How to Monetize a Blog?

How to Monetize a Blog?

Have you heard about monetizing a blog or website? 

If you have no idea what the matter is about, don’t worry, because in this article we will teach you how to monetize a blog.


A blog may require some periodic maintenance demands, which usually constitute a significant investment so that this website can function optimally, providing an excellent browsing experience to users.


In this sense and mainly due to the fact that maintaining a blog requires significant monetary investment over time, monetization is one of the alternatives that are most often used to assume these expenses.


In this way, the application of suitable models and methods of how to monetize a blog will allow paying the annual price of the domain, the hosting, or some resources and services that must be canceled so that this website is in a good web positioning, being also an excellent alternative to earn passive income.

7 ways to monetize blogs

There are a variety of options for how to monetize blogs, which range from the most traditional and classic, such as using Google Adsense, to other more creative and innovative that can be quite lucrative if used based on prior planning.


In this sense, perhaps one of the main concerns is not having enough money to start the monetization of the blog. For this, the Credit service can be very useful to find the option of a loan that allows you to make this type of investment without any inconvenience.


Thus, among the main alternatives of how to monetize a blog, the following can be highlighted:

1. Google AdSense

When it comes to how to monetize a blog with AdSense, this is perhaps the most traditional and well-known method of all. However, as popular as it may seem among the alternatives used to generate this residual income, the money will be obtained as the organic traffic of the page improves and the daily visits are truly substantial.

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To work with this alternative of how to monetize a blog, you only have to place a code on the website or use a plugin that shows the ads, which once they appear published in the form of advertising banners, will allow you to obtain income based on each click they make. users who visit the blog.


If you want to have the services of specialists in this type of monetization, the Adwords Agency NeoAttackcan help you to have a greater presence in search engines regardless of the competition that exists in the sector of your blog.


2. Publication of sponsored reviews and posts

Every day the demand for websites and online stores that need to apply link-building strategies to improve their SEO positioning increases.


Therefore, an alternative of how to monetize with a blog is to provide review writing services or sponsored articles, which can be one of the most profitable ways on a financial level.


In this way, the blog can be used to charge an amount for writing articles and reviews for online stores or companies, publishing links from these websites.


Also, about how to monetize your blog with this type of service, the costs of each article should be stipulated based on the exhaustive work of textual planning, editing, and layout that the creation of this type of text deserves.

3. Affiliate Marketing

With the use of Google AdSense, this method of how to monetize with a blog is usually one of the classics that when used properly, can generate excellent income.


Affiliate marketing is based on promoting physical or digital products from different online stores, obtaining a commission percentage that can vary between 3 and 75%.

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In this regard, one of the main alternatives of how to monetize a blog promoting physical products is with Amazon, which allows generating approximately between 3 and 10% of the commission, while when dealing with info products, the most recommended is the Clickbank platform, through which can be obtained between 25 and 75% commission depending on each guide sold.

4. Sale of digital content and training

Digital content such as E-Books, podcasts, templates, among others; can be very useful if they are offered as paid content, using them as an alternative to how to monetize a blog. In addition to this option, it may also be viable to sell events, training courses, and webinars, among others.

This is a way that is based on the use of advertising links on some keywords.

6, Promote advertising banners

Advertising banners are another of the most popular methods of how to monetize a blog.


These ads are usually placed in different areas of the blog, as long as care is taken not to disturb users when they are going to access content, since the effect can be counterproductive if the purpose is to obtain their loyalty to increase traffic organic that owns the website.


In this way, the most favorable thing is to place the banners on the home page, combining them with the content that is on the menu. It can also be added on the sidebar, exactly next to the news.

7. Selling leads

This alternative of how to monetize with a blog or especially a web page is usually very interesting to generate significant income to the extent that services are offered based on a specific lead.


Currently, you can find websites of price comparison services for shipping, hotels, or sales of products such as clothing, among others, which usually help users know several alternatives before buying a product or service from other websites or stores. on-line.  

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When is the ideal time to monetize with a blog?

Although from the moment in which you decide to create a blog, it can be used both to generate passive or residual income, as well as to offer alternatives such as the sale of sponsored articles and reviews, among others, it is best to do so when the page web maintain organic traffic with a considerable number of visits.


This is because a blog that already has the loyalty of a significant number of readers and receives approximately between 30,000 and 50,000 visits each month, will be an attractive website for customers who wish to publicize their brand or products through this virtual space. 


When considering how to monetize a blog, in addition to evaluating which is the alternative that best corresponds to the nature of the blog, adapting advertising, sponsored articles, and other elements to both the word or keywords that are being used to position it in the web, as well as the published content, it is also important to take as a basis some considerations that can help make this company a success.


Among the most outstanding, we can suggest the following:

  • Avoid saturating blog readers with advertising abuse, as this can bring them discomfort when reading. The essential thing is to focus on creating valuable content that will be the key to increasing the income generated by the blog. 
  • Consult readers about their browsing experience with the presence of advertising banners, to assess their discomfort and take corrective measures if necessary.
  • Make quality sponsored reviews and articles so that the demand for these services increases and customers feel satisfied that they have chosen this blog to monetize.
  • Do not make agreements with brands that do not have a relationship with the leads of the blog.


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