How to take advantage of the power of QR to offer interactive and personalized experiences to your SME’s customers

How to take advantage of the power of QR to offer interactive and personalized experiences to your SME’s customers

The digital era has presented itself as an excellent opportunity for many established companies to generate new sales strategies. But it also turned out to be an open letter to entrepreneurs, whose innovative business ideas have surprised the economic sector in recent years. Currently, technology allows the least thought of business to be profitable, at least potentially.

However, for this to be a reality you need to have access to the right tools. In this sense, one of the most popular resources is Quick Response codes, translated as quick response codes or QR. Since their revolution in 2020, these have helped small and medium-sized businesses differentiate themselves from their competition, and implement strategies to attract their target audience.

Benefits of using QR codes in your digital marketing strategy

The ubiquity of QR codes is very evident: they are found on physical products, on social networks, on web pages, and invitations to events, among others. Their high presence is no wonder, as companies have found a way to take advantage of them and use them to attract potential customers with creative marketing campaigns. This fact is even more true when it comes to dynamic QRs.

The latter are quick response codes especially used in packaging, since it is possible to track them, which provides suppliers with the ability to measure user activity and implement their strategies in a personalized way to create a better buying and selling experience. With such advantages, it is not surprising that one of the most recurring searches on the internet is ” how to make a free QR code “.

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Other benefits of applying QR to marketing strategies

  • They create brand awareness;
  • They help generate reviews of beneficiaries;
  • They improve the buyer experience.

How to generate and customize QR codes for your business?

Nowadays many websites specialize in generating custom QR codes. These can be free or paid. However, in most cases, pages that provide free Quick Response only work with the static version – that is, the type of QR that is not trackable – or a light variable of the dynamic mode.

On the other hand, these websites usually have free trials so that Internet users become familiar with the access, creation, and customization process, which is very simple. In Beaconstac, for example, the steps to follow are as follows:

  1. Head to ;
  2. Press the “start free trial” button;
  3. Fill out the requirements in the “tell us a little about yourself” window or immediately click “I’ll do that later;
  4. In the “Let’s build your first dynamic QR code” section, choose from options such as website, link page, PDF, and more;
  5. Once this preference is marked, the template must be customized, in addition to other elements, such as the background and logo;
  6. Subsequently, press the “next” button and download the attached file.

How to offer added value to your customers with QR codes?

Many trends have gained ground in the digital commerce market, including smart packaging. This marketing strategy allows companies to have their QR codes and place them on the packages of physical products so that users can scan them when purchasing. Thanks to this, it is possible for customers to have access to web pages, discount codes, tutorials, etc.

  • This technique is not only creative but also interactive, as it allows prospects to have the opportunity to interact with the brand in question. Another way to provide value to customers through QR codes is:
  • Print QR codes on multiple product surfaces for easy visibility;
  • Include a text-based call to action (CTA) that explains why customers should scan the code;
  • Provide alternative ways to access information;
  • Size the QR code so that it can be scanned from a distance of more than 30 cm when the package is on the ground.
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How to choose the right places and times to use QR codes

When correctly locating a QR code, it is important to evaluate strategies so that they appear in different media, such as physical products, social networks, web pages, or POP materials. To do this, it is necessary to take into account certain factors. For example:

  • Place them on a non-contact surface to ensure they stand the test of time;
  • Take into account the user’s comfort when performing the scan;
  • Make sure they stand out from the rest of the content;
  • Make sure the QR code leads to a mobile-friendly page.

How to create interactive and personalized experiences with QR codes?

Advertisements that present promotions or special offers are a trend that remained in the collective economy after 2020. This has become one of the best ways to create interactive and personalized experiences for users. Consequently, more and more advertising materials – such as billboards, posters, banners, and speakers – have QR codes to speed up the processing of awards.

When a customer enters an Instagram account or visits a website, they are not thinking about how to benefit the operator or owner of a brand, but quite the opposite. The user wants to know how the company will be able to satisfy their needs.

It is in this context where QRs present their greatest advantages, since through them small and medium-sized companies can have data to offer Internet users the material they need to choose them over other companies.

Successful examples of SMEs that use QR codes in their marketing

Some of the most creative small and medium-sized businesses have implemented methods that, in essence, many businesses can follow to take advantage of QR codes. These strategies could include:

  • Posting a quick response code to the shelves of a physical store to direct the buyer to a website;
  • Use this link to create an offer or generate a bonus;
  • Offer the customer a personal gift, such as an ID tag;
  • Provide an application so that the buyer can carry out their activity without contact;
  • Link the QR to a personalized video where the most loyal customers are thanked for their purchases.
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Are you already using QR codes in your business? What other creative uses can be given to QR codes to offer interactive and personalized experiences to customers? Leave us your comments and contributions about the topic!


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