How To Get A Visa To Study In The United States?

Foreigners who want to study in the United States need to apply for a student visa which is identified as F1, M1, or J1. This document must be managed in the native country of the interested person and can enter US territory temporarily.

This application process is easy, but it is necessary to carry out the process well in advance and to gather the required documentation. If the topic is of your interest, in this post we will be giving you important information.

There are different visas in the United States, the student visa classifies in the category of non-immigrants. To acquire this document, you must be a constant student in the country. Among these we can mention:

The F1 visa is used for students who study full-time in an academic entity, to accredit a higher education degree.

The M1 visa is used only for vocational studies, these studies are for a short period, because they are technical, since they do not give you a university degree, but it is accredited by certificates, in case you want to obtain a degree in studies more specialized you should opt for F1.

The J1 visa is the one that every exchange student must have, the purpose is to promote knowledge in science, education, and art. They may or may not have a sponsor, on the other hand, students must be full-time.

It is necessary to mention that studying in the United States is an experience that transforms the life of every student, in terms of learning and exchange of knowledge. Every year, foreign students look for ways to be successful in educational entities, many of them getting training in university careers that lead them to hold positions in American companies permanently, so they reside in this territory.

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What are the steps to apply for a student visa?

To apply for a student visa in the United States, you have to follow a series of steps that we are going to mention below:

Step I

This procedure must be started a year before, to have time to resolve any inconvenience caused and avoid falling behind with classes. During this period you must analyze the requirements of the educational entities.

You must consider if the study plan suits you and the type of modality: if it is vocational, exchange, or full-time. Well, the type of visa to apply for will depend on this decision. On the other hand, all academic documents such as letters of recommendation, and high school qualification notes, must be translated into English by a professional.

Step II

When you decide which university career or course to take, you have to apply to the academic entity or university of your choice. The acceptance letter is a very important document to apply for your student visa.

Do not limit yourself by focusing on a single academic entity, since you can find better options if you search in several places. It is recommended that you make contact with the international student department of these institutions so that they inform you of the probabilities of entering, the requirements, the price of registration, as well as scholarship opportunities.

Step III

When the university or institute accepts you, you must immediately expedite the visa process which suits you: F1, M1, or J1. You must have at hand all the documentation regarding the statements of accounts that show that you have sufficient funds to support your education and your livelihood, during your stay in the country.

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Another option is to present an affidavit from an economic sponsor since the United States does not allow a student to work freely unless it is in very special cases. Now, you need documents to fill out the forms corresponding to the application, which we will mention below:

  • Form DS-160 nonimmigrant visa application
  • The valid passport.
  • The proof of payment of the application.
  • Passport size photo.
  • Visiting student certificate or I-901 “Student and Exchange Visitor Program, SEVP”
  • SEVIS cancellation receipt

With these steps, you will already have your student visa, and be able to start your studies in the United States, so that you will achieve a transformation in your life.