King Charles III must win the love of his people, as Elizabeth II", an expert in history

King Charles III must win the love of his people, as Elizabeth II”, an expert in history

With the death of Isabel II, the new monarch, CharlesIII, will have to continue with the reign of his mother which lasted 70 years.


On Thursday, September 8, the Palace of Buckingham announced that of Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away at the age of 96. His son, CharlesIII, must assume the throne and fulfill the functions that a monarch of this magnitude has in the United Kingdom.

In Morning News, the historian Camilo Uribe spoke about the death of Queen Elizabeth II and about what awaits the new monarch, Charles III.

“The ‘Ascension Council’, is the group that proclaims the British monarch, is made up of practically the entire British government cabinet, other parliamentarians who have been there for a long time, bishops and judges from England, in addition to The new Prince of Wales and Queen Camilla said.

According to Uribe, for the burial of Queen Elizabeth II, protocols must first be followed in Scotland, since it is not so easy to transfer her body to London without complying with due process.

“I don’t think his death was really planned, but if it is very symbolic that he died in Scotland, that indicates changes in the protocol that must be made for his burial. The coffin containing the queen’s body is scheduled to be moved from Edinburgh to London on Tuesday. ”, he explained.

Likewise, the historian stated that, since the United Kingdom has not experienced a change of monarch for years, the new king Charles III will have to wait a while for his coronation.

“Despite the proclamation, there is no coronation, for the United Kingdom it is new because the last monarch took office 70 years ago, so we can wait between a few months and a year for the coronation, that will be confirmed by the same King Charles III and the Prime Minister of England, Liz Truss,” he asserted.

For Camilo Uribe, an expert in history, Queen Elizabeth II was a symbol for the United Kingdom, since she kept her four nations united.

“The queen was a symbolic figure that unites the four nations that make up the United Kingdom, for many peoples of the kingdom the monarch is an emblem of peace and harmony. In the last four years KingCharles III has made merits to get closer to the population, perhaps it is different from how Elizabeth II was, which was more closed”, he specified.


  • King Charles III must win the love of his people, as Elizabeth II", an expert in history

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