Importance Of Social Networks In Companies : Benefits And Which Ones To Use

Importance Of Social Networks In Companies : Benefits And Which Ones To Use
The versatile and thriving environment that distinguishes today’s society dictates the course of companies and forces them to rethink their way of doing business and adapt to the new reality. Social networks are part of this novel and attractive revolution that is ruining the imminent change in the activities of companies.

What is pursued with this change? The protagonist and biggest manager of a business is the client, his opinion and behavior determine the future of a firm. So where do consumers spend most of their time? How and where can you find and approach the audience segment you want? Indeed! How can you get closer to the segment of the public you want? Indeed! This is possible through social networks.

Why is social media important in a company?

Importance Of Social Networks In Companies : Benefits And Which Ones To Use

Social networks provide the users who use them with a platform to interact, establish relationships and build a community, regardless of geographical, political, or economic borders. Its exploitation has been on the rise in such a way that there are already almost 3 billion Internet users, however, it is estimated that the figure will continue to grow.

Can you imagine the number of potential clients that are there waiting for you? Therefore, you will realize that not locating your business on social networks implies a huge loss of exposure to your audience. But it is much more than this!

The usefulness of social networks in companies begins with the opportunity they offer businesses to segment a market and provide them with the elements that they demand.

In this sense, the idea is not to wait for your audience to come to you, you go for it! Encourage feedback that allows you to know what the public is looking for and work based on that information. In the same way, attend to their claims and establish a close link with them to build their loyalty. This may sound easy, but it’s not. It requires business managers to take long-sighted decisions and devise sound strategies.

However, in the global, competitive, and digitized environment in which companies operate today, the use of social networks is almost mandatory for those who want to be successful. This is explained by the fact that the impact of social networks on companies is enormous and brings with it notable benefits. Do you already know them? You’ll see!

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5 benefits of social networks in companies

Importance Of Social Networks In Companies : Benefits And Which Ones To Use


Any communication channel that we can open with our customers is an advantage that will allow us to sell more, and if it is also free, wasting it is unthinkable! But what is the use of social networks in companies? Take a look at these!

1. Dissemination of news and important messages

Social networks represent an excellent opportunity to advertise or Social Ads, as it is also known. This type of strategy implies a lower cost and allows for reaching more specific profiles, which increases conversions and improves the return on investment. Advice! Try to find a balance between engaging with your followers and promotional content. Too much advertising can have a negative impact.

2. Strengthening your brand image

Social networks have become that boulevard that everyone passes by, the key is knowing how to attract the attention of the public with an attractive window display that shows your products or services. Similarly, on the internet, corporate image and online reputation are built from the content shared by the brand. Fortunately, these types of interfaces offer tools to monitor what users say about it.

3. Generate traffic to your website

Social networks are an excellent channel to bring traffic to your corporate website, blog, or eCommerce, and attract both your followers and new users. How to get it? In a few words: create original and quality content that will elevate your brand. eye! Keep in mind which social networks allow you to achieve this goal more easily. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are some of our suggestions.

4. Omnichannel

Digitization has increased the number of channels through which brands can reach their customers, potential or not, and vice versa. But what do social networks paint in this? The millions of users who enjoy these platforms follow through with them the brands that interest them and establish contact. Thus, companies that have social networks can establish omnichannel strategies to communicate, sell and build loyalty.

5. Benchmark

Keeping track of your competition is a way to be informed about what is happening in your environment. If your brand is on social networks, you must do benchmarking. How to do it? Monitor the hashtags that are related to your business sector, look for the best-positioned brands in Google and check their profiles, and very importantly, listen to your followers. This way you will not only discover who they are talking about, but you will also know what they think of you.

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Social networks most used in companies

How to know which social network is the best for your business? To begin with, it will be necessary to define the profile of the company and the type of audience that you want to reach. The simple reason why this analysis is necessary is that most social networks have a specific type of user. Thus, it is possible to reach different audiences depending on the digital platform used.


Importance Of Social Networks In Companies : Benefits And Which Ones To Use



It would be crazy not to have your business appear on the social network with the most active users, according to Statista, around 2.4 billion. But Mark Zuckerberg’s masterpiece is not only the queen of social networks, it is also the fifth most valuable brand in the world according to Forbes.

Thanks to the impressive resonance that this has received, it represents an attractive business opportunity. Why do we say this? Facebook is an ideal channel to increase brand visibility, as its advertising platform is very powerful. Its demographics are very varied, which is why it allows you to access a wide and heterogeneous target audience and, therefore, boost traffic to your website.


Importance Of Social Networks In Companies : Benefits And Which Ones To Use


Remember when we mentioned the type of audience you are looking to reach? LinkedIn is not the platform that allows you to get closer to the final consumer, but its approach is based on the publication of corporate content. The quintessential platform for professionals increases their income by 21% year after year.

Of the social networks used in companies, LinkedIn provides brands with a position in an exclusive business environment. In this way, companies have the opportunity to find new talent, create events, and attract customers and brand ambassadors. Benchmarking can be used on a platform like this one, which provides information about the competition and news about the sector of interest. In short, it is a key tool for various professional opportunities.


Importance Of Social Networks In Companies : Benefits And Which Ones To Use


The trendy social network has nearly a billion active users who are looking for much more than just pretty pictures. It is a popular platform for many brands that develop interesting visual and business aesthetics. Just as we said before, there is no better social network than another, there is the right social network for your company and the selection of this depends on the profile that best suits your business.

In this case, Instagram is one of the best platforms to sell, if you have a business that is directed directly to the final public  (B2C). The businesses that best take advantage of the benefits of this tool are those dedicated to images, such as photography, fashion, health, food, travel, aesthetics, or fitness. Does your business match any of these? If so, learn how to get around in the app and take advantage of it.

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Importance Of Social Networks In Companies : Benefits And Which Ones To Use


Launched in 2005, YouTube is now the largest entertainment ecosystem of the 21st century. You may be wondering… why should my brand be on YouTube. The best-consolidated video platform in the world provides opportunities for the positioning, growth, and viralization of a given firm.

One of the utilities of this brand is Video Marketing, which allows you to report on the advantages, benefits, and characteristics of your brand, so YouTube makes engagement its key strategy to attract advertisers and creators.

Tik Tok

Importance Of Social Networks In Companies : Benefits And Which Ones To Use


From the latest in social networks comes Tik Tok, one of the fastest-growing apps in the world that has become a global viral phenomenon. The mobile platform allows you to create, edit and share short video clips with filters accompanied by the latest music trends.

What is the most striking thing about Tik Tok? Its potential for virality is enormous, as it encourages users to participate in a challenge and upload a video advertising your brand, which will remain on the network for six days. A tip ! Analyze what the most successful hashtags in the market do. Certainly, you will find elements that will make you generate creative ideas to increase your followers and your sales.

Final words

Today we show you that as entrepreneurs we cannot afford not to use a direct communication channel with our clients and miss out on the advantages of social networks in a company. The fact is that with the huge number of users who enjoy these interfaces, bringing your brand to them translates into moving to where your customers are, both current and potential.

Remember that the content you generate through these platforms will be your face to the public. What do we want to highlight with this? Make sure that this task is in the right hands, it is most likely that you will need the help of a community manager. Advice! Share attractive content that draws the attention of the audience and in turn highlights your corporate identity. It will not take long for you to notice the influence of social networks on companies.

Can you think of any other benefits thanks to the influence of social networks in companies? If so, give the post the final touch with a comment.


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