Managing Diabetes: Watch for These 5 Signs of High Blood Sugar

Managing Diabetes: Watch for These 5 Signs of High Blood Sugar

Find out if you have signs of high blood sugar.

Recent research from the World Health Organization indicates that nearly a third of people with diabetes (high blood sugar) do not know they have the disease!

And this means that you could be one of the people who already have diabetes and don’t know it. Or perhaps he could be pre-diabetic, leading to type 2 diabetes in the future.

That’s why I want you to know 5 situations that can help you recognize the presence of high blood sugar.

Your body uses insulin to control blood sugar levels, which are produced by the pancreas.

When cells are resistant to insulin, sugar cannot be absorbed by the cells, so the bloodstream is overloaded with sugar, and type 2 diabetes occurs.

This situation causes problems in the pancreas and overloads the kidneys, which then deposit a large amount of sugary liquid in the bladder, which causes the need to urinate very frequently.

This makes it seem like you never drink enough, as you feel constantly thirsty. Constant thirst is one of the alarm signals that high blood sugar triggers. Do you feel thirsty?

Here are other warning signs of high blood sugar:

1. Overweight or obesity

Many diabetic patients, due to insulin resistance, are overweight and have problems getting rid of it, even despite maintaining healthy lifestyles. Specifically, it happens that the body is not burning glucose for the energy it needs, instead, it is storing it as an energy reserve, turning it into fat.

If you are overweight or suspect you have diabetes, go to your doctor’s office. The problem could be corrected with an appropriate exercise plan for you.

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2. Fatigue

Many times fatigue can be associated with insulin resistance. In this case, fatigue occurs because the cells are resisting the absorption of insulin and do not obtain enough glucose to produce energy.

This also causes the body to produce sweet cravings (since it needs a dose of sugar), it can be in the form of candy, chocolate, or a sugary drink. Those carbs will momentarily give your body energy, but that will only end in another bout of fatigue, as they will cause another drastic drop in blood sugar levels.

3. Hypertension

Having high blood pressure is a complication that sets off the alarms of pre-diabetes and insulin resistance of the cells, although having high blood pressure does not necessarily imply suffering from any of the above.

To gain an understanding of the state of your arterial health, it is necessary to study it, since, unfortunately, hypertension rarely has symptoms that can be identifiable. Tip: When getting your blood pressure checked, ask your doctor if you can also test your blood sugar levels.

Having high glucose levels makes the blood stickier and harder to pump, which makes the heart work twice as hard.

4. Frequent infections

Blood glucose problems create a silent complication that can put your health at risk, and that is that your body becomes acidic. This creates an ideal environment for the invasion and spread of various kinds of infections. The most common places for these infections include the kidneys, bladder, gums, vagina, and feet. In this acidic environment, a small injury may not heal properly and lead to a serious infection, which the body will not be able to counteract easily either.

5. Vision Problems

Another possible sign of high blood sugar is experiencing vision problems, such as difficulty focusing or blurred vision. This could be happening because, if the glucose level is out of control, some of that fluid leaks into the eyes, causing the aforementioned complications. It is important to treat diabetes in time, otherwise, the complete loss of vision is at risk.

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Health complications associated with diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that should not be taken lightly since if it is not treated in time, it can cause very severe complications. Heart, vision, kidney, and circulation problems, to name just a few.

To control sugar levels, it is also convenient to get rid of stress as much as possible, as this can generate high glucose spikes. Whenever you can, stay away from situations that can cause it.

Remember, diabetes is a very serious thing. If you’ve experienced any of the signs that you might have, go to your doctor’s office to get a diagnosis as soon as possible and rule out major health problems.

What are the benefits of early diagnosis and treatment?

Upon being diagnosed with diabetes, or pre-diabetes, your doctor will immediately guide you on the steps to take, and the changes you need to make in your lifestyle to control your glucose levels.

It is common for them to ask you for changes in your lifestyle and diet, even more so if you are overweight, and also some medication if necessary.

The notable benefits that come from keeping your blood sugar under control include an improvement in your energy levels, almost completely eliminating unnecessary tiredness and fatigue, greater protection against colds, less need to urinate frequently, which will keep your body hydrated for longer, and you will also be less prone to infections. You will feel whole and fully restored.

Take control of your health and your life

Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes are diseases in which the body does not process insulin properly, increasing blood glucose levels. That is something you can control and reverse if you keep an eye out for these signs and take the necessary action.

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But it is you who must make the decision to control your diabetesAnd today you can start doing it with our Key Diabetes program.

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