How To Lose The Fear Of Selling

For those who have certain natural abilities, it can be simple. But not everyone has that in their favor.

Have you ever thought about what you were going to say on the phone, had your hands sweat, felt a terrible panic before visiting a client, or even walked back from the door because you lack courage?

It has happened to me too, many times.

The good news is that selling is a learned skill. It can be developed and therefore we can all become effective salespeople.

Being in front of a client or a prospect can produce nerves, stress, and even panic in some cases.

So today I share with you some practical tips to overcome those fears and win the victory of successfully approaching the client and making the sale.

How To Overcome The Fear Of Selling

A customer is also a person

I must confess that I learned this wonderful principle from my wife. She is a clinical psychologist and always says that people ” are people “. The same as us.

That means they also have fears, dreams, worries, and a thousand things to think about.

So a first principle to relax at the time of the sale is to remember that the client or the prospect is a person of flesh and blood like you.

They do not have any special condition, neither greater nor lesser than you, and therefore the worst that could happen is that they are not interested in your products, which does not change anything, because it is not something personal.

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Except in special cases, the client never rejects you as a person. It may simply be that your product or service does not need it and therefore does not show greater interest.

And even that is completely natural. We have said NO to many offers because we do not feel interested or attracted.

They don’t reject you

I emphasize, that when the client says “no thanks” or “I’m not interested” he is simply letting you know that your product does not solve him or does not require it at this time, but he is NOT rejecting you.

You must learn to detach yourself in a personal way. Don’t let your mind betray you.

Finally, if the client is not interested, it is not a tragedy and you do not have to feel affected, defeated, or frustrated.


Focus on improving your proposal, not on judging the person.


Don’t worry so much about the sales part, but focus on meeting a new prospect.

Make a friend and try to listen to their needs and you will surely find a door to offer your services or products without worrying.

Many successful salespeople are far from having a very elaborate sales presentation, they are simply genuine and simple and allow the customer to express their interest in the products.

Remember, a marketing secret is: ” keep it simple “.

Sell ​​to the right person

I like to use this example: if you sold soccer balls, would you offer them at a ballet academy? Surely not.

The reason is that your target market is not there.

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This perfectly illustrates that to sell effectively it is important to look for the right customer profiles.

Much of the frustration we experience from repeatedly getting negative buys is because we are in the wrong market.

That is why part of sales intelligence is to understand well who you want to sell to and look for those market niches to get more attention, interest, and results.

Use relaxation techniques

In an activity like selling, where you have contact with people and where you manage a negotiation session, it can be complicated.

Maintaining attention for several minutes generates stress and fatigue.

Hence, it is important to know how to handle these emotions that produce physical reactions in your body to cope better.

Therefore, it is always advisable to remember the basic principles of relaxation:


  • Get some (constant) exercise
  • hydrate
  • Breathe in and out for several minutes every time before a session with a client
  • Try to get enough sleep
  • Try to do healthy leisure activities


just do it

Finally, when you feel insecure, afraid, or want to turn around and run away, remember the famous slogan ” just do it! “.

If you let your brain start looking for excuses not to do it, it will surely find them and plenty of them.


Do not give it time or space for it, when you feel that you start to argue with yourself, shut up that inner voice and just do it!

Finally, remember that success in business as well as in life is not a race of speed, but endurance.

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When you try to sell again and again until you feel comfortable with the experience, then you will know that you have grown as a person and as a seller.

Oh and remember: enjoy the learning process.


Many successful salespeople are far from having a very elaborate sales presentation, they are simply genuine and simple and allow the customer to express their interest in the products.


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