How My Wife Taught Me to Make Us Happy

How My Wife Taught Me to Make Us Happy

This time, I would like to share how my wife “taught” me how to love her, making me admire her. There was a time when I was busy and my face was dark and I had “forgotten” my wife. Usually, a lot of the women I know get angry.


Some people will express their anger with reproaches. Some people will just keep quiet in their hearts and show an insinuating attitude for their husbands to know. 


But oh my god, we men are not good at guessing the wife’s facial expression. Many of my friends go crazy when their wives are like that. Because I don’t understand why my wife is angry.


And even when they know their wife is angry, they get even angrier because they don’t “forget” their wives because of girls, because of games? They “forget” their wives because of their busy work at the right time. My wife is different. She always helps me see her feelings. By expressing feelings without blame-judgment.


She said: “I have a feeling that you are a bit far away from me these days. I only see you after 7pm all day and you talk to me less than that. I feel very insecure.” That statement from my wife made me pause.


How My Wife Taught Me to Make Us Happy


Me too, I realized that complimenting my wife also helps her love me more. 


Of course, I also said that because of this time I have to run a deadline, so I’m too busy. My wife is not “forgiving”. She always has a way of repeating what I say so that I know that she heard and understood.


She said, “You said you were too busy these days, right? Can I help you with anything? Because even though I know you are busy, I still want us not to be so far apart. Or you let me be busy with you.” How could a husband bear such a lovely request and her tender shoulder squeezes and hugs? I put my head in circles like that.


Even at the busiest times, I can take advantage of the break to text my wife. Because at that time we knew who we were working for, making money for.


We have 2 babies. Everything in my wife’s house is built voluntarily and automatically according to responsibility. It was her who “taught” me. The housework all 4 do together should be very quick, not delayed because of waiting for each other. When I finish my job, I can help my children and my wife and vice versa.


The whole family will be very happy. We do not allow anyone in the house to be jealous of each other. Because this is a shared house for 4 children. My two children are also considered friends of my husband and wife, not children. As a friend, the two children are respected and responsible. So there is very little scolding in the house.


Another “specialty” of my family is not criticizing. Even with children or husband and wife together. Do not criticize or judge each other. We always follow the formula: How do we feel about the current state of the problem – what is the solution to it – what will we do to change together?


Besides always not criticizing us, we also minimize arguing over unimportant things by accepting each other and respecting each other’s views. Like I can sweep the house my way, not the way my wife taught my 2 kids.


Like many women I know, she is very good at rebuking her husband and children. Like why sweep the house like that, have to sweep like this? Why are you arguing about it? Sweeping the house only needs to be clean, not Asian art or European art. Fewer arguments mean less pressure on each other. Stop looking at errors, look at results and results.


His child likes to sit half-butt on a chair when studying, ignore him, respect him, why keep forcing him not to sit half-butt? There was a time when I yelled at my children to sit properly, so my wife said that. I often have “itchy eyes” with others because I don’t respect them, and want them to listen to me.


My wife said: “I will gradually correct him by encouraging him to do the right thing, not by punishing him when he does wrong.”


That’s also how my wife encourages me when I do the right thing. My wife’s compliment is the way for me to go right. Not by punishment when you do wrong. I think it is also by the patience and tolerance of my wife. Me too, I realized that complimenting my wife also helps her love me more. So my family often compliments each other. Even “bad praise” to laugh with each other.


Let’s just make each other’s flaws positive. Or every time I do something that makes my wife happy, happy is that my wife screams, not just praise. There are always no more words after each compliment. Don’t take on any other mission praise.


I see many mothers complimenting their children like: “You are so good at math. But if only I could focus more on Literature and English with Chemistry, with Physics, with Geography, with History, with housework, with…with…, I would be even better.” Who can be happy to hear those compliments?


My wife is amazing because everything she does is done with positive thinking, enthusiasm, and passion. My wife is also full of things that are not right, but I am used to seeing her in the good things. Just like my wife, if she writes an article criticizing her husband, she will write a hundred pages. But we all understand that marriage is a very long way.


We will have up to 100 years to be husband and wife. So what’s not right will be fixed later. Learn to accept and see the good in front of you first. It’s still a long time, we will change ourselves gradually. Isn’t that right, everyone? 

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