How To Keep Your Business Open with the Local Pickup Feature

How To Keep Your Business Open with the Local Pickup Feature

In many countries, lockdowns mean that businesses have no choice but to close their doors. This means that small businesses cannot operate normally and lose important income. But we’ve also seen companies adapt and find innovative ways to offer their products online. A great example is this German bakery which is already taking orders through its online shop and offering delivery the next day. This London bar delivers cocktails to your doorstep.

We want to help you prepare for these tough times with all the features you need to keep your business online (even when your physical doors are closed). That’s why we’ve added a new local pickup option that allows you to offer contactless pick-up to keep your business safe. So what can you do to adapt your company to the current situation?

Offer your customers a local pickup option

Since we all distance ourselves socially, it’s the perfect way to keep sales while protecting yourself and your customers. Now you can give local customers the option to pick up their parcels at the shop doorstep (or wherever you want) with specific pick-up instructions like pickup location and time.

As soon as you confirm that the order is ready for collection, your customer will automatically receive a confirmation email with the details you provided.

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What should you include in your instructions?

  • Pickup address. Add the address where you want the customer to pick up their merchandise. It may differ from your store location so be sure to make this clear. If the place is a bit hidden try giving extra hints as to how to find it e.g. the yellow door on the right.
  • Collection time. To avoid more than one person collecting at a time, you can give each customer a specific time slot via email or text. Alternatively, you can offer pickups within a certain window e.g. between 9 am – 1 pm, and use chalk to mark out queuing spots with a 2-meter distance in between, in case more than one person shows up at the same time.
  • Pickup instructions. If you’re selling heavy goods like furniture, make sure to let the customer know that they might need a car or van to collect it.

What are the advantages of offering store pickup?

It’s cost-effective

There’s no need to charge shipping costs or find the best delivery company. So you won’t have to raise your prices—which your customers will love!

It’s convenient

Customers can pick up their orders when it fits their schedule. Or during special hours that suit you! It’s also the perfect solution for heavier goods like furniture that need to be picked up with a car.

It’s personal

We’re all missing out on human connection right now. And while you can’t change social distancing, you can build a stronger connection with your customers by having them see your store rather than with a delivery van. Your personality is what makes your small business unique. Let it show!

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Where to put up your pickup point?

You may want to try different methods depending on whether you live in a big city or a small town. Here are a few ideas:

  • Your physical store. If you have a physical store, you ask the customer to call or knock when they arrive then drop the goods outside, or ask them to come and collect their order in-store.
  • A garage/storage container with a coded lock. Do you have a garage or storage container that you’re not using? You can leave your goods ready to collect and send customers the code for the lock in your special instructions.
  • A coded locker. Does your area have a delivery or pickup station? You can do a quick search online and use their lockers to place your goods in, ready for customers to pick up.

Hint: Add a map on your website showing your store’s pickup location.

How does it work?

To offer the store pickup option in your Dolphin shop:

  • Log in to your store.
  • Go to Store > Overview > Shipping and Tax.
  • Under Local and domestic shipping select the new Local pickup option.
  • Click on Save and Publish your website!


There are three ways to make delivery free across your store:

In the store item

For each store item, you can choose if you want to set delivery costs for the item. You can either set or remove this option by checking or unchecking the box called This item can be shipped in the additional options for your product in the Store Item Element.

In the payment options

In the menu of your Jimdo website(if you use the Jimdo website) go to Store > Settings > Payment Options and select the payment option Local Pickup, so that customers will automatically not be charged for shipping. Instead, customers then pick up their orders from you for free.

In the shipping costs

For each shipping destination, you can define that orders up to a certain amount have free delivery. To do this, in the menu, go to Store > Settings > Shipping Costs and check the box labeled Free Shipping for Large Orders, then enter the amount needed for free shipping.


Find a way to start delivering your product or service

If you’re a physical store, it might be time to get creative and find ways to sell your products or services through your online store – especially when it’s time to get your business ready for the holidays.

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You can sell gift cards for cash or offer a “Put me in a tab” option, such as A $ 20 voucher to redeem when you reopen your shop, restaurant, or hair salon. It is best to offer cash vouchers to avoid tax consequences at the point of sale. Customers can buy them as gifts for friends and family and simply redeem them the next time you open them. This allows your regular customers to support your business and generate much-needed cash flow – even when your doors are closed.


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