that they are passionate about and put all their will and effort into it. For a happy personality, a victorious outcome under these conditions can only be guaranteed.

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Even when it comes to professional performance, happy people generally lead a passionate lifestyle, with the same intensity they develop each of their activities, including their leisure and entertainment. Feeling passion for something is an excellent source of happiness, so they try to work on what they like best, have fun doing what they like best, and even rest and recharge as they like best. Another of characteristic of happiness in these people is that they are constantly learning and discovering new things that excite them and make them grow: acquiring new skills or a new language is one of the most frequent examples.

Linked to levels of happiness are characteristics of Felix or luck and ego gratification. This way of how happiness is achieved is related to the need to constantly achieve and win: such as being recognized at work, being promoted, or being highlighted in a project for the effort and time spent. According to the definition of happy, it focuses on focus, persistence, and control, it reinforces self-confidence and personal progress.

Happiness seeks a purpose to help others

According to the description of happiness, happy people feel grateful and also feel the need to give back what people, the universe, or God gives them. That is why they live in the constant need and human desire to connect with other people and help them in their different needs, through gestures of material, compassion, or friendship kindness.

Those who live fully and in the emotion of happiness, know how to achieve their own well-being and also that of others, their talents and abilities allow them to serve others and feel that they are part of something bigger, which gives them a sense of purpose, satisfaction, and happiness over time. Deeper and more lasting happiness grows as you make a positive difference in the world.

The Blessed or blissful level of happiness, the happiness of doing good to others and making the world a better place, also has something to do with the ego, but it turns outward in search of meaning and purpose in life. Its practice makes an optimal positive difference in the world because a happy person impacts other people deeply.

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Happiness aspires to the highest good

The highest good is a philosophical term that is a bit difficult to describe but it is related to the search for fulfillment and balance. Psychology links it with the desire for maximum happiness through a connection with something higher and some people fulfill this desire through spirituality or religion, but there are those who use philosophy, art, or science to find answers to questions about human existence and the universe.

People find this form of happiness through their beliefs, while others find it in their actions to help other human beings. Believing in a superior being or in people fills us with hope and the confidence that there is always the possibility of achieving what we dream of. Having faith makes us think that anything is possible and is in our hands, this thought comforts us and fills us with the courage that we need to promote our actions.

The supreme and perfect happiness or Sublime blessed seeks to recognize that the ultimate goal is not strictly found in the material elements of the world, but in transcendence or what people identify as faith in God; or in other means that fulfill the fundamental longing or desire of human beings to be perfect in truth, love, goodness, and beauty.

According to Aristotle, happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, but the ways of finding and defending it only depend on ourselves. As it is an individual task, the characteristics of happiness are extremely extensive and intrinsic, so happiness can be celebrated with a simple cup of hot chocolate in the rain or in an act of collecting food for people in need. We all strive for happiness in our own way, it is the only characteristic of human joy that we hold in common.

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