How do You Turn a Hobby Into Job?: Game Development

There is no doubt that developing computer games is one of the most exciting jobs in the world of programming, but many children think that the requirements for developing games are high. Is that so? In this tutorial, I will explain to you how to make a dream come true and develop a game even as a child


The gaming industry around the world is growing stronger in classes that no one believed in. The reason for this intensification stems mainly from the generation born in the eighties who loved and connected to computer games and today are pushing this market forward with determination. 


In addition, the Corona plague that has left us in homes has exposed many people to the computer game industry, and so the need for game development and design teams have been increasing dramatically in recent times with the demand for creative and original games. 


Under these conditions, the best time to enter the gaming industry is now.


How do You Turn a Hobby Into Job?: Game Development

Make no mistake, the field of gaming is very demanding and it will require your creativity, hard work, and investment of quite a bit of time. 


It is important to note that the creation of a computer game is a complex process that requires a large team of developers, designers, artists, and of course managers who are responsible for the development of the game. 


On the other hand, in this area, the amount of advantages outweighs the disadvantages like the freedom to create a whole world from an idea, just like in the movie Inception.


So how do you get started developing a game? If you like playing computer games and feel that this is a part of your life, you have already passed the first screening stage but of course, only the desire is not worth much without the ability and specialization, which you can learn yourself from the Internet (youtube, udemy, Eduonix) or a variety of professional institutions… 


In addition, the main skills required of the game developer or designer are knowledge of the graphics engine and knowledge of writing the code. Without these two skills, the game development process will take significantly longer.


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What is a graphics engine and which one is worth learning?


Graphic engines are used as a kind of framework on which the game is built. The graphics engine handles the physics of the game, the input, artificial intelligence (AI), the order of events in the game, and a variety of other elements. 


In other words, the graphics engine is designed to make it easier for you (the developers or designers) so that you do not have to reprogram all these features. 


Without graphics engines, it will be more difficult to develop a game because you will have to rewrite all the code snippets for each game you create, which will extend the development time and make the project much more complicated.

 How do You Turn a Hobby Into Job?: Game Development


Unreal Engine 5

There are several graphics engines that you can use to create your own game but in this article, I will focus on the two most popular engines:


Unreal Engine

If you’ve played Fortnite before, you’ve probably already encountered the Unreal graphics engine. As you can see Unreal Engine (developed by Epic Games) is one of the most popular and powerful game engines in the world. 


The power of Unreal is in its ability to turn any game into a unique experience through impressive graphics and a huge amount of features. However, developing games using Unreal Engine usually requires quite a few skilled developers with experience. 


If you want to experiment, Epic provides a variety of beginner guides to help you start and develop games yourself when you can use ready-made templates for 2D and 3D games or the free models from their store (little secret: new free models are published every month).



Unity is a particularly powerful and diverse graphics engine, mainly thanks to its wide set of tools that allows game development on a variety of platforms. 


The engine was originally launched for Apple’s operating system (macOS) but now it supports a variety of activities such as developing games for PC, Android, and consoles. 


If you have played games like Pokemon GO or Hearthstone before, you may be surprised to find that they were all developed using Unity.


What programming language do you need to learn to work in game development?


Not every game requires learning a programming language, so for example you can create a game in Unreal Engine by using Blueprints, which are considered much more convenient to use and learn for those who have not experienced programming language before, but if you still want to learn and program in any language. 

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That you will want to work with. So for Unreal Engine, you will need C ++ knowledge (in addition to Blueprints but not required) and in Unity, you will need to know C #. 



My recommendation is to start with the Unreal engine which for me was easier to use because it does not require the use of programming language and gave me the motivation to continue delving into the field of gaming.


What does a game development job look like?


Game development work is usually divided into two types: independent game development (indie games), and of course – work as employees in game companies. Here’s what you need to know about the two options: 


Indie game: Indie (short for Independent) is a game created by independent developers without the financial support of an outside company. Although these are simple games, some of them are very profitable. 


A famous example of such a game is Minecraft. Of course, no one expects you to develop your own game tomorrow, but you can always create a game yourself, gain experience in the field and increase your portfolio. 


Work in a gaming company:  Until about 10 years ago, there were not many companies in the country that deal with game development, but in recent years you can see that more blue-and-white companies are joining the field of game development and gaming.


Here is a partial list of leading gaming companies :


Playtika – the largest company in the field. Known mainly for developing games for social networks and gambling games. 


Plarium – a world leader in the development of multiplayer games for Facebook and has more than 250 million players worldwide. 


Where can I study game development?

There are many institutions where you can study game development, but in this article, I will focus on one that teaches through the Unreal game engine and one through Unity.



Game Ready – The course inGame Readylasts between one and three years and is built as a professional training where each student has a personal mentor who works with him throughout his studies and monitors his pace of progress. 



During the study period, the student will choose the type of game he will work on as a project, and the mentor uses all the data to build customized lesson plans. 



The studies take place while personally accompanying and providing a solution to any problem that arises while working on the project, cultivating relationships with other students, and building a portfolio that will be used by the student at work in the world of computer game development.

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What do you learn:


The studies are based on the software used in the high-tech industry in all tracks, which are: 


Programming – as part of the track the student will experience the experience of game planning and the ability to determine what will happen, when, and how.


3D art – creating and designing all the models from figures to weapons, buildings, nature, and more.


Game World Design – Create a game world from small parts, from empty spaces to huge cities to the last detail. 


Who the courses are suitable for: The studies are suitable for teenagers, starting at the age of 12. The study method is based on the level of the student and anyone interested in the world of computer games can study but requires great seriousness and love for the world of games.



Clover College – Certificate studies that take place at the college between two and three times a week for three years. 

The curriculum is divided into two main specialization channels:


DEV – for developers. The program includes an introduction to programming, C #, basic and advanced object-oriented programming, learning the Unity game engine, multiplayer, AI, virtual reality, and AR (AR VR). 


ART – For artists. The track is divided into track two-dimensional and three-dimensional and includes courses in Maya, animated two-dimensional modeling three-dimensional animation, concept design, illustration style, VFX, etc … 


During pathways degree, There are also joint courses for both specializations, including courses in game design, Production, psychology, and sociology of games, and many more. 


Target audience: The program is intended for people with an affinity for art or for people with a logical mind who are interested in the creation and development of games.


How do You Turn a Hobby Into Job?: Game Development

Unreal Engine 5


Game development is a broad field that includes marketing design programming and other topics as one delves deeper into the development. 


To become a game developer you will first need to acquire skills in some graphic engine and code writing and then you will be able to work as an employee in one of the gaming companies or an indie (independent) project. 


There are also many options for certificate studies such as a computer graphics course, 3D art, and programming, and you should understand which one you like best and prefer to focus on, learn the relevant software, and start developing!