How to Work in Miami: requirements, opinions, and what you need

How to Work in Miami: requirements, opinions, and what you need

One of the best destinations in the United States of America is Miami, the most coveted city; Its beautiful coastal landscapes and tropical climate make it the most desired destination for many tourists and immigrants, in addition, its great cultural diversity is due to the number of Latinos who choose it as the best state to start the American dream.

Living in Florida is not that complicated, because you can easily work in Miami without knowing the native language while enjoying the best destinations. 

So if you want to start a new work adventure, work from home or in person in the city of opportunities you have come to the right place, find out everything you need to opt for a job in this paradisiacal city. 

What do you need to work in Miami? 

In all jobsminimum requirements are required to opt for a position, some are legal documents, identification, skills, studies, profile, or previous work experiences; It all depends on the place where you want to work, however, the essential documentation for any job is the following:

Valid passport

If you are a foreigner, this document is your main identification outside your home country. Do you want to opt for a job in Miami? The passport is essential, it must be valid and with a date of issue greater than 2 years.

This document is valid as a unique identification throughout the North American territory, it is not only useful to get a job, but to take local or international flights, open bank accounts, or register at a school. 

Criminal record 

A clean criminal record will open possibilities for you in any job, this document is nothing more than the criminal record or criminal record, also known as the criminal history, it will attest to your legal problems; arrests, charges, sentences, convictions, and all felonies or crimes committed; Your fingerprints, photo, dates, number of sentences and other information of interest to the contractor will be recorded there. 

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An essential requirement not only to work but to enter the country is the visa; there are different denominations depending on the purpose of entering the country; from there lies the fact that it allows or not to work in the city of Miami, below, the most common: 

Temporary residence visa or Non-immigrant

This category of visas applies to all those people who will be in the country for a limited time, said citizen may strictly carry out the activity specified by his visa, according to the purpose for which it was granted. They are identified with a name, letter, and number. Among the most used visas are: 

  1. Visa for diplomats: it is admitted only for ambassadors or diplomatic professionals. 
  2. Business visa: it is assigned to commercial representatives and entrepreneurs for business purposes; sales, purchases, international meetings, or conferences.
  3. Tourist visa: This applies to those people who enter the country for vacation purposes, has a maximum duration of 3 months, does not admit work within the city. 
  4. Student visa: it is issued only to those people with the purpose of higher academic training, it does not apply to work.
  5. Work visa: in this list are the visas for workers with specialized knowledge, who enter the country with university degrees, scientists, engineers, and a host of professionals; visas for temporary agricultural workers and temporary interns; Any of them admits to work within the American state, to complete employment training and other related exercises.

Permanent residence visa (Green Card)

Also known as a “permanent residence card” this type of visa allows you to be a permanent citizen and carry out any commercial activity within the country, work, study, and even travel outside the country, basically it constitutes you the right to live and work for the rest of your life inside North America. 

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Although it is a full visa and means a permanent stay in the US, obtaining it can take months or even years; It is admitted for direct relatives of other residents, professional purposes, refugees, or investors. 

Requirements to be able to work in Miami

If you have already decided to work in Miami, there are a series of requirements that you need to meet to apply for a position, in addition to your passport, criminal record file, and work visa; Here we show you what they are: 

  • Speak English: even though Spanish predominates in this city because most of its inhabitants are Latino, it is still a fact that English is the native language, therefore, although it is not an essential requirement for some jobs, it is vitally important that you are fluent in English.
  • Curriculum: before the job interview, your resume will be your letter of introduction, so you must pay close attention to this requirement, and build a complete resume that includes: personal information, previous studies, aptitudes and abilities, and even languages ​​that you master and letter of recommendation. 

Getting a job in Miami depends a lot on the good resume that you present, if you want to add a plus, attach a copy of all the titles, certificates, and others, so you can support the information you provide.

  • University degree: although it is not a mandatory requirement to work in Florida, if you are looking for a more professional job offer, you will have to have previous studies that support your knowledge and skills. On the contrary, if your job aspirations are to work in a branch of commerce, maintenance in hotel chains, restaurants, or a domestic employee, this requirement will not be necessary.

Websites to search for employment in Miami 

Miami has a multiplicity of sectors where to work, so looking for a job in person can be an exhaustive and ineffective task, for this reason, we show you the 5 best online platforms where to look for a job, you can also apply to start competing for the best job in your life is the most touristy city.

  1. Monster: if you want to locate the job according to your home location, this website is the best, through it you can filter the jobs of your choice and choose the one that best suits your profile.
  2. El clasificado: the newspaper of announcements of Florida, there you will be able to see the available vacancies, the location, and the activities that the job implies so that you can present yourself and compete for the job.
  3. City of Miami: the best online page to see job opportunities in real-time, apply for a job, view available positions, and find the job in the city of Miami that you want so much.
  4. Craigslist: create your profile and attach your resume so that employers can see your skills and offer you a job.
  5. Miami-Dade: contact directly with the personnel administration, through this web platform you will be able to access different job proposals within the county, create your account and start your journey in search of a job right now.
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Opinions about working in Miami: does it pay well and how do you live?

Because the city of Florida has the best tourist places such as beaches, zoos, ports, industries, and others, it is one of the best places to live, it is surrounded by various open spaces and offers excellent services that will make your stay a pleasant moment for all its inhabitants. 

In addition, the majority of the population is Latino, happy, and hard-working. If you’re worried about fitting in in an unfamiliar place, it won’t be a problem in Miami, as they have local and federal laws against discrimination based on different categories. 

Do you have questions about: How much do you earn in Miami? Although the salary is not a certain science because it depends on the hours of work and the function that you are going to perform, on average you get about 10 dollars per hour, which if we add the monthly workload allows us not only to live in Miami, but enjoy its greatest tourist virtues.


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