Homosexuality in football: a taboo theme that gradually achieves greater visibility

with the statement of the Czech midfielder Jakub Jankto, who plays for Sparta Prague in the Czech Republic, the debate quickly opened up, giving rise to a theme that has often been postponed within high-performance sports.


A few days ago, the Czech midfielder Jakub Jankto, who plays for Sparta Prague in the Czech Republic, declared himself homosexual through a video that he uploaded on his social networks.

“I’m gay and I don’t want to hide anymore ,” Jankto said at the beginning of an emotional video that went viral on social media.

“Like everyone else, I have my strengths, I have my weaknesses, I have a family, I have my friends, I have a job that I have been doing to the best of my ability for years, with seriousness, professionalism and passion,” said the midfielder. czech football team

“Like everyone else. I also want to live my life in freedom. Without fear. Without prejudice. Without violence. But with love,” added the 27-year-old midfielder, whose pass belongs to Getafe of Spain.

The Spanish club accompanied Jankto’s statement on Twitter with the following message: “Our utmost respect and unconditional support for our footballer Jakub Jankto.”

His current team also made comments about it on social networks: “He spoke openly about his sexual orientation with the board of directors, the coach, and his teammates at the club some time ago. Everything else refers to his personal life. There are no more comments. No “No more questions. You have our support. Live your life, Jacob. Nothing else matters.”

Homosexuality in football: a taboo theme that gradually achieves greater visibility

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Jakub Jankto, The First International Footballer To Declare Himself Gay


Other similar cases

Although Jankto’s statement was the first to be made within the Spanish La Liga, in other countries, and in women’s football this type of statement is more common.

Here are some similar stories:

Josh Cavallo

The Australian soccer player, still active, declared himself homosexual in October 2021. He also did so through a video in which he explained his feelings. “Growing up gay and playing soccer  were two worlds whose paths had never crossed .” The young soccer player said he had sacrificed up to that moment “who he was” to be able to do what he loved without fear. However, he acknowledged feeling happy with his decision to tell it.

Justin Fashanu

“I am gay”, published in The Sun in the ’90s, with Justin Fashanu on the cover. The English player’s announcement was one of the most popular at the time it was produced. His family turned their backs on him, to the point that his own brother, who was also a soccer player, called him an “outcast.” In the United States, he was accused of abusing a 17-year-old boy. It was eventually proven that he was innocent, but he ended up committing suicide due to the pressure.

Thomas hitzlsperger

Homosexuality in football: a taboo theme that gradually achieves greater visibility

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The German midfielder was a footballer with a name in professional football. He played in teams like Lazzio, Wolfsburg, and Everton, and made history by winning the Bundesliga with Stuttgart. He started in the Euro 2008 final against Spain. He retired early, before his 30th birthday. So, he made it public that he was gay.

Mapi Leon

Homosexuality in football: a taboo theme that gradually achieves greater visibility

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The Barcelona player has acknowledged her homosexuality in different interviews, and she has done so, as she has commented, to give visibility to the LGTBIQ collective, in search of equality.

David testo

The American player announced his homosexuality in November 2019. Shortly after, he was surprised by retiring, like Hitzlsperger, prematurely. At that time he was a member of the Montreal Impact. “I don’t think Canadian teams are willing to hire a gay footballer right now,” he said months after going public.

Collin Martin

In 2018, he became the third American professional soccer player to come out as gay. He uploaded a photo to social networks with the LGTBIQ flag. Currently, he plays as a midfielder for San Diego Loyal in the USL Championship, the second division in the United States.

Magdalena Erikson and Pernille Harder

Homosexuality in football: a taboo theme that gradually achieves greater visibility

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The two soccer players met, as a couple, in a Denmark-Sweden qualifying match for the 2019 World Cup. Erikson (Swedish) defeated Harder (Danish). However, months later, both left one of the images of the tournament. Harder, from the stands, congratulated Erikson after going to the Quarterfinals with a kiss that contributed to making homosexuality visible and natural in football.