Harvard University Acceptance Rate 2022

Harvard University Acceptance Rate 2022

Harvard is one of the most popular universities in the USA. Read this for more information if you are interested in attending Harvard Acceptance Rate from Harvard University 2022.

To be admitted to Harvard, you will compete with some of the best students in the world. To increase your chances of admission to Harvard, you should therefore take note of the Harvard University acceptance rate, GPA, and admission requirements.

In this post, you will learn more about Harvard, the Harvard University 2022 acceptance rate, as well as the requirements for admission in 2022.

Why study at Harvard University?

1. Harvard is one of the eight (8) Ivy League research universities in the USA. Ivy League universities are universities in the USA that are known for their history, influence, wealth, and academic reputation.

2. Harvard is the oldest university in the USA. It is also the alma mater of eight (8) US presidents and 188 billionaires in the world

3. Harvard has well-known faculty members from around the world as well as modern sources. The faculty provides instruction through an individualized teaching system. That’s why Harvard has a 6: 1 student to faculty ratio. You have full access to the faculty members when you need them.

4. Harvard offers unrivaled training at an affordable price. The financial aid program at Harvard makes Harvard affordable for every family around the world. This package does not require families with an income of $ 65,000 or less to take out a loan or make a contribution to their child’s education.

Meanwhile, families with incomes between $ 65,000 and $ 150,000 will contribute 0-10% of their income. Those families with an income of more than $ 150,000 pay more than 10% of their income, based on their circumstances.

Harvard University Acceptance Rate 2022

Harvard University Undergraduate Acceptance Rate

Harvard is a very competitive school and accepts only a small fraction or percentage of students who apply to the school annually.

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The current acceptance rate for Harvard University is 4.6%. This is for the class of 2023 or the students admitted for the academic year 2022-23. Of the 43,330 students who submitted their applications to Harvard, the university accepted only 2,009.

Harvard University Undergraduate Admission Plans

Currently, Harvard University has a program for early action and regular decision-making. The Early Action candidates apply through November 1 and receive notification from the university through December. On the other hand, the Regular Decision candidates must apply by January 1 and receive notification from Harvard by late March.

Whatever admissions plan you choose, the application timeline will still allow you to compare the admissions and financial aid offerings of other colleges. This is because you have until May 1 to finally make your university choice.

Requirements for admission to Harvard University

So what do you need for your first-year application at Harvard University?

Whether you are a prospective American student in the US or an international student wishing to gain admission to Harvard University, you need the General Application, the Universal College Application, or the Coalition Application.

You will submit one of these documents along with the following documents for admission to Harvard University:

At the end of this section you will find a button to see the full Harvard application requirements, but let’s touch on the most difficult parts of the application.

Which SAT, ACT, and GPA does Harvard accept?

Harvard University explicitly stated on their first-year application requirements page that they have no set marks for test results. However, you do not expect to achieve a low score on the ACT or SAT and gain admission to Harvard University.

So, water ACT, SAT, and GPA grades portray a typical Harvard student?

According to Harvard’s general data for the admitted class of 2022, here are the successful applicants’ middle 50% range of SAT and ACT scores, as well as the average GPA:

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Preschool agrees with these figures and summarizes them to give an average composite SAT score of 1510 on the 1600 scale. The 25th percentile of students applying to Harvard scored 1460 points, while the 75th percentile of students applying to Harvard scored 1580.

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On the other hand, the average ACT score for Harvard is 34.

So, if you have an SAT score of 1510 or an ACT score of 34 and a GPA of 4.2, your chances of admission to Harvard are almost sealed. You just have to meet the other Harvard selection requirements.

What are the other selection requirements of Harvard University?

Although the University of Harvard appreciates academic excellence, it is not a ‘typical Harvard student’ to be a student with a good performance. There is no such thing as a typical Harvard student.

This is because Harvard considers several other factors when selecting students for admission.

A comprehensive list of what Harvard is looking for in their prospective student is:

Harvard’s early decision acceptance rate

For the class of 2022, for which the application for early action began on November 1, 2021, Harvard submitted a notice of acceptance by December 12, 2021.

6,424 students applied to the university through the Early Action program and from this number accepted Harvard 895. This gives an Early Action acceptance rate of 13.9% for Harvard University.

An interesting thing to note about the students accepted for the 2022 class by Early Action is that 51.7% of them are women. This is a commendable growth from 51.2 last year and 47.2 in the last two years.

Harvard Graduate School Acceptance Rate

Harvard University has different acceptance rates and admission requirements for its graduate schools.

There is 12 graduate school at Harvard University, including Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, and Harvard Medical School.

The Harvard Divinity School has an acceptance rate of as high as 50% and the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) has an acceptance rate of 2.7%.

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Harvard Ph.D. Acceptance rate

They are as follows:

Source:  PrepScholar and The Grade Cafe.


We can not verify the previous acceptance rate of PrepScholar and The Grade Cafe, but we want to believe that they have high integrity. Meanwhile, we have the acceptance rate for Harvard Ph.D. programs as a guideline for your application for a Ph.D. program at Harvard University.

Harvard Acceptance Rate FAQ

How many people apply to Harvard?

For many years many people apply to Harvard University. For the 2018 application, 42,749 students applied to Harvard, while 2019 students applied to the 43,330 applications at Havard.

What is the Harvard Acceptance Rate?

The current acceptance rate of Harvard University is 4.6%.

What GPA do you need to get at Harvard?

The average GPA for high school that you need to study at Harvard University is 4.18. Although Harvard does not explicitly state this, the 4.18 GPA is the average GPA of the average 50% of students admitted to Harvard University.

Is Harvard Superscore?

Harvard nowhere says they score either ACT or SAT super scores, but they have explained that they will evaluate your highest composite score and any other score you share with them for the ACT score.

What are the requirements to get into Harvard?

The requirements to attend Harvard University include the following:

1. Harvard College questions for the general application, coalition application, or the Harvard supplement from Universal College

2. $ 75 fee (or request a waiver)

3. ACT or SAT (with or without writing)

4. 2 SAT subject tests (recommended, except in case of financial hardship)

5. Optional: AP or other exam results

6. School report and transcript of high school

7. Two teacher reports

8. Midyear School Report (after your first-semester grade)

9. Final school report (only for admitted students).

How selective is Harvard?

Havard is very selective, so he has an acceptance rate of 4.6. It selects students based on growth and potential; interests and activities; personal character; and contribution to the Harvard community.


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